Saturday Seven

1. On Wednesday, I went out for an easy run that turned into a speed run. I did 5 miles at a 9:39 average pace. I ran 2 miles and then stopped at a water fountain in the park. Then I got the bright idea to run as fast as I could (when there’s not someone chasing me with a knife) to the next water fountain, get a drink, take a minute or two walk, and then repeat. So my run ended up looking like this:

  • Mile 1: 9:54
  • Mile 2: 9:37
  • Mile 3: 9:31
  • Mile 4: 9:16
  • Mile 5: 9:07

That’s pretty fast for my slow ass. And it wasn’t even on a treadmill. <—-progress

2. I went to see Breaking Dawn yesterday. I’m gonna stop talking about things I’m looking forward to on the blog because they turn out shitty. First my marathon, then Breaking Dawn. From now on, I’m only talking about Carrot Top and Yanni.

So, yeah, I thought Breaking Dawn was the worst movie in the series so far. I was pretty disappointed because it was my favorite book of the four. Also, I thought Eclipse was the worst book and it was my favorite of the movies.

There were things about Breaking Dawn that I liked but a lot of things I didn’t.

*Spoilers in the next paragraph if you haven’t read the books*

The first half of the movie was pretty boring. The wedding was drawn out and they downplayed Bella’s injuries big time after the first honeymoon night, probably for the pg-13 rating. There was a scene with the wolf pack talking that was just ridiculous and I swear it didn’t seem that lame in the book. I did like how they handled Bella’s transformation, but they downplayed the pain she went through. I just think they could have shown more with the transformation and nixed some of the wedding stuff including a dream sequence that wasn’t even necessary.

I’m hoping Part 2 will be awesome. And now I’ve become one of those annoying people that complain the movie isn’t as good as the book and get all snobby about it.

3. I noticed on the last post a lot of you are big Hunger Games fans too. 🙂 Has anyone seen Battle Royale?

It was made in 2000 and is basically the Japanese (i.e. subtitles), bloody version of Hunger Games. The movie is really good (except the very end kinda sucks).

4. I met my group for a 14 mile run this morning that turned into a 10 mile run (10:19 pace). Brad and I were killing it pace-wise and then my knee started hurting at mile 7.5. That would be the same pain I had during the marathon and it started during the same mile. Awesome. I made it to mile 10 and backed out of the last four. When I got home, I iced my knee for a half hour. Incidentally, my shoulder didn’t hurt at all, which is the one thing that’s been hurting all week. WTF body?

5. I went for my second laser hair removal appointment today. I asked all sorts of questions like why they don’t use numbing cream and where babies come from. The technician told me that other clients said they feel no difference when using the cream so she doesn’t use it (hmm). She said I could use it next time if I wanted to come in 45 minutes earlier than the appointment time. Since it takes about 12 seconds to do each underarm, and women all over the world are giving birth without drugs, I figured I could handle 12 seconds of the death laser.

They didn’t even ask for a tip this time! And the lady that does the lasering complimented my hair again. Really, all you need to do is compliment me to make me forget why I was mad to begin with. Nicely done, laser lady. Nicely done.

6. I hate coffee and my best friend made me drink a Starbuck’s coffee yesterday. Ok, so it wasn’t called coffee. It was a Peppermint Mocha Frapucchino Light. It was free. And it was magnificent. I do not need Starbucks to be my new money vacuum.

7. In my quest to try every vodka flavor in existence, I bought this today.

I have no idea what to do with it, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out. There was also “Gummy” flavor. I couldn’t think of anything to mix with it so I didn’t buy it, but now I need it.  *cough*Christmas present*cough*

What would you mix with Marshmallow vodka?

What’s your favorite Twilight movies in order of most to least favorite? I vote Eclipse, Twilight, New Moon, Breaking Dawn.


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35 responses to “Saturday Seven

  1. Kim

    Thank jebus someone else who thought the movie sucked a big one. I didn’t really like the book that much, but still – it should’ve made for a way more exciting movie. Less time on the wedding/sexy-scenes and let’s get to the point. So disappointed!!

  2. Leslie

    I haven’t had one before but marshmallow vodka seems to be begging for a chocolate martini in a glass rimmed with crushed graham cracker crumbs … I’ll have s’more, please. 🙂

  3. When we were in the liquor store today, my bf was like – hey, Smirnoff makes a marshmallow vodka. No sir, I’m on a quest to try all of PINNACLE’S flavors, not Smirnoff’s. I think I need to hit a bigger, fancier store to find more than the Whipped. Ah Total Wine, I miss you…

    I’m really intrigued by the Gummy. Maybe just a lemon or lime sparkling water?

  4. Get a pen. Scratch that. Get a knife and write this in blood. Hot chocolate with marshmallow vodka. Whoa.

  5. I bet a white russian with the marshmallow vodka would be amazing.

  6. awww man. so bummed to hear you didn’t like breaking dawn 😦 oh well…at least the books are good 🙂

  7. I would go the s’mores route too! more specifically, this route…
    I’ve had some marshmallow vodka leftover for a while now…already thinkin bout goin to get the other two bottles needed 🙂
    my guys likes marshmallow vodka shots with cream soda!

  8. Battle Royale is badass! I haven’t watched it in years, but I know we have a copy somewhere. It used to be impossible to get it and my husband imported it from somewhere. And I agree with you on Eclipse being the worst book and best movie (although I still need to see Breaking Dawn, but I trust your judgement on its suckitude).

  9. I laugh at adults who like Twilight. Just kidding… sorta. I think the whole series is lame. I tried to read the books and about 100 pages into the fourth one I threw it across the room and said ‘never again.’

  10. I saw your name was Paula, so of course I had to visit your blog.

    Question: how on earth do you respond when the laser people ask for a tip? “Um, aren’t I paying you enough already?”

    • Hello fellow Paula! 🙂 Their rationale for the gratuity is that I paid through a Groupon so it was a lot cheaper than normal. Still pretty lame. If you can’t afford to offer it at that price, then you shouldn’t offer it at all.

  11. Laurie

    Man I hate that the movie sucked!!! But I will probably still see it, based on the previews I thought this would be the best one out of the other ones (I didn’t read the books, just saw the movies). I know there are mixed reviews on it, a couple of girls I work with that went to the midnight showing said it was OK nothing like they thought it was going to be. Oh well……………

  12. Yes! The scene with the wolves? I actually turned to my friend and let out an audible “whaaaat?” And the pinnacle gummy is great with water and a splash of cranberry juice.

  13. Marshmallow Vodka and Chocolate Milk? Seems like the right thing to do. Or marshmallow vodka and kahlua? Mmmm. I’m hammered just thinking about it.

    Eclipse was my favorite movie so far. I thought New Moon sucked hard. I was hoping Eclipse was better because these young kids were actually getting better at acting, but I’m not optimistic given your BD1 review. But who am I kidding? I’ll still see it anyway.

  14. Wow, I have never really explored the flavored vodkas, so I was reading your comments to see what everyone else would mix it with. Now I have so many ideas running through my head!

  15. The key to happiness = low expectations. Sorry the movie was stinky poo-poo. I’m still pissed that HP7 was no good, although I think I’m the only person who didn’t like it.*

  16. Stephanie

    I’m going back home to Michigan for Thanksgiving (I live in Orlando now too!) and have a football game on the agenda…the plan is marshmallow vodka and hot chocolate. Obviously a taste test was necessary. It’s a winner 🙂

  17. Bahaha, I don’t even know what to comment on. I was laughing throughout.
    I am really disappointed to hear that about Breaking Dawn. You would think since it is hyped up so damn much and since so many millions of people are looking forward to seeing it, they would put a little effort into making it good. Honestly, I should direct the dang movie. I’d probably do a better job. I haven’t seen it, so I am just making a general statement here…
    Anyway, I am a huge book > movies snob. The only movie I have ever seen that was better than the book was The Notebook. I thought they book was meh. But Nicolas Sparks is pretty meh and cheesy and too much love for me most of the time.
    YANNI!!!! hahahaha.
    And wait, she complimented your armpit hair?! 🙂
    I’d drink that marshmallow vodka straight up, and chase it with chocolate and graham crackers to create a s’mores party in my mouth.

  18. I laughed through the whole movie…and I do not think it was suppose to be funny. When the wolf pack was talking I was DYING! Really, director, really?! You thought that scene was ok?! SO LAME!
    I agree, Eclipse was the best movie so far and Breaking Dawn was just plain wrong.

    On another note, try your vodka in a chocolate martini…yum!

  19. Janice

    Just a FYI, I’ve had/am having laser hair removal and not everyone uses numbing cream because you aren’t able to tell if they are burning you or not. Now, I know it hurts like hell for the 12 seconds, I won’t take the chance of being burned and the potential for loss of pigmentation in that area either.

  20. If the marshmallow is anything like the Cake or Whipped flavors it would be really good with cranberry or Sprite (zero) and a splash of cranberry, or diet root beer. I would probably mix the gummy flavor with Sprite Zero…I try to keep my alcohol calories in the alcohol, not the mixers.

  21. Hi, I love your blog already! I’ve been wanting to do the laser hair removal but I have no tollerance for pain so…? I haven’t read any of the vampire books or seen the movies and I’m going to keep it that way. I’ve got nothing left and apparently it takes a lot of commitment to be in that cult. 🙂 LOL.

  22. BTW, stop by for my new series today. A guest post called Motivate Me Monday. Thanks!

  23. hmmm. marshmallow flavored. when you get your armpits done, do you, like… not wear deodorant? or do they have baby wipes or something? i’m so gross.

  24. DUDE FINALLY someone that has watched battle royale! i couldn’t get through all of it because i got freaked out. REad the book. that shit is trippy.

    love your bunny pictures! 😀 and man i want laser hair removal and laser eye surgery like bad. I wonder if i can get them both at once….like groupon style. just kidding. but seriously.

    i watched twilight:new moon yesterday with a guy pal. um, i spent the whole time trying to explain to him shit about the whole story. he was uber confused and mind boggled. i’m not a fan and it slihgtly scared me how much i really know. crikey.

  25. I agree in that they didn’t do a good job explaining a lot of the details like Bella’s transformation, the honeymoon injuries, the wolf pack hearing each others’ thoughts (yea, that scene w/ the wolves was cheesy as hell) but overall I enjoyed it. I think I did because RPats looked like a dreamboat & well, I’m a sucker for eye candy. That said, Eclipse is my fave so far in the movies series.

  26. Lee

    I’ve had Pinnacle whipped cream vodka mixed with plain soda water and it’s really good. I imagine marshmallow with soda is the same. Okay, now I want marshamallow vodka. At 11:10 am.

  27. I had this Pinnacle stuff at a bar once – they were giving it out for free. The Gummy is actually good with Sprite. And they let us sample the Marshmallow with either Ginger Ale (weird, but not bad) and pineapple juice (again, not bad, but I had a sugar high after). Just some suggestions! 🙂

  28. Please do a review of all the Pinnacle flavors. I am dying to hear what the verdict is. There is too many I want to try and a bottle is a big commitment.

    I have had 5 underarm laser treatments (also purchased via Groupon) and I’m practically hair free. Love it. Maybe vodka to pre-game the treatment?

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