Tired Legs

I woke up yesterday morning at 5am to do my speed run at the gym. I think the squats and lunges that I did in martial arts fitness class on Monday, the speed run on Tuesday, and general squating down to clean the bunny’s litter box told me that my legs are freaking tired. So, I guess even though I don’t feel any pain from the 24 miles on Saturday, I’m still pooped out.

The email from my training group said to do 4 – 8 x 800 at 10k pace. Since I’m in taper, we were directed to do two less 800’s than we normally do. I usually do 6, so 4 it was.

Mile Pace Incline
1 10:00 0.5
800 (1/2 mile) 8:49 1.0
200 Walking 1.0
Repeat 4x    

Total miles: 3

Don’t ask me what my 10k pace is because I have no clue. I know I can’t run a 10k at an 8:49 pace but that’s what I did for this run anyway. It was hard to not do that last mile, especially since I had some extra time before I had to leave the gym. My legs were tired but I wasn’t dying by any means, but I left anyway and cut my run down by a mile. Taper already sucks.

I got a little somethin’-somethin’ in the mail the other day. I won a Bic Band from this little cutie’s blog.

I tried to get the top of my head in that last shot but I can only take so many pictures of myself at work before the dude behind me starts to notice. So I gave up.

Do you wear a Bic Band or Sweaty Band? I have to say, the Bic Band is super cute but I have to keep adjusting it. No way this would stay in my hair during a race. Sweaty Bands don’t stay in either. I swear my head is a sling-shot for any headband. They are still cute for wearing out, but I just can’t work out in them. Thanks for the Bic Band, Kathleen!

What’s the most important thing you would recommend someone do during taper who’s never done it before? (i.e. Tell me what to do.)

P.S. For anyone who cares, the American Horror Story recap might be a day late this week since I have plans Thursday night that do not involve hydrating properly.


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20 responses to “Tired Legs

  1. Super cute headband! I doubt that very many headbands are good at staying in place during workouts. Well, unless you wear them across your forehead. Which looks super cool. Yeah, I’m an 80s baby (and definitely should have been born in the 60s so I could be THIS age in the 80s). My hair is like an inch long (at the longest that I let it grow) and pretty curly, but I still wanna wear a headband for my races (when I FINALLY get to that stage – I’m still training for 5k). Might be weird, might be cute. Whatever. As long as *I* like it and it makes for a good blog pic, right?!

  2. In the last week before the marathon, try to be on your legs as little is possible. Sit/lay all the time. Makes race day AWESOME!

  3. I want a sparkly headband!! It looks so cute on you!

  4. Recap a day late?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! But totally understandable. You have a life; I don’t. That’s cool. Love the sparkly headband =)

  5. When I tapered for my marathon last year, I went a little crazy. It felt wrong not to run! I guess I’d say trust your training plan and adjust your eating. (I kept on eating like I was running crazy mileage even though I was just hanging around. Whoops!)*

  6. Headbands never stay on my head like that either. I have a big noggin though. I love the colour of your shirt (dress?) today!

  7. Yes!!!
    Maybe they don’t fit you because you have a tiny head?? My large dome fits perfectly in them.. 🙂

  8. Ahhhh man….AHS recap a day late?! I guess I can survive;-)
    No really, I will be stalking the computer for it! HA!

    I JUST ordered a BIC band yesterday….I am praying it stays in during a workout b/c my flyaways are driving me CRAZAYYYY!

    Have fun Thu!

  9. julie16750

    My head never holds bands like those. I have to go old-school with the plastic kind or wear a hat/visor when I run.

  10. I love your description of your head as a sling-shot for any headband. I feel the same way. It’s really cute, though!

  11. I wear super cheap grippy headbands from the drug store, so you’re ahead of me with the sparkles. But they do stay in place, so there’s that.

    I think your method of handling the taper by drinking more sounds right. I mean, with all that free time, it seems like the right thing to do. 😉

  12. runeatdatesleep

    We must have the same head shape. I have to hold headbands down with bobby pins, and then that just defeats the purpose.

  13. Oo very cute headband… I like sparkly stuff 🙂 And rest those legs lady… you want them fresh of course!

  14. Very cute Bic Band! I was about to buy one, but now that you said it doesn’t stay in, I’ll have to think about it! I cannot wear headbands while running either. They fall out, every single time! Recently I’ve been wearing them with a few bobby pins which sort of helps.

  15. Ugh, my head is a straightup slingshot for any type of headband! A friend had a cute one on last night at the gym and she swore by it, so I tried it out. Nope; flew off my head and hit the wall. Fail.

    Let me know if you ever find one that works!

  16. My BIC bands stay on me just fine, but I can feel that they’re starting to stretch a little and aren’t as snug as they used to be.

  17. Drink lots of water. Trust your training. Know that any running you do now won’t help you on race day.

  18. The only headbands that stay on my giant noggin are the ones from Little Slice of Awesome. It’s an Etsy shop run by a running blogger.

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