I am Twelve…

…because I am taking off of work today to see this:

Ok, maybe 12-year olds wouldn’t have a job but if they did, I’m sure they would take today off.

And my GOD, who comes up with those movie posters? I mean honestly. That person was probably responsible for these posters too. We should all get together and give him or her a collective punch to the neck.

Anyway, Lisa and I will be getting our RPattz on (suck it, Team Jacob) and then we’ll be partaking in some girly shopping to hopefully find a dress for our upcoming Christmas parties.

In case you’re wondering, Lisa and I did NOT take off of work for New Moon and Eclipse. And we definitely won’t be doing that for the second half of Breaking Dawn on November 16, 2012. I mean, that would be silly to plan that entire day off of work a year in advance just because of a movie. Just silly.

Then, after I’m done freaking out in excitement about Breaking Dawn, freaking out about The Hunger Games will commence. And it will look like this.


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30 responses to “I am Twelve…

  1. LOVE! 🙂
    Team Edward all the way!!
    I’m going tonight. I cannot wait!!!!
    Have fun!

  2. I hope you enjoy your day! I took my boyf to see one of the Twilight movies at Movie Tavern, which is a movie theater where you can eat and drink lots of beer. He got really drunk and in the middle of the movie, was so moved by the angsty music that he download the soundtrack on his iPhone. I don’t think he’s ever listened to it.

  3. Did you see The Hunger Games trailer that came out on Monday???? Looks good! I watched all of Good Morning America just to get a peek.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  4. TEAM EDWARD! I didnt see the last one bc I’m annoyed by Kristin Stewart but I may get over it for some Rob Pattinson hotness.

    I am so so so excited for Hunger Games!!!

  5. So my first question was going to be if the posters were something you photoshopped, but you’re telling me they are real? Oh my God!

    I can’t freaking wait until Hunger Games. I think we need a blogger movie date or something for when it comes out.

  6. If I didn’t have plans today (and a 3-year-old with me), I’d crash your plans today. Saw the midnight showing last night and can’t believe how much I loved it. I’ve always adored the books but the movies have always been meh, except for my boyfriend RPatz. But Breaking Dawn has so much amazing Edward dreaminess that I just may have to see it again. I may or may not have had dreams last night that I was the one marrying him. Yup, I got issues. Enjoy!

  7. I can’t effing WAIT for Hunger Games. I hope they do it justice.

  8. I love that black sequin dress she is wearing the motorcycle pic! I’m super excited for The Hunger Games and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!!!

  9. I am going tonight to see this and being ‘opening day’ I am a little nervous that I am setting myself up for twi-hard mania. I can totally take a 12 year old down though if she gets all Team Jacob on me….

  10. I am SO excited for the Hunger Games. I can’t wait to see it. Ahh, it’s going to be so good.
    I’m excited for your recap of Breaking Dawn also. I heard it was terrible 😦
    Team Edward ALL. THE. WAY. I mean, duh, they’re soulmates?!

  11. Health Freak College Girl

    ahhh im so excited to see breaking dawn! and team edward…heck yes!

  12. I am super excited for The Hunger Games! Especially since I don’t care for Twilight or anything like that.

  13. Jennifer

    I’m so jealous of you taking the day off to go see it. I was able to for the last one, but not this one. Can’t wait to go watch it AND The Hunger Games looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Why do we have to wait so long!

  14. Apparently I’m 12 too, because I can’t wait to go see it and I’m jealous that you get to go today!

  15. I’m discovering we have more and more in common each day. I unfortunately didn’t go to a midnight show, but I did sleep in my Team Edward jammies last night, with my Team Edward blankie on my Team Edward pillowcase! And I may have kissed it ala my NKOTB pillowcase, way back when… Kidding…..maybe.

  16. Laurie

    I guess I’m 12 too! 🙂 I can’t wait to see it, but I think I will wait until the crowds are not so bad! Have fun!

  17. I may not be taking the day off work but I’m totally going with my older twenty-something friends to go see this on Tuesday : D

  18. You should have just saved your money and TDOTM’ed! 😉

  19. Kevin and I should recreate the second photo for our engagement photos.

  20. I hope it’s superrrr great! I am seeing it tomorrow 🙂

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