Just Another Manic Bunday

Someone had me a little freaked out yesterday.

Hubs fed Pants her usual lettuce and parsley breakfast in the morning. Then, a few hours later, we noticed she didn’t touch her food. When small animals don’t want to eat, it’s never a good thing. Instead she hid in her box and wouldn’t come out. 

I tried to give her a grape (her fave) and bunny yogurt treats but she didn’t want that either.  I mean, she grunts (literally), does figure-eights through my feet, and nips at my ankles if I don’t feed her fast enough, so I was worried.

All day, I was sure it was the end because I’m morbid like that. We checked her teeth to see if they were chipped (often a reason small animals stop eating). Then we tried to give her some good old fashioned lovin’ but she was having none of it. So we left her alone. Hubs and I went out to lunch, did a little shopping, and when we came back she had finally eaten her parsley. *whew* Then she slowly ate the rest of her food but it took her all day, which was weird. So, I guess she just wasn’t feeling well? Now she’s back to her normal personality, poopin’ like a champ, and licking herself like no one’s watching.

While I was out, I picked up a stuffed polar bear to cheer her up. She gave him a good sniff down and has finally welcomed him into her inappropriate stuffed animal humping family.

So, a bunny crisis was averted and I didn’t become a sobbing mess. And with that, I leave you with a bad bunny joke.

What do you call 10 rabbits walking backwards?  ——>  A receding hare line. (I’ll be here all night.)


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21 responses to “Just Another Manic Bunday

  1. Pam

    Glad she’s ok! I know how scary that is.

  2. Glad your little baby is alright. I do worry the smaller they are myself…but they can be surprising strong, too.

  3. hahahaha LAME. Did you look that one up or have it in your arsenal of bunny jokes?

  4. hahaha I kinda liked it, but I love lame jokes… I think it’s because my husband is ALWAYS coming up with lame jokes and I’ve been listening to them for so long that now I think they’re funny. Oh dear….

    Glad Pants is ok!

  5. Aww, poor little bunny. I’m glad to hear she’s ok.
    In other news, I want a bunny! Is she snuggly? I would only want a bunny if I could snuggle with it. And so I could make lame bunny jokes.

  6. Glad Bunnypants is OK 🙂 Braeden would seriously enjoy that joke – I might have to share it tonight! So basically, you’ve met your quota for 5-year old humor today.

  7. Stefanie

    Ohhh, I love that bunny of yours. She is cute, even with her tantrums. 🙂

  8. Pants! Since I can’t keep anything alive, she is my virtual pet–glad everything is A-OK!

    Not gonna lie, I giggled out loud at that joke. Probably will be telling it to everyone at Thanksgiving, too. My family thanks you.

  9. I’m glad she is better.

  10. I’m so glad she snapped out of it on her own!!! Nose bumps to the bun.

  11. So glad she’s ok! I would definitely be freaked.

  12. Awe…glad she seems to be doing better. Silly bunny!
    And the joke…oh the joke! So am using that. Often:-)

  13. oh goodness so scary! i am glad she is better!

  14. Close call! I’m a paranoid pet owner, so I’m always checking to make sure my dog is still breathing. I’m even more cray-cray now that my husband is deployed. I would die if I had to tell him that our dog went to the great dog park in the sky!*

  15. Glad she is alright!! 🙂

  16. If anything happened to Pants, I think the internet would have a nervous breakdown. Pants is the best rabbit ever. And I had a cat that was obsessed with humping a specific Beanie Baby koala. He put on quite the show for any women who came in the house. He was also anti-semitic and kept biting my mom and any other Jew that came in the house.

  17. Laurie

    Oh, so glad bunnypants is OK! That would scare me too! Love the joke………..:)

  18. Glad Pants is feeling better! It is scary when your animals don’t feel well. We took Scooter to the vet today because he’s been acting like he doesn’t feel well, and it turns out he has a yeast infection. Eeeewww.

  19. I love bunnies, except for when we stayed at our inlaws and theirs kept sneaking into the guest room and peeing and dropping nuggets all over our stuff (we had matresses on the floor). Or when as a young girl my brother fed mine to the boy down the streets hawk. Not kidding! I’m still scarred by that. Jessica


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