American Horror Story in Two Minutes (Episode: Halloween Part 1)

It’s recap time for Season 1, Episode 4. (Remember, this post contains spoilers. )

This episode started with yet another flashback. This time we’re in 2010 with the last owners of the house, the “murder-suicide” couple Chad (Zachary Quinto – who just came out. How timely for this role, dontcha think?) and his boyfriend Patrick, who looks eerily Alexander Skarsgard.

Chad is carving pumpkins to get ready for a Halloween party at the house. Somewhere between carving pumpkins and getting pissed that Patrick bought the wrong apples for apple bobbing, Chad accuses Patrick of cheating. Patrick confirms the affair, then a big fight breaks out where Patrick complains that the relationship isn’t the same anymore, that they never had kids like they planned, and that he doesn’t want anything to do with the Halloween party. So Patrick leaves.

A few minutes later, the guy in the leather suit appears. Chad thinks it’s Patrick dressing up for him.

No, Chad. He’s there to kill you.

So leather suit guy drowns Chad in his apple-bobbing barrel. Patrick walks back in, sees Chad dead, and also gets death-by-apple-bobbing.

Back in present time.

Ben calls Tate to the house to talk to him about why he didn’t show up to the appointment with his new therapist. Tate doesn’t want a new therapist and cries like a little baby and begs Ben to see him again because only Ben can help him. Ben reluctantly agrees but refuses to see Tate at the house and sets up a public meeting elsewhere. When they finally meet, Ben tells Tate he was a troubled child too and gets all emotional. Tate promises Ben, “no more weird stuff.”

Later, the maid asks for Halloween off to visit her mother. While in the hospital, the maid disconnects her mother’s life support. When her mom dies, her ghost appears and asks the maid to join her. The maid says she wants to, but can’t.

Meanwhile, Vivien meets with the real estate agent who suggests she needs a “fluffer” to help sell the house and improve its “image” problem. (No. Not THAT kind of fluffer.) A fluffer is someone who comes in, decorates, and makes the house more appealing to potential buyers. The real estate agent recommends a young, gay man. Later on, Chad and Patrick show up at the house ready to decorate!

(Guess that means the real estate agent is a ghost?) On a random side note, the house was egged by the two twins that were killed in the house in the first episode. Don’t ask me, I just do the recaps.

Tate visits Violet at the house without Ben’s knowledge. When Violet goes to the basement to see him, he’s waiting for her in the leather suit. (Hmm…maybe Tate is Vivien’s baby-daddy? If so, I’m equally grossed out and turned on.) Tate tells Violet all about the doctor that performed abortions in the basement. He also told her that a boyfriend of one of the girls was so pissed that the doctor aborted his baby that he broke into the house, stole the doctor’s child, cut it into pieces, and mailed it back to him. The doctor took it upon himself to sew his child back together. Now the child is still in the basement.

Violet doesn’t believe Tate’s story and wants to know why they only meet in the basement. She asks to go on a real date. Tate agrees and sets it for Halloween – the only night that spirit’s can walk free.

Meanwhile, Constance’s daughter (Addie) wants to dress up like a pretty girl for Halloween. Constance assures her she is fug and can dress up like Snoopy just like the previous year.

Later on, Constance feels bad and buys a full “pretty girl” mask for Addie to wear for Halloween.

Back to the fluffing. It’s Halloween party time! But Chad and Patrick do not like Ben and Vivien’s costumes. An argument ensues and things get a little nasty. Chad tells Vivien that the house is not theirs and everyone knows it…including the house.

Vivien kicks them both out but they won’t leave…until they see the leather suit man hanging out in the shadows. Then she tells Ben she wants him to leave too because she saw all the calls he was getting from Hayden on the cell phone bill. Before Ben could leave, Vivien started having severe stomach pains, so Ben took her to the hospital. While they were at the hospital, they found out the baby was much bigger than 8 weeks. What the nurse saw on the ultrasound was so shocking that she fainted.

While Addie was out trick or treating, she gets hit by a car. Constance gets to her once the EMT guys arrive. She gets hysterical crying and insists on getting Addie to the yard of the murder house before she dies.

Once Constance drags Addie to the lawn, she realizes she’s dead.

While Vivien and Ben are at the hospital, the guy with the burned face shows up at the house, bangs on the door, and wants his $1000 for helping bury Hayden.

Violet is home alone and scared so she calls her dad and tells him what’s going on. He tells her not to call the police and that he’s coming home. While Violet waits, we see the guy in the leather suit behind her.

Once Ben and Vivien get home, the house alarm is going off and Violet is gone.

Finally, there’s a knock at the door. It’s Hayden and she’s all undead and junk.

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27 responses to “American Horror Story in Two Minutes (Episode: Halloween Part 1)

  1. Kate

    This show is so nuts….love it!

  2. Okay this is the second time quite recently I have heard someone talk about this show… I must see it!

  3. julie16750

    I laughed my ass off at “My milkshake brings all the ghosts to the yard”. Well done.

  4. Laurie

    I love your recaps, I seem to understand them more when you discuss them! I tell ya, each week seems to get creppier and creppier…………but I love it!

  5. LOVE this show. It’s just so crazy that I can’t stop watching. And recaps literally make me laugh out loud. I got some crazy looks from the boyfriend last night as I was reading.

    Also, got your comment last night 🙂 yes, I am still alive!! Work and life have been a little bit crazy, but I’ll be back in the swing of things next week! I sure do have lots of blog reading and writing to catch up on.

  6. Okay, I read this recap yesterday… and didn’t comment but I’m back because….

    I had dreams all night last night about the creepy leatherman. Damn it I don’t even watch the show and that guy creeps me out. I might need to watch an epi so I’m not so creeped out.. or will it make it worse?

  7. I Fucking Love this show.

    I’m so sad Violet got smashed by a car… I loved that girl she better come back as a ghost and lock her mother in that damn room full of mirrors… She just wanted to be a pretty girl!!!

    Really.. Snoopy? LMAO


  8. I am so beyond excited to see leatherman back in action! Paula, don’t ever stop doing these recaps!

  9. Great recap. I think the guy in the leather/rubber suite is the crazy abortion doctor. I think he knocked up Vivian because he wants to get his son back. Just a theory.

    And assuming that if a person dies on the grounds of the murder house, their spirit remains with the house? So I guess that is why Constance tried to drag Addie onto the lawn?

    Overall a very depressing episode. But at least we found out that there is cell phone reception wherever Hayden is. 🙂

  10. Real Estate Agent not a ghost. You can tell from the looks of the two gay dead guys that they are just playing along, letting V think that they are the gay decorator. Really they are just showing up like all the other dead people.

    So excited to now be watching thing show!

  11. Lindsay

    a) this show is so weird but I can’t stop watching haha
    b) your recaps are awesome!
    c) the girl that plays Addie is a terrible actress…

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  13. Thank goodness for your recaps! Our cable is on the fritz and I am catching up via Eat:Watch:Run! THANK YOU!!!!

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