American Horror Story in Two Minutes (Episode: Birth)

It’s time to recap Season 1, Episode 11. Next week is the season finale, although this episode really seemed like a finale. Am I right or am I right?

This one starts off in 1984 when Tate was a little boy. While playing, he ends up in the basement looking for a toy when the abortionist’s freaky sewn-together baby thing tries to attack him.

The abortionist’s wife (Nora) intervenes and tells Tate if her son bothers him again to close his eyes and tell him to go away and he will. Then Nora gives Tate some ghost hugs and Tate tells Nora he wishes that she was his mom.

Back to present time.

Tate finds Nora in one of the bedrooms doing what she does in every episode – crying about her damn baby. We find out that Tate got Vivien pregnant for Nora (!!). Tate tells Nora that things have changed, that he’s in love with Violet now, and she can’t take Vivien’s baby. Nora assures him she’s still taking that baby.

Later, Tate and Violet find Chad and Patrick decorating the nursery.

Hayden wants a baby too. So does Constance. Everybody be wantin’ babies!

Violet is worried about her mom now that she knows Chad and Patrick are a threat to the twins. So Violet does something selfless for once and enlists the help of Constance and the psychic to get rid of them.

The psychic talks a bunch of smack about the house being evil and that each person that dies in it just fuels the house’s energy. (She also senses Violet is dead and talks to her telepathically briefly.) Tate listens at the door, but the psychic wants him gone before she says anything else. Once Tate leaves, she tells Violet that she needs to get an important personal belonging from each ghost, burn those items, and say a specific word to make them vanish.

Tate tries to help Violet out by stealing Patrick’s ring using the old I’ll-seduce-you-so-you-will-beat-me-up-and-I-can-get-close-enough-to-take-your-ring maneuver. The seduction didn’t work, but the ass-kicking did. Patrick got pissed at Tate for killing him and making him spend eternity with Chad. Chad overhears Patrick and now he doesn’t want those babies so much anymore. So finicky! Tate still got the ring.

Afterwards, Chad finds Violet burning his watch in the basement. When Violet sees him, she says the magic word given to her by the psychic and it doesn’t work. So Chad takes the opportunity to mock her and then tell her that Tate killed both him and Patrick and raped her mother. Ouch.

Ben wants Violet to accompany him to the hospital while they pick up Vivien. Violet pleads with Ben that she can’t go but he drags her to the car anyway.

As he drives off, she disappears from the back seat. And Ben is still oblivious.

At the hospital, while Vivien is being discharged, the doctor tells Ben that Vivien may need an emergency C-section because one of the babies is growing much faster and taking all the nutrients from the other baby. He’s ready to be born now. Vivien just wants to hop a plane to Florida to get away from the house and have the babies there.

Ben reluctantly agrees with Vivien, so they drive to the house to pick up Violet to get the eff outta Dodge. Vivien waits in the car while Ben confronts Violet on why she didn’t go to the hospital and she finally tells him that she’s dead and can’t leave the house. Then, Vivien goes into labor.

(I want you to know how hard it was not to put a caption on that picture.)

Constance shows up while she’s getting out of the car and brings her into the house against her wishes. Then, all the medically inclined ghosts show up to help her give birth. While Ben thinks this is weird, Constance assures him that the house is trying to help them and to let it happen.

After a lot of screaming on Vivien’s part and freaking out on Ben’s part, the first smaller baby is stillborn.

Nora swoops in and cradles that one like she’s won the baby jackpot.

Finally, the second (evil?) baby is born. Constance swoops in and takes her grandson. After the evil baby is born, Vivien starts hemorrhaging. Ben begs her to stay with him and tells her they can be happy again. Violet begs her to let go so they can be together in the afterlife. So she does. And Ben is left alone in the world of the living.

After Vivien dies, Violet finds Tate upstairs in her bedroom. She confronts him about all the horrible things he’s done. He tells her that he’s changed since they’ve met, while doing some grade A tug-at-your-heart-strings crying. Violet tells Tate she knows he’s changed, that she loves him, but they can never be together. Then she screams for him to go away and he disappears.

And in a touching scene, Vivien witnesses the exchange between Violet and Tate and tells her how brave she was to stand up to him. Violet apologizes to her mom because she lost her baby and Vivien tells her she hasn’t lost her baby. Then they hug it out ghost-style.

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11 responses to “American Horror Story in Two Minutes (Episode: Birth)

  1. Kim

    Cable Guy!!! Love it!

  2. I really liked this episode but it was just so wrong. I cannot even imagine what the 90 minute finale will be like. All hell breaking loose while everyone fights over the anti-christ?

    I do like that they are killing off main characters, you rarely see that on American TV and it keeps viewers on their toes.

    • Yes! And I read a Ryan Murphy interview that said we’ll figure out where they are going for season 2 in the last episode, so I’m sure it’s a partial set-up for that too.


  3. I cannot wait to see the season finale next week! It’s going to be amazing!!! Your recap continues to be one of my top three blogs that I look forward to every week!

  4. Laurie

    I can’t wait to see what happens next week!!!

  5. I absolutely love these recaps…And I’m totally glad you pointed out that the creepy basement dweller is Nora’s sewn-together-monster-son. Not sure how I missed that one on my own…but he is certainly one CREEPY mamma jamma!

    This season has definitely taken a turn I never expected (um, hello “Violet, you actually died…you’re a ghost…here is your corpse…” I totally didn’t see that one coming.) I can’t even imagine what the finale is going to have in store for us!

  6. Yep. This was a good one. Surpasses last week’s as my new fave.

  7. What on earth could be left for the finale next week? I wonder which actors will actually be back next season.

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