American Horror Story in Two Minutes (Episode: Afterbirth)

Time to recap Season 1, Episode 12 (season finale).

This time we start out 9 months ago when Vivien is about to leave Ben. Ben begs her to start over with him and he wants her to check out a great house he found on the market where he thinks they’ll have a good chance of starting over and being happy.

While Ben is trying to convince Vivien to stay with him, we get flashes of the horrible things that have happened since they moved in, serving as a gruesome reminder that Ben is terrible at picking houses.

Back to present time.

Ben is alone in the house, calling out for his dead wife, but he can’t find her.

Later, Constance watches the anti-Christ baby for Ben while he’s at Vivien’s funeral. When Ben picks up the baby afterwards, he notices the picture of Tate and Addie in the kitchen. Ben finally realizes Tate is dead. It’s obvious Constance wants to keep the baby but Ben insists on taking him. As he’s leaving, Constance tells Ben not to go back into the house because of all the spirits that mean the baby harm. Constance tells Ben he’s an ignorant fool if he thinks he can live in that house after all he’s seen. Then, Ben has a few choice words for Constance.

Ben and the anti-Christ baby return to the murder house. As Ben is feeding the baby in the kitchen, Vivien and the maid are standing next to him but Ben can’t see them. Vivien tells the maid that she and Violet agreed not to show themselves to Ben because he would stay in the house and she wants him and the baby to get as far away from the house as possible.

Later, Ben attempts to kill himself to join Vivien and Violet.

Vivien and Violet finally appear to him and convince him that he shouldn’t kill himself and needs to leave the house and raise the baby somewhere safe.

Ben goes upstairs to pack his bags and as he’s leaving, Hayden and the home invasion ghosts intercept. They grab him, rope him to the chandelier, and hang him before he has a chance to leave.

Now everybody’s dead! Except Constance, of course. Ben doesn’t seem to mind being dead because he’s back together with Vivien and Violet and the anti-Christ baby wasn’t his anyway. Vivien also seemed to forget about devil baby real fast and no one seemed to mind when Constance showed up and took the baby to raise for herself.

After Ben died, the house went up for sale and was bought by another couple with a son.  During the first night, the ghosts were haunting the new owners, like whoa. Ben and Vivien realized that they couldn’t let what happened to them happen to the new people, so they got in on the haunting. Nothing like Vivien disemboweling Ben and Ben shooting Vivien point blank and then not dying from those wounds to tell the new couple they needed to get out.

While Vivien and Ben are making the new couple crap their pants in the basement, Tate tries to kill their son so Violet wouldn’t be alone now that they’ve broken up. But Violet stopped Tate by distracting him with a steamy goodbye kiss. Then Violet told Tate goodbye and he cried some more. And you all know how much I love a good Tate-cry.

The new couple rounded up their son and hightailed it out of the house wearing nothing but their PJs. Then Vivien and Ben agreed that they will keep anyone else from moving in.

Later, Vivien finds Nora in the basement. Turns out the stillborn baby lived for a short while after its birth so the baby’s ghost is alive and well. Only Nora can’t stand that the baby cries all the time and doesn’t think she’s cut out for motherhood. See Nora? It wasn’t fun when you cried all the time either.

Vivien takes the baby and gets to raise her (non-devil) child afterall. She even asks the maid to be godmother.

Later, Ben confronts Tate about his crimes and Tate confesses to them all. He was faking ignorance the whole time but now is truly sorry for what he’s done. MOAR crying! Ben isn’t as impressed with Tate’s crying as I am.

Toward the end, the family and the maid get ready for Christmas. They decorate a Christmas tree together that Ben chopped down himself. You’re a ghost Ben, where’d you chop down that tree? Que a holiday family scene where they all find happiness together only in death. We also discover that Violet does in fact have teeth.

Meanwhile, Tate and Hayden look on at the happy family scene and Tate vows to wait for Violet forever. He’ll probably be waiting a long time, because next season has a new family and new location. Sorry, Tate.

Flash forward 3 years

While Constance is getting her hair done, she yaps on and on to her hairdresser about how hard her life is and how it was all worth it because she has finally found meaning in it by raising her anti-Christ grandson.

After the hair appointment, she comes home to find blood streaking the walls. She follows the blood smears upstairs to her grandson’s bedroom where she finds the nanny brutally murdered in a pool of blood while the anti-Christ toddler looks on with a smile.

What did you all think of the finale? (I was unimpressed last night but the more I think about it today, the more I like it.)

What questions weren’t answered that you wish were? (I want to know why the maid aged when she died young. And where were the baby’s hooves from the sonogram?)


Ryan Murphy (the show’s creator) confirmed Season 2 will have new characters and a new location and that if any actors return, they will be playing different characters.

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6 responses to “American Horror Story in Two Minutes (Episode: Afterbirth)

  1. i really wasn’t sure what to think about the finale last night. and then they showed the ending where the baby killed the maid and i was like, oh snap! that helped a bit.

    yeah i have the same questions as you. also, i can’t stand the realtor. she is so oblivious that every single person dies that lives there! and when ben said he chopped down the tree himself, i almost died laughing! yeah, he’s a ghost. good luck with that one bud

    but overall, i liked it. i can’t wait for next season though! new house AND new family. works for me 🙂

  2. I was SO unimpressed with the finale! I thought the whole first half was like watching stuff go down in a horribly cheesy B-movie. I wish they would have done more with the storyline of Constance and the “Spawn”.

    Like you, I question why the maid can shift from being old to young. Also, why can Ben/Vivian/Violet change clothes…but the rest of the ghosts are stuck in one outfit for eternity?

  3. Kitty Softpaws

    I am SO DISSATISFIED with the last 2 episodes. I really LOVE this show the best creepy show in a long time with funny moments (like Fire-Man whacking Hayden with the shovel out of now where, and Tate in the finale saying ‘could you just turn around, and maybe stop talking,…because his dead meds were working and he had a sense of right and wrong!)…Anyway…Viv having the baby and then the extra 10 minutes from the finale (w/AC 3yr old) seemed to me like a Series Finale rather than a season finale. I think they really jumped boat on this one. Of course I will watch the next season, at least for a while. Looking forward to seeing the next naked man (really wish Viv and the hot security guard had a longer fling!)!! Like the original post, the main question I have is about Moira…horny men see her as young & hot and everyone else like she would have aged. Only clue there is from when Moira is talking to Viv when she threatened sexual harassment by Ben…her comment was something about knowing men see what they want to see….hmmm.

    Love your blog almost as much as the show!….keep filling us in!

  4. Kitty Softpaws

    Ben and Viv are going to be holding that baby and changing diapers for eternity….really!

  5. I had the exact same question about the maid. And I’m wondering why I didn’t have that question sooner. I thought the finale had elements of schmaltz (the Christmas scene, for real?), slowness (the Tate/Ben scene) and then a little creepiness ( the last 10 seconds). OH, and a little Beetlejuice mixed in (new family). I feel like they kind of screwed this show up. It would have been SO much better if they let the Harmons live in the house for a full season before they figured out what the house was all about. Prolong the spookiness and mystery. And then the finale could have been where they find out the secret of the house. I should totally write this show. Not sure how I feel about a whole new family and house. And where am I going to get my Dylan McDermott fix??

  6. And why do some of the ghosts show how they died (the teenagers with gun wounds) and why do others not? So many things. Thank God for your recaps or I would be doubly lost. Bless you Paula, bless you.

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