The Spanking Spoon

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Last night, Lisa, hubs and I went out to celebrate our friend Teri’s birthday. Let’s say it was her 29th birthday. Yeah. 29. First stop of the night was dinner at RanGetsu, a trendy Japanese restaurant in Winter Park.

First thing I noticed on the menu…

I’m pretty sure I consume more than 38 calories licking my lips, so I was sure the menu was missing a 2 in front of the 38. So, we looked up Tyku Liquor and turns out it is vodka that is half the calories of regular vodka. This may be a vodka game changer. I’ll have 15 mojitos, please.


For an appetizer, Lisa and I shared some Spiced Edamame, which was really good.

And for dinner, I had the Shrimp BLT Roll and the Kobe Roll. I didn’t like either of them.

Hubs had the Kobe Roll as well and the Eel Volcano Roll. He didn’t like either of them.

We were really disappointed with the place, especially since it wasn’t cheap. We were even more disappointed that we didn’t get the Teriyaki Mahi-Mahi that Lisa ordered, because it was so much better than what we got. So we picked off her plate.

Our next stop was The Abbey, a bar downtown.

When we got there, a wedding party had just ended so we had the place to ourselves for a little while.

The birthday girl.

Nicely photo-bombed, Mike.

The birthday girl’s main man, Greg. Do you think he looks like William Hurt?

We should find out if there’s casting for William Hurt’s brother in a new movie. Don’t forget the little people if this blog post leads to your first million, Greg.

Teri brought out her own spanking paddle (which is totally normal), a Kool-Aid mixing spoon.

The spoon got around.

We had a lot of fun hanging out until last call. The Abbey is a really chill place and they had a really great singer playing acoustic covers.

Earlier in the day, hubs and I went to see Contagion. It was really disappointing (wait for video!), but now I can thank that movie for making me nice and paranoid. I noticed this on the counter as I was paying the bill.

Screw community peanuts. I didn’t even add that word to the picture. It was already there.

Now, I’m going to go bathe in anti-bacterial gel and get ready for the True Blood season finale.


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16 responses to “The Spanking Spoon

  1. I’m already intensely germaphobic (thank you hospital acquired infection), so I think watching Contagion would make me extra insane. That sushi looks so good, that sucks that it didn’t taste that way!

  2. You guys go out a lot! That’s a jealous, I-wish-it-was-me tone, not a condescending, you’re-a-drunk tone. I am super jealous of that freakin mojito. Gimme dat.

  3. The only reason I’d see Contagion would be to see Matt Damon. Unless he dies a slow and/or disgusting death. Then I’d skip the movie all together.*

  4. Bad sushi is the worse! I’ve actually never heard of any of these places you went to! You must be far trendier than I am. Might have to hit up that 38 calorie mojito!

  5. Ah, I’d have warned you off Ran Getsu had I known. Used to be down on I-drive before they moved. Super expensive mediocre at best sushi ain’t cool. When it was on idrive they tried to be authentic Japanese, but guess when they moved to WP they figured they needed to bump up the trend factor.

    • It was birthday girl’s choice, so we would have gone anyway. But now that you mention it, I remember it being on i-drive. Although, I probably would have ordered something non-sushi. The place was pretty cool inside though.

  6. I would have just drank an obscene amount when faced with bad sushi. Or sent it back and made them bring me something else. I have a hard time paying for bad food. 38 calorie mojitos? I would have been putting those down like water!

  7. WHAT! Half the calories of regular vodka!? I’m not much of a drinker, but when I am– I’m a skinny drinks kind of girl. This sounds like a dream.

    Will & I were in Contagion before we left to pick out Popcorn, but we stayed for a solid 10 minutes because I couldn’t contain my puppy excitement. At least now I know not to go back and try again 😀

  8. You and your husband are so hot. Seriously. You guys are such a good looking couple.

  9. PS. I didn’t mean that above comment to sound so creepy.

  10. That mojito looks delicious! 38 calories is crazy, I’d have so many that I’d be passed out on the floor. Just kidding. Kinda. I thought they were made with rum though?

  11. Mz. Teri

    Sorry to hear you didn’t like your rolls. I liked what I picked out (Polar Bear and Curry Shrimp rolls), plus I had the Tuna Tatta for my appetizer which was actually the BEST part of my meal. I’m thinking their rolls may not be the best compared to other places, but the entrees must be good because a few other people had the hickory grilled salmon, and they said it was fantastic!

    Glad you enjoyed the Abbey and playing with Happy Spoon! 😀

  12. K

    That’s so weird! We were at RanGetsu the night before! It’s a shame we missed you. Btw, it was on the September Magical Dining list and the food we got was really good but our service… not so much. “Could you describe the fish entree for me?” “It’s fish with some vegetables. Oh, and rice.”

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