Welcome to My Blog Search Term Guy IV

If you’re new to my blog, every now and then I like to pick the most interesting search terms that have found my blog and welcome those searchers. I hope you found what you were looking for – especially whoever searched “I love to come home and eat alone.” Me too, buddy. Me too.

1.  How many miles does it take to walk off 3282 calories?

Wow. That is a pretty specific calorie count. But I like that you have goals and are willing to Google for them instead of say, standing up and walking somewhere. Unfortunately, all I can think about is how I want to be your friend, if you share food, and what you just ate.

2.  What+can+i+buy+so+my+thighs+don’t+rub+while+running


3.  Irritated graph

I can’t think of a post that would lead to this search term, so in an effort to not disappoint the next person:

4.  Poo porn

I googled this to see what could have possibly come up related to my blog. Let’s just say that wasn’t the best idea at work. On an almost unrelated note, I heard a radio commercial for “Bear Skin” condoms on the radio during a workout the other week. I thought that couldn’t possibly be comfortable until my personal trainer assured me it was spelled b-a-r-e.

5.  Worst photos ever taken

 That’s a little extreme, don’t you think?

I think you can stop acting like a bunny tramp.


If you’ve missed any of the last search term posts, you can check them out here:
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21 responses to “Welcome to My Blog Search Term Guy IV

  1. Maybe the irritated graph was the WordPress page views that resembled the middle finger? lol

  2. LOL! Someone found my blog searching something like army wife homemade porno video. Ummmmm yeeeeah…..

  3. Stefanie

    Hahahahaha. Too funny. Irritated graph? Really?

  4. This is quite humorous! I love your irritated graph. Not sure what it means, but I like it.

  5. Those are funny! I got Amtrak Wi-Fi and something to do with my cellphone. Strange.

    Glad to know that our animals are not the only ones that violate their toys.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  6. most of these made me laugh out loud (literally) at work. now people think i’m a weirdo. but poo porn?! really?! thats just plain nasty.

  7. My favorite is “Penis toenails” and yes, I just went back through all of your posts.

  8. Hahahaha, search terms are my fave, and I have done several of these posts myself! This is my first time reading one of yours and I died.

  9. Yes! These posts are my favorite! Oops I mean These+posts+are+my+favorite. Who does that?

  10. loved this. poo porn…now tell me WHY that led to your page?

  11. I love love this! I do something similar, but lately, all of my search terms have been regarding “fat people in costume.” Like, serious amounts of people are coming to my blog with that search term!

    As for poo porn?! Oh dear.

  12. LOL. This post made my day.

    Also, “Poo porn” and “Unicorn poop cupcakes” I just started reading your blog, should I be forewarned? o_O

  13. You get the best search terms ever. Irritated graph, really? I couldn’t make that stuff up.

  14. Omg I totally thought it was bear skin condoms too!! Learn something new every day!!

  15. I am curious what about those search terms brings them to your page…can’t say I’ve seen you ever post anything like that or put a tag regarding those either. Too funny! The only one that seems relevant is What+can+i+buy+so+my+thighs+don’t+rub+while+running -and ta da, you have an answer! 😉 Worst pictures ever, NO WAY! Poo Porn is hilarious…not sure why you got that one, but….you do talk about #2 a bit… 😉 no relation to porn tho! Geez…people are interesting.

  16. Ha! I recently got “I’m fat” (true, but you can’t say that to a pregnant woman) and “abusive relationship exercise”. I’m not really sure what the last one means.

  17. You aren’t the only one that was confused by the “bear/bare” skin advertisement.

    I wish my blog search terms were as funny as yours! Best I’ve got is “Vitamin Donuts”, “Fair Games” and “Bean Stew Trekking”

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