Race Review: Miracle Miles 15k

Chip time: 1:38:51

Saturday morning started off with a 5:00am wake-up. Since that’s considered “sleeping in” lately, I was confused.

The Miracle Miles 15k is a race benefitting the Center for Neonatology at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies. Got that? It’s also the official start of my new race season.

I got up, did that thing I do, and headed downtown early so I could pick up my race packet. Traffic was a bitch but I finally parked in hospital Parking Garage C. (<—- remember that, because I didn’t.)

I found Michelle shortly after picking up my race packet, which had one of the nicer technical T’s I’ve seen for a race.

(That’s Michelle’s shirt. She texted me this picture the day before the race. Stolen!)

After the 5k runners started, the 15k runners lined up.

There were a lot of people (about 3,500) and it was like 9th circle of hell muggy. I don’t know for sure, but I imagine that’s the muggiest circle.

Michelle and I took our usual pre-race photos.

Best unplanned photo bomb?

And we were off.

I saw some interesting things during this race including my first blind runner! He totally chicked me and I thought it was awesome. I also saw a girl with hair so long, her braid was flopping against her calves, a girl with hair to the middle of her back running with her hair down, and a girl with a SPIbelt turned backwards and the belt part under her left butt cheek. Just goes to show something different works for everyone I guess.

I also saw a ton of people I know along the course including Michelle’s pace leader, a bunch of pace leaders from my running group, and speedy Running Peanut, Victoria.


After the race, I met back up with Michelle who had found Christina. It was my first time meeting her. Hi Christina!


I’ve got to remember to take off my headphones after a race. Seriously, have you ever seen lamer looking headphones? They are the only ones that will stay on for me.

The post race was really nice. Good food (bagels from Panera, bananas, watermelon, oranges), lots of booths to visit, and family type stuff like face painting for the kids. Or adults. I guess I didn’t ask. Could have gone for a painted on pirate patch myself.

This race was tough. The heat really beat me down. My Camelbak was empty by mile 7.5 and there weren’t nearly enough water stations (I think I counted 5). I ended up walking about a half mile of the course.

I was hoping for a 10:00 minute mile pace and I got a 10:36. Not horrible, but I hope it’s not an indication that my running has gotten slower since marathon training started.

After the race, I spent about an hour looking for my car. I’m pretty sure I walked an additional 2 miles and successfully found parking garage A, B, and D.

I swear I get lost all the time in my own town. It’s so annoying. Michelle texted me the address for Parking Garage C and I used the GPS on my phone to find it. Then I got lost on the way home.

Overall, I liked the course. It was fun running through downtown Orlando. Plus, the race is cheap and for a good cause. So I guess I could risk heat stroke again…for the children.


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19 responses to “Race Review: Miracle Miles 15k

  1. I like your top. The purple is super cute!*

  2. Good job on the race. It drives me crazy when I see women running with their hair down. I DONT GET IT.

  3. Always good to know where the strip clubs are so that you also know which Wal-Mart to avoid.

  4. daveproth

    Yea I think they wanted us to really earn our bling, with only one water station for the last 3 miles…

  5. I bet that IS the muggiest circle!

    So glad we were able to race again — and wear purple together 🙂

  6. 2 things:
    1. Girl running with her hair DOWN? WTF??? If I forget my headband to keep the wisps out of my face I’m done. Stopping that instant.
    2. I feel like I am getting slower with marathon training too… does that happen to people?? I don’t know if it’s because I a)feel sore all the time and my legs feel like concrete, 2)at this point, I’m running to finish, not for speed like in half marathons or d) I just suck at running now.

    Good job on the 15K! I have a 10 miler this weekend… excited for race season to start!

  7. Congrats on the finish! Humidity + lack of water stations can kill ya, so I think you did great despite those issues.

    Um, and Panera bagels post-race? Heck yes. I would do the race just for that.

  8. Haha great recap.
    I did the Miracle Miles 15k last year and it was one of my favorite races 🙂 Did they have the little signs on the side of the road with the baby facts?

  9. Way to run a race for the sick children! Sounds fun, I think?

  10. The 9th circle is for sure the muggiest–I checked it out to see where I’ll be after I die. Not that bad, but it will be a bitch when we want to do long runs there.

    My first half marathon was on a similar day and it sucked hard. But it sounds like you made the best of it and came out pretty awesome. Plus a tour through the strip club part of town is always worth the price of admission.

  11. Great race Paula! Minus the ridiculous heat! I will trade you some of that heat when winter hits here and it’s -40C and dark at 4:30pm.

    Haha I always chant the parking area to myself when I leave…especially at the airport. Or make a note in my cell phone so I remember 🙂

  12. i’m not happy you got lost but i am relieved to know i’m not the only one who loses their car!

    i would definitely blame the heat first. it’s such an energy sucker! i think you did really well despite being hot and thirsty!!

  13. In my opinion, it was way, way hotter this year than last year. I kind of wanted to die multiple times during the race.

    I am working on my recap and I have to say, you are a PRO at taking pictures mid-run.

    Also, I saw that chick with the long braid too and it first I thought she’d stuck one of the those tails you can buy at a party store onto her spi-belt. Clearly, I was hallucinating.

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  15. Stefanie

    Congrats on your first 15K! And how do you look so cute after running so far? For real. I always look like death regardless of how far I run.

    And a blind man? How does that work??

  16. We parked down at Target and walked back! I wanted to avoid the garage at all cost!
    Great meeting you!! Hope to see you ladies at another race soon! I know we’ll all be at Savannah!

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