American Horror Story in Two Minutes (Episode: Piggy, Piggy)

Time to recap Season 1, Episode 6.

The episode starts out with a flashback (shocker!) to 1994 when Constance lived in the murder house. While Constance is at the house, Tate is at high school on a Columbine-style shooting spree. Tate silently kills a bunch of students, including the ghosts that haunted him on Halloween – who incidentally, weren’t the brightest at defending themselves in the face of certain death.

(Tate used a shotgun and all the students didn’t have shotgun wounds on Halloween. Plot hole?)

The police arrive at the house looking for Tate. They force their way inside without Constance’s approval and find Tate in his bedroom. All the cops aim rifles at him, Tate mimes shooting himself in the head, then reaches for his real gun, and the police unload shots into his chest.

As Tate is bleeding on the floor, one of the cops asks him why he did it. Probably should have thought of asking that one before the 16 rifle shots to the chest buddy, because he’s dead.

Back to present time.

Violet is on her computer looking up information about Tate. She finds out about the high school shooting, that Tate was responsible, and that he’s dead. She freaks out, runs downstairs to find her mother, but only finds Constance waiting in the kitchen. Constance knows Violet just found out about Tate, and when Violet tries to rationalize that she’s dating a dead dude, Constance tells her that she’s a smart enough girl to understand that we don’t live in just one reality. She also tells Violet that Tate is unaware that he’s dead and she was hoping his treatments with Ben would somehow make him realize the truth on his own. And lastly, it was the house that made Tate go over the edge.

Constance and Violet go back to Constance’s house where there’s a woman waiting (Sarah Paulson – love her).

She’s a medium and can talk to the dead. Basically Constance tells Violet that she needs to accept what’s happening or she’ll go crazy too. Then the medium whips out some name of some dead person who tells Violet she doesn’t understand her. Violet freaks out and runs out of the house.

Violet finds her (now) friend that Tate freaked out in the first episode. They have going crazy in common. Her friend mentions that she’s taking sleeping pills that barely allow her to sleep 4 hours a night. Violet can’t sleep either, so she wants to get in on that pill-poppin’ action.

Vivien wakes up in the morning, hears something scary, and presses her Hot Policman panic button. Hot Policeman shows up to inspect the house. You never can be too careful. Ben shows up during this time to meet a patient and Hot Policeman tells them that Hayden slipped out of the car somehow before he got her downtown. No one seems particularly shocked by this and Hot Policeman doesn’t seem to think he sucks at being a Policeman because he’s still got the Hot thing going on.

Ben and Vivien are still not getting along. She still wants a divorce and to sell the house but she’s allowing him to see patient’s there because he can’t afford another option. This time, Ben’s patient is Cam from Modern Family!

Cam is freaked out by urban legends Bloody Mary style, except he says “Here piggy piggy pig” three times in the mirror instead which seems way more terrifying. Anyway, during a session Ben makes Cam go into the bathroom and say his piggy line three times in the mirror and he ends up seeing the dead nurse in the bathtub. Not a pig, but still scary I suppose. Ben bursts in the bathroom when Cam starts freaking out, but the nurse is gone.

Later on, Cam tries to face his fear at home when some dude pops out behind his shower curtain and shoots him. Not a ghost, though. He was being robbed and the overly-sensitive robber thought Cam was calling him a pig. Too bad we’ll never know if a pig shows up, cuz now Cam’s dead.

Vivien is getting sick anytime she leaves the house, so Constance gives her some raw meat that’s “good for the baby.” Like bloody pancreas and brains. Guess the freak-baby craves raw meat because she ate it all like a fat kid eats cake.

Vivien feels well enough to leave the house and finally finds the nurse that passed out when she saw her ultrasound. The nurse freaks out about her baby, calls her some names, and mentions seeing “little hooves.” Vivien thinks that’s crazy talk and leaves.

Constance contacts Addie through the medium and tells her how much she loves her and that she’s sorry for all the times she didn’t show it. Addie told her that she knows she loves her and that she’s happy where she’s at because she’s finally a pretty girl. Also, she’s glad Constance didn’t get her to the lawn because she doesn’t want to be with Tate. He scares her now that her newly dead self knows the truth.

Back at home, Violet isn’t doing so well. She saw a bunch of the other dead ghosts in the basement while looking for Tate, her boyfiend is, like, totally dead and she’s just not dealing well. So she takes all of the pills.

Tate finds her unconscious, drags her to the bathroom for a cold shower, and sticks his fingers down her throat.

She throws up all those pills and realizes her dead boyfriend just saved her. A little more freaking out and crying ensues.

Back in the bedroom, Tate tells Violet that she seems distant lately, he doesn’t know what he did wrong, and promises to leave her alone if that’s what she wants. Then, he professes his love for her while crying and promises he will never let anything hurt her. And let’s face it, girls are suckers for that crap. Even if you’re dead and a murderer. So, Violet spoons him and gets in some ghost snuggles.

I’m pretty sure the crying scene just put Tate in competition with Topher Grace in the Tall-Lanky-Guys-I-Lust-For Club. He’s 11 years younger than me too, which probably makes me a perv. Or a cougar. But it also makes him legal. haha. Why am I still talking?

What did you all think?  With the exception of the stupid patient story, this was my favorite episode of the season. I think it’s interesting they can romanticize a character that shot up a school. Kind of controversial in this day and age.

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27 responses to “American Horror Story in Two Minutes (Episode: Piggy, Piggy)

  1. It was definitely and interesting episode. But, I do have to say, did you miss that Tate was carrying a pistol and the rifle? He shot the teacher 3 times with it…then the next girl…and he walked around with the rifle after that to blow some holes in the others. Same pistol at the end of the ep he grabs as the cops shoot him. Which, I thought was a bit much…6 on one…come on..did they all need to shoot? Ha..anyway I rationalize that emotions were high since Tate just killed what? 15 or so students, including those 6 in the library (that I totally agree were not very good at hiding, defending or moving their butts…also only the cheerleader seemed appropriately scared).

    Wonder…if they’ll tell us soon why Tate did it? I mean duh, the house…but…like what happened? Was he possessed? And now…he doesn’t know he did all that? Possession might explain that…and of course suppression. Do love how you explain things…hehe…have to read even though I watch the show. 😉

  2. I love that you write these, cause I’m sort of a chicken sh*t and the show freakes me out a touch. So, I’ve got a heads up on the creepy!

  3. I loved this episode, too! I like how things actually get explained. The baby foot that showed up on V’s stomach in the dream was really scary. I liked how Violet’s friend told her about the devil and how that story parallel’s what is going on with the daemon baby.

    I think Piggy Piggy has more to do with the story than we think. Can’t wait till next week!

  4. Yeah I want to know what the deal with the side story on “Piggy Piggy” is, no way that is irrelevant. And good job Paula, I’m not hooked and not sleeping. Gold friendship star to you.

    And ironic that the cut face girl was talking about the devil and how attractive he is while Vivienne has “little hooves” in her?

  5. Laurie

    I agree this was a great episode! It kind of gross me out with Vivian eating the brains, etc. I wonder if the Hot Policeman is a ghost too? Paula, thanks for your recaps, even though I’m watching the show, your details helps me understand them more! (if that makes sense! lol!) 🙂

    • Thank you! I write them cuz it’s fun for me but it’s nice to know someone else likes them too. 🙂 I loooved the look on Vivien’s face after she ate the brains. It was classic “well, that was weird.”

  6. Dude..this episode rocked. The school shooting with tate freaked me out though..I grew up in MS and we had the kid do that in Pearl before Columbine happend and it’s always SUCH a sad topic but I totally am with you on them making you love tate anyways… I hope he was possessed I’m upset with myself for loving tate and thats what he did. I also loved that cheerleader in her other show on MTV – anyways – I don’t think the hot policeman is a policeman I’m pretty sure he is just a security officer for the alarm company she has in the house which explains why he wasnt that bothered by not getting hayden to the jail.
    OH and my hubs and I totally think this is going all Rosemarys baby on us with the damn devil knocking up Viv. HOOVES. wtf if anyone ever told me they saw hooves my ass would be at a doctor immediatly.

  7. I’m late to the party but I wasnt so sure about this episode. I liked it but felt guilty in a way about liking it…the beginning reminded me a lot of what happened at Virginia Tech…

    Anyway, I did feel for Tate at the end, because that house is clearly crazy. I just want to know more! And I’m mad at the parents for not paying more attention to Violet because they’re drowning in their own shit… Meh.

    But LOVE the hot security guy. Morris is my main man haha

    Your recaps are THE BEST!!!

  8. leahruthie

    hello! i stumbled upon your recaps randomly and OMG i love them. this show is BANANAS, and it’s so great.

    anyway, i just wanted to say that i’m on the same team re: being a cougar who’s totally into the kid who plays tate. he’s a great crier. it’s weirding me out that the actor has managed to make me feel sympathetic toward a mass murderer, ha.

  9. I have no idea what is going on, but I still love it! That picture of brains is totally nasty, though.

  10. The flash back to 1994 was completely creepy plus the death by cop. I am glad that Violet was freaked out knowing Tate is dead and didn’t just accept it. She has to tell her parents at some point though, so that should be interesting.

    The raw meat and brains was super gross. Not sure how anyone could eat that.

    Am I the only one who thinks the security guard is the man in the rubber suit?

  11. Cheryl

    I know there’s no show if they leave the house, but every episode I find myself saying, “Hey brain trusts, just get out of the house!” I’m also reminded every episode what an awesome actress Jessica Lange is.

    I thought the hot security cop might be the guy in the suit as well. If he isn’t and is just the nice person he seems to be, you know his days are numbered….

  12. The whole eating the brain thing really grossed me out, what’s wrong with her?! The husband was glad that we got to see Tate shootin’ everyone up finally, though I gotta say that I’m a little disappointed he wasn’t wearing his skeleton mask. And I was thrilled Cam was on! I agree it’s been the best episode so far, we finally just caught up because I had to start at the beginning with Sean since he missed the first few episodes. Freaking weird show that I just can’t quit even though it freaks me out every night and I’ve become even more paranoid about being in our house.

    • I even think the opening credits are creepy! I think the baby is craving that raw meat. So even though she’s eating it, she can’t really control it. Like, she looked disgusted with herself afterwards. Plus, you know. That’s gotta have some good protein in it, right?

  13. Stefanie

    This was my favorite episode so far too! I’ve been wanting to know what was going on with Tate from the beginning, AND NOW WE KNOW. But, not I’m not sure how the rest of the season is going to go, because they’ve almost addressed all the weird and crazy. But, I can’t stop watching. So there’s that. Oh and Tate. In the beginning I thought he was a weird little creep, and now he’s growing on me. He’s kind of hot. I won’t lie.

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