You Remind Me of the Babe

Just because hub’s birthday was on Thursday doesn’t mean the celebrating stopped on Thursday. Saturday night, we threw a masquerade birthday party (a la Labyrinth) to celebrate some more.

The nice thing about masquerade parties is you really only need a mask to dress up.

Hubs dressed up as Jareth from Labyrinth. He also dresses like this on Wednesdays to watch Modern Family.

I was busy running races, cleaning, making a trip to the grocery store, and baking all day (you read that correctly), so I didn’t have time to find a costume. Hubs was nice enough to buy a mask for me at the costume store.

While hubs was out finding my mask, I made an Oreo birthday cake for him. There’s a layer of frosting and Oreos on the inside of that bad boy.

It doesn’t look like much, but it was tasty. I was impressed with myself. Then again, I’m always impressed when I can make something edible that doesn’t send people to the emergency room.

I ran out of frosting right at the end. Can you tell the frosting is a different color around the outer edge? We made it dark in the house so no one would notice. Also, I look better in dim light so that worked all around.

Guests started to arrive. Then a couple boxes of these showed up.

It’s safe to say I ate a lot of those and a lot of cake. And a lot of chips and dip.

Marzetti Ranch Veggie Dip? I can’t have that in the house anymore. I’m going to start buying dips that taste like shit because there is no control around that stuff.

My cute little personal trainer, Linda, and her hubby Jimmy stopped by. Jimmy is wearing a Kiss mask that he cut just enough so he could drink beer through it.

Jimmy ran the 15k that morning too, so we decided to wear our medals all night to let everyone at the party know we were better than them.

Here’s Lisa debuting her new hair color. We’re no longer blonde twinsies.

Nikki, on the right, is one of hub’s oldest friends. She’s 62. I know. She looks great.

Me and K. (Remember, we went to the Bahamas together?)

Ricardo and Elaine.

Tyler, Lisa, and moi. (Tyler hung out with hubs and I at Universal Studios.)

Teri and Greg. (We just celebrated Teri’s birthday two weeks ago.)

I need a personal photographer because I managed to not get pictures of about 10 other people at the party. Personal photographers are cheap, right? I just need someone to follow me around at all times. If you’re interested, I’ll even share my beer with you.

Wait. No I won’t.

We had a great time Saturday night. Between the 15k, getting ready for the party, and the actual party, I think I was on my feet for 17 hours. Today, my calves and hips are still sore. I did 3.4 miles on the treadmill to help loosen them up a bit and I think it helped.

Tonight I have my martial arts cardio class. Time to work off those cupcakes.

Do you throw theme parties? (We LOVE dressing up, so most of our parties have a theme of some sort.)

Have you seen Labyrinth or does my blog post title make no sense to you? Smile


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25 responses to “You Remind Me of the Babe

  1. Love the Labyrinth costume! David Bowie was amazing in that – probably the most pivotal role in all of musician-as-actor history.

    For his birthday, I suggest that your husband publish a book of the sh!t he draws at work and I’ll buy a copy!

  2. The first thought I had when I read your title was “what babe?” “the babe with the power”… LOL

    Looks like you had fun!

  3. runeatdatesleep

    That woman cannot be 62. You’re joking, right?

  4. Marilyn Fluegel

    Paula….really like both the color and style of your hair……very beautiful….PAM

  5. Holy crap I thought you were serious about Nikki being 62 (I’m an idiot, though, so…) because you played it off sooo cool. You definitely had me fooled. Also, Lisa’s hair looks great! You all look great! Such sexy people at your parties, Paula!

  6. Nikki

    Phew, cross “get mentioned on paulas blog” off of my bucket list.

  7. My husband LOVES Labyrinth! We say the “you remind me of the babe” “what babe” “the babe with the power” part all the time! I didn’t think anyone else had actually seen that movie!*

  8. Masquerade parties are the coolest! Easiest costume ever, plus instant mystery and allure. Sounds like fun!

  9. Stefanie

    Bahahah! LABRYINTH!! The bad part about watching it now is I can’t help staring at David Bowie’s package the entire time.

    Good Larrrd, the cupcakes!

  10. Dip is the devil!
    I love your mask. : )

  11. Looks like a fun party! And I get it. Too bad David Bowie didn’t show up, although your hubbie was the spitting image!

  12. Looks like fun! Sorry I missed it. Boo on me 😦

    I have seen Labyrinth a hundred thousand times. Do you know people our age who haven’t? I think it our generations Finding Nemo. Hee.

  13. Yay! Theme parties are the best! Looks like you throw a great party!

  14. I love a good theme party. That was my favorite part about college! There always seemed to be theme parties going on. I’ve never seen Labyrinth, though. Much to my boyfriend’s dismay. I’m missing out on a lot of the movie “classics”.

  15. Super impressed with your baking. You were Suzy Homemaker on Saturday, weren’t you??? + infinity wife points!

    Lisa’s hair looks so cute!

    I love dressing up. I have a purple wig that makes me feel pretty much awesome whenever I put it on. I would probably wear it at least 3 days a week if it were socially acceptable.

  16. Wow I am so impressed with your baking…amazing!
    And these outfits are fantastic, you look great!

  17. I want that Oreo cake right now and a side of beer. Or maybe reverse that. Either way, it looks like you had an awesome night. I really love themed parties when everyone gets into it- when it’s half-assed it can look kinda lame. Yours was not lame. People went all out and brought cupcakes. WIN.

  18. Oreo cake sounds ridonk. And your Hubs costume is perfection! That wig is fabulous.

    Excuse me while I go buy some ranch dip.

  19. OMG, my husband is obsessed with the Labyrinth. I can’t watch it. It game me nightmares as a child.

    Will you please bring me some Oreo cake? That would be fabulous.

  20. I LOVE dressing up and theme parties but pretty much have to pay my husband to participate. You’re a lucky woman.

  21. Mz. Teri

    As usual, it was a FABulous partay! 😀

    The oreo cupcakes were SO friggin delicious… and so was your cake. I definitely got my fill of pastries that night! 🙂

  22. Casey

    Looks like a fun party! 🙂 And I haven’t seen The Labyrinth! Maybe I should!

  23. I freaking love your hair. I know you explained how to do it in an earlier post but um, well, I’m terrible at it. Will you come to Austin and do it for me? Pretty please? 🙂

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