American Horror Story in Two Minutes (Episode: Open House)

Time to recap Season 1, Episode 7.

We start back in 1994 again when the burned face guy (Larry, before his face was burned) owned the murder house. This time he’s talking with Constance about taking care of something “like they talked about.” Larry is all, heck yeah I’ll do that thing for you cuz you’re hot and we’re lovahhhs.

Next thing you know, Larry is smothering Beau with a pillow. Beau is another one of Constance’s sons. He lives chained in the attic and looks like Rocky Dennis from Mask.

We also figure out he’s the person Addie was playing ball with when she snuck in the house during Home Invasion.

Back in present time.

Vivien finds out she’s having twins! (Yay?) And they’re both perfectly healthy and normal. (Wha?)

Then it’s open house time for the murder house, so Marcy the realtor is back. And, we have a potential buyer! This guy likes the low price and is ready to buy the house and build a pool in the backyard, which the maid is very interested in. After all, if they find her bones, Constance goes to jail and the maid will be set free from the house. Since the potential buyer sees the young maid, she gives him a welcome to the neighborhood BJ just so he won’t change his mind.

Then we see the old maid leaving the room and wiping her mouth.

Larry also wants the house and pretends he’s a prospective buyer even though he has no money. The house is the only way he’ll see his dead wife again. Which incidentally, we find out that Larry did not kill his family after all. He was going to leave his wife for Constance and his wife was so distraught that she set herself and their kids on fire.

Vivien wants to make sure that she discloses all the information about the house to the new buyer. (She even goes back on the trolley tour of L.A. murder sites with the real estate agent to learn the rest of the house’s story.) Ben thinks that disclosing everything is a terrible idea and tells her not to screw up the sale.

Looks like Constance is going to do that for her, because she found out the potential buyer was lying – he wants to bulldoze the house and put up condos. Constance fears she’ll never see her children again, so she seeks the help of the maid (who will never be found if condos go up) and Larry.

The maid lures the buyer to the basement for one of her famous BJs. (See? They’re famous now. Like chili. Seriously, try to find a restaurant that doesn’t call their chili “famous.”)  Only this time, it wasn’t so good if you know what I mean.

While the buyer was screaming in pain at the loss of his favorite appendage, Larry suffocates him with a plastic bag but makes sure he doesn’t die on property. Because who wants that ghost hanging around? Not them!

In a side story, Violet is back to cutting herself. Tate caught her in the act and made her promise not to do it again. He was unusually happy and non-broody in this episode. He even had a good therapy session with Ben where he told be he was feeling better. Too bad he still doesn’t know he’s a ghost. He’s been able to leave that house once a year for the past 17 years, you’d think he would have caught on by now.

Tate also shows Violet some of the house’s hidden secrets – old photos of the previous owners, the abortionist doctor and his wife.

Then we get another flashback to the first owners. The abortionist’s wife (Nora) is grieving because of her son’s death. The doctor tells her their son is alive again and waiting upstairs for her. Nora goes upstairs to see him – only to see the sewn together abomination that the doctor put together. He looks hungry, so she tries to breast feed him. Because that would be my first thought. Breast feeding.

That didn’t go well considering her chest was all scratched and bloody afterwards. I guess Nora realized it didn’t go so well either, because she killed her husband and then killed herself.

At the end, Violet shows Vivien the photos she and Tate found. When Vivien sees the abortionist’s wife, she realizes it’s the same woman she showed the house to a few weeks before.

You think those pictures will finally clue Vivien in?

Do you think Larry is as useless of a character as I do?

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15 responses to “American Horror Story in Two Minutes (Episode: Open House)

  1. Thank GOD you recapped this and I read it before watching, because seriously, that face on Beau? Nightmares!! Funny though, my first BF’s name was Beau, he was slightly better looking. 🙂

  2. Eww, she bit it off? I’m starting to suspect that Ryan Murphy is batshit crazy.

  3. I finally watched this episode last night. I still don’t know why I’m watching this but I keep coming back. I get confused on who is really dead and who is really alive and whosits whatits a ghost or not a ghost or dead and undead. I have to say I could not care less about Violet’s character although I’m hoping she plays a pertinent role soon. Thanks for the recaps and I love your blog!

  4. I need everything that has happened in a PowerPoint chart. You have until noon on Monday. Thanks in advance.

  5. Laurie

    Great recap as usual!!!

  6. I think Larry is SUCH a waste of space. What a crazy. I guess I must have fallen asleep during part of the episode because I missed the whole second BJ thing. Sigh, guess I’ll have to watch it again.

  7. You forgot about the mash-up masturbation scene with the husband, security guard, and black suited bondage guy. Was surprised they showed her holding her shoulder massager in her hand at the end of that.

    How many kids did Constance say she had? I know she mentions that Tate was the only one who was “perfect” but I think there are a few more we have yet to see.

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