Cruise Food

We all know cruises are about the food, right? Well, the food was one of my main reasons for not wanting to go. On our Disney cruise, there were no healthy options, I gained 3 lbs, and never lost it. I don’t have much self-control around food I love.

Well, Royal Caribbean proved me wrong. Yes, there was a lot of crap food and I did indulge on the stuff that I liked the most, but there were also a ton of healthy options. I was surprised! I mean, I still gained another 3 lbs, but my point here is that it could have been worse.

Every morning, my breakfast looked like this:

Veggie omelet with salsa, fresh fruit, and oatmeal. (Actually, it was muesli. HOLY Scott Baio dimples, why have I never found muesli before now? That stuff tastes like eating a liquid oatmeal raisin cookie. Sha-ZAM!)

There may also have been a donut incident one day. It was terrible too. I mean, who makes a bad donut? But I still ate it all. No donut left behind.

Every afternoon, my lunch looked like this: 

Salad with tons of veggies and a protein (usually turkey lunch meat since they had an area where you could make your own sandwiches).

On the last day, I tried their burger (minus the bun because it was stale), lamb curry, pasta that tasted way too good to be good for you, and 4 fries. Why 4 fries? I have no idea.

They pretty much had anything and everything at the buffet: sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, tacos, rice, pasta, potatoes, beef, fish, soup. It was ridiculous.

Each night at dinner in the restaurant, they had a Vitality menu of healthier options. A 3-course meal for under 800 calories. They have the calories listed on the  menu and alternate options if you don’t like what they are featuring that night. My 3-course meal usually ended up being just under 650 calories.

Shaved Cantaloupe and honeydew melon with midori yogurt. (This sucked)

Grilled Seafood Brochette

Low-fat Berry Mousse.

And so on…

I ordered from the light menu every night because I knew I’d be eating soft serve like it was going out of style and drinking alcohol like prohibition was coming back.

Speaking of soft serve, check out the cute little fresh veggie/fruit animals that were by the machine. I want to make these. And then eat them.

Overall the food was much better on our Disney cruise. Food on Royal Carribean was hit or miss. When it sucked, it really sucked but when it was good, it was delicious.

Also, please know that someone somewhere on the Monarch of the Seas has this name.

Kate, if you find Bloyde, I’ll expect a picture.

Oh and this is the last Bahamas post. Pinky swear.


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22 responses to “Cruise Food

  1. Cutest. Fruit. Animals. Ever. In the history of ever!!

  2. Midori yogurt as in yogurt made with Midori, the booze? I’m a little confused. I’m all about cooking and combining food with alcohol, but that seems to be taking it a bit too far. I mean, if that’s the case, then should we start putting whiskey in our milk? Or do I have the wrong idea entirely and midori is really a fruit or something? I guess I could be asking Google all of this too…
    Anyways, super cute fruit animals!

  3. you made cruise food work. to me cruise food = booze. hands down. oops? hahah

  4. Paula secretly has a hot body. Way to SHOVE it in our faces. RUDE!. hahaha, you look great!

  5. Not gonna lie, the fruit and veggie animals are kind of freaking me out!*

  6. I’ve never actually been on a cruise but I’ve heard numerous times that the food is the absolute BEST part. Unlimited food every day? Sign me up!

    Glad you had a good time and enjoyed some good eats, 3 pounds or not!

  7. I admire your self-control. You managed to indulge and still stay relatively healthy. Whenever I’m on a cruise ship, it’s like I’m stocking up for winter…in my belly.

  8. holy crap, that strawberry cakey thing looks GOOD. Is it like, angel food cake or cheese cake? Either way, yums…

  9. Lea

    Oh my god , thank you for sharing Bloyde with the world.

  10. I waiting for this post!! I like that you had the salad option. You have better discipline than I do. Those little fruit dudes are adorable!

  11. So I saw “shaved cantaloupe blah blah blah” and I thought, “That sounds good.” And then you corrected me (this sucked). Thank you for being right inside my head. 🙂

    And I feel like I drink alcohol like prohibition’s coming back almost every day. Is that wrong?

  12. Soft serve is almost always low-fat, right? At least that’s what I tell myself. I have no control when a soft-serve machine is anywhere in my vicinity. You can imagine how bad things got when I was in college!!

  13. You knkw that photo you took of your lamb curry et al plate? Yeah, that’s about what my breakfast and lunch looked like every day on the Freedom of the Seas. I admire your tenacity to stick to green stuff most the time.

    Thank you for the super cute veggie animal photos too! 😀

  14. Haha not wanting to go on a cruise for all the food that is always in your face is the same reason I was reluctant to go on mine! But you made a LOT healthier choices than I did for sure!

  15. Soft serve is one of my weaknesses. They make it way to easy to go crazy on a cruise. 😉 I did.

  16. You did better than I would… if I had all I could eat soft serve there would be no dinner options, it’d be a free for all soft serve all the time…

  17. Kate

    Oh, there will be pictures if I find Bloyde. I promise you that!!

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