Six Things

Time for a little bit of random since that’s what I do best. Also, I realize that’s the worst blog post title ever.

1. So, that hair thing. I decided not to go back to my stylist. I know you all said I should but I kinda agree with Verlin – I can’t sit there for another 1.5 hours much less 3.  I’ve been saying I don’t want to go back to her for the past 4 years and I keep doing it for some reason. Basically, I’d rather pay full price to get my hair done somewhere else than have her fix it for free. In the meantime, I re-cut my bangs because the highlights underneath look like crap if they are swept to the side. So until I get off my lazy ass at some point and have my hair redone, it shall look like this.

I don’t love it. I don’t hate it. However, I do look like I should be meeting up with the gang at the Peach Pit after school.

2.  I put up the Christmas tree over the weekend. It’s one of those pre-lit trees and this year hubs decided that because it has lights, it doesn’t need decorations. How do men come up with this stuff? Last time I checked, Christmas trees have both, but he purposefully left the ornaments in the attic when he got all the decorations down. Luckily, I found a few in our big box of decorations, so now our tree has about 10 ornaments on it and looks like I gave up decorating half way through.

3.  I did a little Christmas shopping this weekend. Things aren’t looking so hot for my friends and family but Christmas is looking up for me because I ended up buying 3 things for myself.

I haven’t seen any of those but I want to and they were all cheaper than a rental. Now, hopefully season 7 of Weeds will stay on Showtime On Demand long enough for me to get through Season 6.

4. Last night I ran 6 gun-free miles in 57 minutes. They felt pretty good even though I was casing old ladies and children the whole time to see if they were packing heat.

5. I found what I want for Christmas. It’s this bra from Victoria’s Secret. I hope it’s not too much.

6.  I’m pretty sure I could have written this season of Dexter since I guessed Sunday’s plot twist on the blog’s Facebook page after the second episode. I never see anything coming when it comes to plot twists, so the fact that I guessed this one makes me think some writers should be fired.

So anyone who saw that prediction or anyone who sent me scolding text messages at the end of the episode (Kim!)  – sorry about that. I swear I’m never right about this stuff!

Are you good at predicting plot twists? (I suck at it. Although, the hubs is good. He ruined Inception for me by predicting the end in the first 10 minutes.)


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22 responses to “Six Things

  1. I usually suck at movie predictions, but for some reason, M. Night Shyamalan and I seem to be on the same wavelength. I totally guessed the twist in Sixth Sense like 30 minutes in, and same thing with The Village. Can’t fool me, Shyamalan!

  2. I really like your hair. But I need more pictures to be completely sure, and trust me, you WANT my opinion.

    I’ve only seen a few white Christmas trees like that; I really like yours, but I’d be all OCD about getting the white space between ornaments perfectly spaced because I’m a psychotic freak. So good job on completing a white tree without having a breakdown, is what I’m saying.

  3. I love that white christmas tree!! So pretty!!!

    I suck at plot twists! How did the hubs guess Inception!? I was shocked at every turn. But I am easily entertained though…

  4. So glad you are switching!!!

    I am pretty good at figure out twists — but Dan is even better.

    Do you think that bra would make my boobs look like that too? I really don’t need the carats, but I would like the boobs.

  5. That’s what I was thinking. Can I have her torso, big boobs and flat stomach included?

  6. I love murder on TV too. Sometime I can guess who dun it on Law and Order but that’s mostly because they do it the same every time. It’s always the second person they interviewed, then ruled out, then gets arrested at the end.

  7. Let me know how Bride Wars is! I want to see it. At first glance, I definitely thought you wanted new boobs for Christmas. The bras cool too, though more pricey.

  8. Haha your husband cracks me up with thinking that the tree has lights so it doesn’t need decorations. Mine wouldn’t let us put up ours until this weekend, so it’s going up on Sunday!

    ps- I am glad you had a gun free run 🙂

  9. I am absolutely horrible at guessing the ending of things. In fact, in the few occasions I have been able to guess correctly my husband and I agree that they made it entirely too obvious.

  10. Atleast you decorated half of your tree. I’m pretty sure I’m not putting one up. Ellie would be too excited to eat the ornaments. I like your bangs!! I said for about 3 years that I wasn’t going back to my hair stylist and when she “accidentally” cut off about 6 inches of my hair because she was looking at herself in the mirror instead of looking at my hair while she cut. GRRRRRRRR. I guess I learned the hard way. Now I LOVE ym stylist…even though I never actually “style” my hair. Oops. Lazy.

  11. I am usually pretty terrible at predicting plot twists (except in RL Stine and Christopher Pike novels), and I am SO GLAD you didn’t reveal Dexter’s!!! I haven’t seen Sunday’s episode yet because this week has been nutso and I’m pumped to watch it.

    That bra looks itchy.

    I think your hair looks pretty sexy Brenda.

  12. I am NOT good at figuring out plot twists, but my friend is. She totally ruined The Sixth Sense for me. In the first 10 minutes she was like “I think Bruce Willis is dead” (yeah, sorry to whoever never saw that movie, he’s dead), so I went the whole movie thinking that he was dead and was then thoroughly disappointed when that was the thrilling climax of the movie. Meh.

  13. The thing is, no one would say you ruined the ending if you’d been wrong, so people should bitch less. And good luck on the bra. Do they actually sell them or do they take it apart and use the stones for next year? My friend works at VS corporate, so I’ll have to ask her.

  14. I hear the megaburgers are good. At the Peach Pit that is. 😉

  15. I just ordered season 4 of dexter….and I’m strangely excited. So, I will not be perusing through the facebook page or reading your blog if you start discussing it. Also, I bought $6 more worth of stuff off of amazon just to get the free shipping (dexter was $19). Is that pathetic?

  16. I almost DIED at the Peach Pit part. Ahahahahaha. My stomach still kinda hurts. *I* quite like your bang.
    I have always the hate the idea of fake trees. And trees that aren’t green. I think your picture changed my mind. Your pre-lit white tree is kinda rockin’. Your husband is HILARIOUS with that no-decorations-needed thing. *Shakes head* The ribbon, I think, saved you. It takes up a lot of space, so you don’t need lots of other stuff. Some more hanging things won’t hurt though.

    Weeds – LOVE.

    That bra – WOW.

  17. Psh, I knew the professor was dead from the start. This season is definitely not the best. They just signed on for two more seasons though! I’m waiting for Deb to find out about Dexter’s dark passenger.

  18. Random humor IS what you do best 🙂 Your Peach-Pit twin cracked me up!

  19. Verlin

    I am so glad you couldn’t see my two-day-no-wash-with-two-workouts-under-my-belt hair when you decided to agree with my advice. I think your hair looks great dark, with slightly random colours. As my husband says when something goes wrong with a renovation – turn a f-up into a feature. I think your f-ed up hair is a feature!

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