American Horror Story in Two Minutes (Episode: Rubber Man)

Time to recap Season 1, Episode 8.

Another good episode this week. Let’s start with the flashbacks, because there were a bunch. We start out out 6 months ago when Ben and Violet were first moving into the murder house. Nora, the abortionist’s wife, is walking around moaning and crying that she doesn’t like the style of their furniture.

Then we flashback to the first episode when Vivien has sex with the rubber man. Ben sleep walks right by him and then the rubber man takes off his mask. No big surprise. It’s Tate.

Then we flashback to the previous owners, the gay couple Chad and Patrick. Chad snoops around on Patrick’s computer and gets upset and disgusted when he finds that Patrick has been in S&M chat rooms. So naturally, Chad goes to a sex store to find a little somethin’-somethin’ that will please Patrick.

During another flashback, we see Tate as the rubber man killing Chad and Patrick. They apparently survived death by apple bobbing and were dragged to the basement where Tate shot them, making it look like a murder-suicide. And in this week’s unnecessary scene, Tate pulled down Patrick’s pants and gave him an actual fireplace poker to the ass.

Nora finds Chad and Patrick dead. Tate tells her that they were no longer going to have a baby and he would find someone else that will.

Meanwhile, in present time, Hayden approaches Nora who’s crying (again) about her baby. Hayden tells Nora she’s dead and because of the clothes she’s wearing, it happened a long time ago. She also tells her that since they’re ghosts, they can become invisible whenever they want. Finally, they conspire to each take one of Vivien’s twins because both of their babies were taken from them.

Later, the maid warns Vivien that the house is evil and suggests that she get out as soon as possible. After everything that’s been happening and then seeing the picture of the abortionist’s wife, she doesn’t take the suggestion lightly.

So Vivien and Violet pack up their things immediately. Once they get in the car, they find two of the people that held them hostage waiting for them in the back seat. Vivien and Violet both freak out, run back into the house, and call the police and the hot security guy, who gets all up in Ben’s face about him being a shitty husband.

Ben gives Vivien some sleeping pills because she’s so distraught. So, while the police are at the house, Vivien is upstairs sleeping. Hayden wakes her up and tells her that she’s dead and she going to take her twins. Then Tate shows up as the rubber man and tries to rape Vivien.

As Vivien is screaming, Ben and the police burst into the bedroom to find nothing there except a crazy Vivien babbling about Hayden being a ghost, wanting to take her babies, and rubber men trying to rape her.

Vivien thought Ben was an intruder and accidentally shot him (with a gun she stole from the realtor earlier in the day) when he burst into the bedroom. Now, Ben thinks Vivien is a danger to herself and needs professional help even though he’s seen Hayden alive after burying her under pounds of cement in the backyard. Makes sense.

Vivien asks Violet to tell the police what she saw in the back seat of the car, but she doesn’t because Tate told her to keep it to herself…right after they sealed the deal. And by deal, I mean sweet ghost lovin’.

Finally, Vivien gets taken away by the police to be “analyzed.”

  • Why do you think the maid tried to help Vivien?
  • Is Nora is the key to the house being haunted?
  • Do you think Violet is dead now? (Since the suicide attempt, Ben mentioned she hasn’t been to school for 2 weeks, she couldn’t leave the house in this episode, and Tate and her were finally able to have sex.)

P.S. Next week’s recap might be a little (or a lot) late since I’m heading to Vegas on Friday. 🙂

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18 responses to “American Horror Story in Two Minutes (Episode: Rubber Man)

  1. Holy Shit you just blew my mind with is Violet dead now.. why am I dumb and didn’t even think of that!?

  2. Violet didn’t leave the house bc Viv freaked about the ghosts in the car. Maybe she could have left. Also, Viv isn’t dead and she had ghost sex with Tate. I think Violet is still alive.

    My question – at what point do the ghosts show up after they’ve died?

    Spawn of satan coming in the next episode – can’t wait!

    How is your hair doing today ; )

  3. I am so confused. These recaps are still my favorite, though.

  4. OMG. IS Violet dead??? I never made the connection before…I can’t wait for the next episode. I liked this episode also. All the peices are starting to fall together. Maybe the maid doesn’t want Vivien to die, and end up being a ghost in the house to suffer the same fate they all are.

  5. teachprayrun

    like several people have said: holy cow! I never thought about Violet being dead now! I am obsessed with this show and can’t wait until I see the babies/spawn birth- that will be interesting to say the least! And, I thought Iolet was going to “help” Tate get to the other side by that medium woman that Constance had over before!? Just thinking…. Thanks! Great blog!

  6. I think the maid really feels bad for Vivienne. She does seem to spend a lot of time with her.

    I don’t think Violet is dead but it is an interesting theory.

    Next weeks episode looks crazy. Who doesn’t love a plot line with the Catholic Church and demonic spawn?

  7. Nora annoys the crap out of me, she needs to pull it together already and stop crying all the time.

    I thought at one point Constance said that Tate didn’t know he was a ghost, but after this last episode I think he does know… so that confuses me. As for Violet being dead or not, well, that’s a good point and now I’m not sure. I will say that at least 55+ times a day Sean walks around saying “I wanna be a pwetty girl!”, so we know what’s made the biggest impression on him thus far.

  8. Alex

    I don’t think Violet is dead, either.. although it is completely possible. Remember, just because her and Tate “sealed the deal” doesn’t mean she is dead. Vivian and Tate obviously “sealed the deal” and young Moira made some moves on Ben.. and the prospective new homeowner. These ghosts aren’t your traditional “you can’t touch me, you’re not ‘real’ people” ghosts.

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  10. After reading this, my first reaction was, “Oh my gosh, maybe Violet is dead!” But, as we say last week, they have to dispose of the dead bodies and Tate never did anything with her’s. Also, where the heck was she in this latest episode?

  11. Mz. Teri

    I don’t think Violet is dead, and actually, I don’t think she and Tate had sex. If you think back to their conversation, it seems they are talking about sex… but not necessarily about sex with each other. They *could* have been talking about each of their own first time sex experiencea. Just some food for thought. 😀


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