1.  Saturday morning, I had a 10 mile run with my group and it was the best.run.ever. It totally made up for my crappy 15k last weekend. It was cool, breezy, and about 70 degrees outside, so I didn’t bring my Camelbak. It was nice to run without anything but my SPIbelt. I felt like I was running on clouds and rainbows through fields of newborn kitten pelts. I ended up running at a 10:30 pace and it was magnificent.

2.  To make things even better, there was candy set out for us at one of the water stops. It was stocked with none other than the only candy that fights to the death with Peeps for my love.

3.  Saturday night, there was more birthday celebration for the hubs. We’re not even in the same month as his birthday anymore and we’re still celebrating. I need to figure out how to make that work for my birthday next year. We met some friends for dinner at Kimchi in Oviedo.


Hubs and I ordered two meals to share. I picked the Seafood Pancake, mostly because it contained the word pancake.

It was gigantic and delicious. Had we known it was so big (TWSS), we would have shared one meal instead. We also ordered the Bulgogi and tore it up. Sooo tasty.

We had some pretty nice company in Ale and Jason. (See Jason, I didn’t post the picture with your eyes closed.)

And Sheila, Richard, and Kai. Sheila is our martial arts fitness instructor and Richard is hub’s TaeKwonDo master. They look sweet but they will kick your ass. Family of deadly weapons!

Kai played with a Styrofoam cup for two hours. All you parents that are buying toys for your kids have it wrong. Find a cup and your golden. If you really want to keep them occupied, throw in a straw and napkin.

Hubs and I really liked Kimchi. We’ll definitely go back there sometime soon to eat our weight in oversized pancakes and bulgogi.

4.  Yesterday, I told hubs I wanted to go see 50/50. Then he asked me if that was “the haircut movie.”

Yes. Yes it is.

The haircut movie was really good. The last 45 minutes was a complete sob-fest for me; I was a total mess. Then again, I cry in everything. I cried when everyone finally made it out of the bus safely in Speed and I cry at the end of most episodes of Chuck. I also got a chemical peel over the weekend and let me tell you how awesome salty tears feel against that.



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25 responses to “Weekend

  1. Pam

    Ha! Funny post! Looks like you had a fabulous weekend. Yay for your awesome 10-miler!

  2. Glad you had a good run….in your own words, you made that run your bitch, ha! I did a 5K on Saturday and it was perfect weather. Looks like the rest of your weekend was good too!

  3. 50/50 was so great, loved it! I’m a huge JGL fan!

  4. I cry in every somewhat sad movie. Cue the sad music crescendo and I’m putty in their hands. I really want to see 50/50, though!

  5. I don’t think I could brave a seafood pancake. Those are just two words that shouldn’t go together. 🙂

    And are we watching the same Chuck show? 🙂

    TDOTM…. Teardrop Discomfort Over Tortured Membrane

  6. I need to see 50/50. I love a good sob fest.

  7. I cried at the end of Speed too, but only because Sandra Bullock was not blown into thousands of pieces. Ditto the end of The Blind Side. Oh well, one day.

  8. I want to steal that carebear image so badly. SO FUNNY.

    And I love Chuck…such a great show. I don’t dare go see 50/50 because I know i’d be a disaster.

  9. Woot woot for a good run! And WOOT for the candy corn! I had to do my 12 on the treadmill on Saturday–37* and windy = me not running outside!

    Are you in the running for wife of the year or something? I’m pretty sure you’ve got a lock on it. And the hair looks fabulous once again. I’m starting to think maybe you just have really great hair. No fair.

  10. Laurie

    What a great run! I want to go see that movie too, not sure if I can handle the sob part though. I love your hair too, my hair style is similar to yours (but yours looks a lot better than mine)do you still curl it with a flat iron? I need to learn how to do that!

  11. The cheap toy rule for kids applies to pets too. My dog loves toilet paper tubes. Cost to me: $0. His happiness: infinite.*

  12. I really want to see 50/50 but I am sure I will be a wimpering fool. Probably still worth it….

  13. Seafood pancake? I’m in love.

    A GREAT pic of you and your lovah 🙂

  14. Man I love me some JGL. So sexy in a totally awkward way. I think hubs and I are going to see 50/50 this weekend. I’ll have to bring the tissues. I cried in Homeward Bound… Ya…

  15. Stefanie

    There is always such awesome food on your blog. I think I need to go and eat something just to cope.

  16. Sounds like a solid weekend. I’m so glad to hear so many positive reviews of 50/50. I will have to wait for it to come out on DVD, but I’ll be sure to get in line to rent it.

  17. Bulgogi!!!! AHH! I miss real, authentic Korean food when we lived there. Mmmm so good.

  18. I just LOVE awesome runs. They make life a little better!

    So glad you liked the movie…it’s on the top of my list of movie I will actually pay to see!

  19. That photo of dawson will never ever get old. Ever.

  20. Mz. Teri

    I think Peeps eat candy corn for every meal! 😀

  21. Lee

    We’re planning on seeing 50/50 on Friday. I’m sure I’ll cry. I cry watching commercials.

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