There Will Be Running

Even with all the eating and drinking over the weekend, I did manage to work out on Monday with the personal trainer. It was really similar to this Fireman workout. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a crazy hard workout and I can definitely tell I’ve lost strength since I haven’t been seeing my Crossfit trainer. 😦 

This workout kicked my butt and now my forearms are so sore from lifting the 150lb tire that it hurts to drive. I’m going to need something to keep my mind off the pain when I’m in the car.

That should do it.

Monday night, I was desperate for some girl shopping. So I headed out to the Premium Outlets with my friend, Klainie. I don’t have a recent picture of her, so here’s one from my Mexican themed birthday party a couple years ago.

And there was the hub’s 80s themed birthday party a few years before that.

It’s weird, but we wore our hair just like that when we went out shopping on Monday.

I bought a few things at not-so-outlet prices, including a dress from Gap that I wore yesterday ($50):

A watch from NY and Company for 40% off ($16):

(I used to hate big watches, but I love them now. Big watch lovers unite!)

And a necklace from Charlotte Russe ($10) that I’m wearing today:

I kept Klainie out way longer than I expected to but she’s probably rockin’ a few cute new dresses this week because of it. You are welcome for no sleep and new dresses, Klainie.

Last night, I didn’t necessarily feel like running but after slacking all weekend, I needed to get my butt in gear.

Mile Pace Incline
1 10:00 warm up .5
.50 mile  9:41 .5
1200 x2  (3/4 m)  9:41 .5
1000  9:23 .5
800 x2    (1/2 m)  9:05 .5
600  8:49 .5
400 x2    (1/4 m)  8:34 .5
400 10:00 cool down .5

Total miles: 5.75

If you know me personally or have read my blog longer than 2 days, I think you can guess what happened between the random first half mile and the actual speed work. I hate to ruin a surprise, but it rhymes with looping.

I walked 200s between each set, mostly because I didn’t feel like I could run them. The run felt pretty awesome except for the end part where my right heel starting killing me. The new shoes I ordered cannot come in the mail soon enough. If I don’t get them, I’ll have to run 14 miles Saturday morning in my Asics and those start to suck at mile 7.


I like my runs at the gym because I watch shows I would never otherwise watch, like the new 90210, and learn things I never would have known, like how Kelly Lynch is still acting and hasn’t changed her hair in 20 years.

I also broke my bad movie streak with not one, but two good movies. Over the weekend, hubs and I watched Idiocracy.

It’s an older movie, 2006 I think? I mean, it’s stupid. But it’s funny.

And last night, we were up until 1am watching The Fighter.

Amy Adams was great and Christian Bale was ahh-MAZE-ing. It’s crazy how buff he can get for American Psycho and then dwindle down to nothing for The Fighter and The Machinist. Love him. Even though he’s an ass.

What actor do you love that seems like a total dbag off-screen?

Any movies you won’t watch because of a certain actor? (Anything Sean Penn does off-screen makes me want to punch him, so it’s hard for me to want to stare at his stupid face for 2 hours in a movie.)


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36 responses to “There Will Be Running

  1. runeatdatesleep

    Mmmmm. Christian Bale. I’ve loved him since Swing Kids and Newsies.

    I won’t watch movies with Katherine Hiegl or however you spell her name. She’s a dbag (even though she adopted a kid).

    I was kinda surprised your chart didn’t include pooping, but you didn’t disappoint 🙂 You and I have a lot of the same issues, and I’m so glad to read your stories.

    Can’t wait to see you tonight at dinner!

  2. hope those shoes come in for you! hmmmmmmm i think i’ll always have a soft spot for tom cruise despite his crazy antics. and mel gibson, braveheart? yes please! i’m sure there are others. i feel like lots of actors are asses in real life.

  3. I like you better as a brunette (and the fact I, myself, am a brunette hasn’t any affect on that opinion (even though brunettes are way cooler)).

  4. I do love the Gap dress. The colors are marvelous.

    I’m watching “Drive Angry” w Nicolas Cage right now. Too soon to say if Ilike it or not.

  5. I love The Fighter. I love your dress and watch. I LOVE CHICKEN NUGGETS AND FRIES FROM WENDY’S. This is such a great friendship we have.

  6. Lisa

    Loved The Fighter. I live in a town next to Lowell, my gym is hosting a boxing boot camp with Dickey Eckland next weekend…he has been cashing in big time around here. ;). All that to say, yes..I also thought Christian bale was amazing. I’d pay to take a class with him over Dicky!

  7. I will watch anything that Christian Bale does even if he does yell obscenities at his DP.

    I’m with you on the Sean Penn. There’s some roles that I don’t hate him in but I generally can’t separate him from the man who thinks he knows better than anyone else how to run the world so I usually just avoid anything he’s in.

    And the dress is super cute 🙂

  8. I do not like Angelina Jolie and do not enjoy any of her movies. There’s just something about her than I cannot stand. (Go team Jennifer!)

    I loved the Fighter! I mean LOVED! All the actors did awesome. I haven’t heard much about Christian Bale offscreen which I guess is a good thing.

    I don’t love Sean Penn IRL either, but it doesn’t keep me from his movies. Cannot say the same for Angelina. I avoid her movies, big time!

  9. I’m always hesitant to watch Angelina Jolie movies, but then I ususally cave, specifically on long airplane rides. She bugs me but she doesn’t. I suppose its love hate.

  10. I am craving chicken nuggets like nobody’s business now and it’s all your fault.

    I can’t do Nicholas Cage. Or Liam Neeson. Although I did like Taken, in spite of myself.

    • Liam Neeson is an interesting one! I can see the Nicolas Cage thing or Angelina like others have said. I used to realllly dislike Danny Glover. I don’t even know why. He’s cool with me now though. Danny, if you’re reading this, you’re ok with me. 😉

  11. I love that dress!
    Your hair looks great too. 🙂
    What size shoe do you wear? I have a new pair of Asics Gel Cumulus I don’t need! Let me know!!

  12. I really enjoyed the Fighter, but it really is too bad Christian is a d-bag! I can’t stand any movies with Angelina Jolie… she just bugs me!

  13. As much as I am a self-proclaimed health nut, I looove Wendys occasionally! So yummy. Have you ever dipped fries in a frosty? So good.

    I honestly can’t stand Jen Aniston’s acting abilities in anything other than Friends, but I like her as a person (said as if I knew her personally, haha)

    • I love Wendy’s chili and the apple pecan chicken salad. Those are my go-to items! I think Jen is the same in a lot of her movies, but she was really good in The Good Girl. Very NOT Rachel. 🙂

  14. You crack me up!!! I was rhyming with looping today too during speedwork!! I think it’s the fast/slow combo that gets the guts going… LOL!!!

  15. I can’t stand Keanu Reeves. I’m not sure if I spelled his name right and I don’t even care, I really can’t stand him one bit in anything he does.

    I loved the Fighter though – Christian Bale was INCREDIBLE. I like him. And I like Mark Wahlberg even though I know he’s hit or miss for some people. And I ADORE Amy Adams.

  16. Mary

    Russel Crowe-seems like a jerk, but I like watching his movies.

  17. 1. Lurrrve the Gap dress.
    2. I don’t know if he 100% qualifies as an actor yet but I will sit through anything Justin Timberlake does, and would totally let him sing the instruction manual to my Garmin to me. However, I find him to be a d-bag with an over inflated ego.

  18. I can’t stand Jack Nicholson. I used to he anti- Robert Downey Jr but I’ve warmed up to him.*

  19. Stefanie

    I loved The Fighter! And that Mark. Ohhh Mark. He is so nice to look at. I think I need to come all the way down to Florida to steal clothes from your closet. I love ALL of it. And your hair is totally cute dark!

  20. That steering wheel full of treats cracks me up. Please tell me you drove with at least one chicken nugget carton secured tightly in that position.

    Also a big watch lover. I actually wear my husband’s when he lets me. It make me feel like I have smaller arms than I really do. Win, win.

  21. I’m anti-Angelina. I’m not quite sue why but she bugs me in movies!

  22. Mz. Teri

    Is that what those holes in the steering wheel are for? Seems I learn something new from you every day! 😉

  23. Suzanne

    Love the Gap dress! I may be in the minority, but I thought Idiocracy was hilarious. “It’s got electrolytes”!

    I tend to avoid anything with Angelina Jolie. She bugs me. I was on a Ben Affleck ban after Gigli but I have seen some recent movies of his, including Company Men, and I think I can let safely him back into my DVD player now.

    • Yes! We loved it and want to see it again already. “Your children will be placed in the custody of Carl’s Jr.” I felt the same about Ben Afflect. Loved him, then didn’t like him, and now after The Town I’m really liking him again.

  24. So many things to comment on! 1 – LOVE the dress. What a great find. 2 – I’m with you on the big watches and I snagged on from NY&Co. recently for really cheap, too. Cheap big watches are even better! 3 – The Fighter was an excellent movie. 4 – I almost hate to admit it, but I love Hugh Grant chick flicks and he seems pretty arrogant and annoying in real life. 5 – that is all 🙂

  25. Oddity75

    LOL Christian Bale is not an ass. He’s a man who gets intensely involved in his work. I respect him and his acting. Mark Wahlberg, on the other hand, is an ass. Read up on how he used to beat up on people because of their race and still won’t apologize to this day.

  26. OH MY GOODNESS….your dress, watch and necklace are adorable, will you take me shopping?!?! GREAT RUN:) What is the guys name from national treasurer? I cannot stand him!

  27. Ro

    I’m anti Nicholas Cage and Sean Penn. EXCEPT for the movie I Am Sam. I loved that movie!

    Nice buys at the outlets. I refuse to buy things at outlet stores that are not outlet prices.

  28. Haha that shot of the Wendy’s on the steering wheel is amazing. And usually what I do after a distance run.

    I really love Christian Bale and Russell Crowe – even though they have reps for being total d-bags. But they are amazing on screen! I really won’t watch a movie with Brendan Fraser – something about his hair bugs me.

  29. I like both those movies!!
    I can’t think of an actor but an acress…Angelina Jolie. I know she is badass but I hate starting at her face for an entire movie. Ugh.

  30. Pingback: Buyer’s Remorse | Eat:Watch:Run

  31. First of all….seriously you JUST NOW SAW IDIOCRACY!??!?! It’s so ridiculously hilarious…love it! Steve had us watch it years ago!
    Yes that dress is cute, I’m not a fan of big watches, but it’s a nice watch.
    And, I do hate when I buy a pair of shoes that looks almost like another pair, unless I did it intentionally, like this summer I bought 3 of the same show in 3 colors b/c it was buy 1 get 2 free. Yes, please!

    I have a soft spot for Robert Downy, Jr (CANNOT WAIT FOR NEW SHERLOCK HOLMES in DECEMBER) and uhh…should I dare say….Nicholas Cage. There, I said it. Not sure who at the moment can’t stand seeing in movies.

  32. I ashamed to admit that I just Googled Kelly Lynch. Also, your steering wheel covered in Wendy’s actually does look perfect for driving!

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