My Sweet New Talent

Saturday morning, I met my group for an 18 mile run. The first 16 miles were probably the best 16 miles I’ve ever run. I don’t know what has happened to the real Paula and the running Scrooge she has become, but she must have stayed home that morning. I felt awesome, my knee felt normal, my pace was good, and not even a nosedive into the sidewalk during mile 7 got me down.

After mile 16, we hit a decline to get to one of our water stops that my knee did not like. The last 2 miles were pretty rough with my knee pain back. We ran an 11:00 average pace which I’m still happy with considering we walked for about a quarter mile after I fell and my grandma runs faster than I ran those last 2 miles.

That night, hubs and I celebrated my awesome 16 miles at our friend’s (Ale and Jason) housewarming party. They had a sweet new house to show off and we had a sweet card to give them.

At the party, I discovered a new and untapped talent I didn’t know I had.

I’m not sure how I’ve lived this long without playing flip cup, but I’m finally good at something. Take that all of you with cooking skills, wonderful singing voices, and the ability to create stuff with your “imagination.” Paula has arrived!

We started with a play for team captains and the the teams were picked.

Team What the Flip Flop? won 4 out of 6 rounds. Or maybe we won 5 out of 7. The details are hazy. I do remember it was a massacre and Team Down Under did not take it well.

Tears were shed, friendships were tested, but in the end beer brought us all back together. Is there any more versatile beverage? I think not. Then, hubs and I pretended Ale and Jason’s house was a bar and didn’t leave until they started turning lights out. We’re respectful like that.

Thanks for having us over guys! We had a lot of fun. 🙂


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25 responses to “My Sweet New Talent

  1. Ouch for falling down. HAH that card is great 🙂

  2. Ok, I am such a cheater with flip cup. I don’t mean to be ….really, I just panic when I’m trying to drink the beer (which I can’t do very well anyway!) so I usually just start trying to flip the cup when it’s like 1/4 full. Cheating? Yes. Messy? Hell yes. But no one usually notices cause it’s such chaos! It’s a win-win 🙂

  3. I don’t think I know what flip cup is…

  4. Wow, flip cup, really? I didn’t know you were pledging a frat.

  5. Jason

    We had a blast with you guys, must do it again soon!

  6. Flip cup is fun! My hubs (former rugby player) and his friends seem to know all the drinking games. Those rugby players love their beer. 😉
    Congrats on your amazing 16 miles!!

  7. Lee

    I’m pretty good at flip cup myself.

  8. Excellent talent. My special talent is the ability to ignore all other things in the room when the TV is on. I’m really good at it.

  9. Welcome to the falling down club. Makes you feel super awesome, right???

    I’m so proud of your flip cup skillz. Oh yes, I went to the skills with a ‘z.’ I used to be pretty decent at beer pong, but I haven’t played a drinking game in YEARS.

    • I did feel pretty awesome. Especially with 3 other witnesses. Although, I heard for a fall it was as graceful as it could be. I think I did a little Riverdance while mid-fall.


  10. DUDE. I was a flip cup all-star in college…I’m better at that than beer pong (although I’m kickass at that, too). How did you not learn these skills at 19?

  11. I can’t believe you’ve never played flip cup!!! Does this mean you’ve never played Asshole or 3-man?

    I can’t believe you ran 18 miles this weekend. Crazy lady!

  12. I have never played any drinking games – I blame only going to a community college. I didn’t get that good college experience!

  13. That card is awesome! Nice work.

    Also, nice work on the 18 miles (aside from the falling down part).

    Flip cup star! Beer pong is my game, but I love any drinking game.

  14. 18 miles…you are a rock star!
    Now I am not a running rock star, but I was the flippy-cup rock star in college! LOVED that game…oh the memories.

  15. I am the worst flip cup player ever. It made me super popular in my fraternity.

  16. I am so jealous you can still run 18 miles!!! What are you training for right now? Nothing? Just a fun 18 mile Saturday morning run?? You are way more awesome than me.
    Also… is it terrible that I laughed when I saw your hand? I think I had the exact same booboo after one of my falls. Ha!

  17. Ohhh man, do I love flip cup. And I hear ya, it is something I’m naturally good at. The best flip cup game I have ever played was with my coworkers (including my boss) and our executive council. The pictures from that are HILARIOUS, but sadly I can’t ever do anything with them because it they got out it would be bad news. I probably shouldn’t even be talking about it. Forget you read this.

    I am in awe of anyone who runs more than 10 miles. I never thought real people to do that. You are a machine.

  18. So glad you found your hidden talent! The great thing about flip cup is everyone wins!!

  19. That’s a long run, lady! I’ve never played flip cup or veer pong, for that matter. Beer related games frighten me.*

  20. FLIP CUP! Hahaha. Flip cup and beer pong are huge here in Ontario. I’m very hit-or-miss with both, but I find that if I’m going to be good at flip cup (or awful) I’m good (or awful) for the entire night, not just the game. People either line up to be my partners or run away screaming 😉

  21. I am genuinely shocked that you weren’t already a pro! My friends and I really like ‘sudden death’ flip cup – play several rounds…the team that loses the round has to vote a player off. Try it!

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