So Long, Piggy

As I was leaving work yesterday, I got a text from the hubs that the pig was still outside. So on the way home, I was planning our photo shoot and our new life together in my mind. I got home 15 minutes after hubs, ran my ass  over to the neighbors to claim my big pig…and he was gone. Just like that.

Goodbye sweet piggy. We could have been something.

After yelling at hubs for not getting the pig when he got home, he asked me what I was going to do with a gigantic stuffed animal. I didn’t really think that one through since I wasn’t interested in rational decisions. Anyway, it’s probably for the best. Or so he says.

After the pig ordeal, I texted Linda (my personal trainer) to see if she wanted to meet up for a run. Right now, Linda is feeling fat so she’s on a mission to lose the 10lbs she gained over the past several months. By the way, this is what Linda looks like when she “feels” fat.

Yeah, I hate her too. You should see her pictures when she did competitive body building. Some things in life are not fair. She is one of them.

Anyway, when Linda gets serious about working out, I get a running buddy back! We haven’t run together much since we trained for the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon together over a year ago.

(That’s my all-time favorite medal by the way. It’s a surf board magnet and bottle opener.)

We headed out to the scene of the almost crime and ran 4 miles at a 9:51 pace. Now if I could only shave 51 seconds off that pace…

The last 1/10th of a mile, we sprinted between a 6:30-7:00 pace and it suuuucked. I could have used about 5 more lungs to suck in oxygen and maybe an extra hand to slap myself so I never do that again. I really need to get back into speed work.

What type of runs work best for you to increase speed?


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20 responses to “So Long, Piggy

  1. Melissa H.

    Your posts about this pig really brighten up my morning. Btw I love your blog and the fun optimistic tone you take with the posts. It’s a great blog to read!

  2. Oh, Piggy! At least you’ll always have your sweeeet memorieeeees (Yes, I am singing I Will Always Love You).

    Hmmm . . . speed. I think intervals and (sorry) tempo runs really helped me get faster. Oh, and that stupid strength training stuff. But you already do that. Now that I’m thinking about it, it’s not just intervals, but probably longer distance intervals–like mile repeats. But it’s weird because now that it “clicked” for me, it’s almost effortless. So super weird. And I kind of hate myself for saying that, but it’s true.

    • I was afraid someone was going to say longer distance intervals. It just had to be you, didn’t it? Alright, I’m gonna try it out! (Nicely done on the song. Now all I can think of is The Bodyguard.)


  3. Lindsay

    I ran the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon this year and that’s definitely my favorite medal too! Can you believe it was bigger this year though?? Same medal just like 3 inches longer and wider lol It’s currently stuck to my fridge

  4. I hope Piggy found a good home!

    Treadmill intervals work best for me to increase speed and its something that I plan to focus on this winter to prep for my spring races

    • That’s what I did last year and it really helped. So there will definitely be a lot of that going on as well. Although, I don’t think you have much of a choice in the winter than to use the treadmill unless you want to slip on the ice. 🙂


  5. These pig posts are cracking me up!!

    Meh speedwork. I’ve been doing mile repeats and tempo runs. It’s hard and not fun but effective.

  6. Awww I hope the pig found a good home!

  7. Fartleks are my favorite speed work out. Mostly because I like to say fartlek.*

  8. Verlin

    I’m a little late commenting on the hair … but, are you glad you waited until you couldn’t stand it anymore? By doing that you probably weren’t quite so pi$@ed about wasting 3 more hours! Sorry you had to endure bad hair in the meantime. Your posts are great. You and the pig could have been very happy together, but alas, it was not meant to be. If you stop looking and just “live” another stuffed mammal will surely make its way into your life.

  9. Verlin

    PS – I am trying to increase speed by (this sucks) – losing weight. Some lbs have slowly crept onto me and they are seriously slowing me down. Other than that, sprinting from one telephone pole to another, then recovering – about as much fun as losing weight.

    • I’m definitely glad I waited on the hair. I wasn’t even mean to the new hairdresser, so that’s a plus! 🙂 And I was worried about that. I am 10lbs heavier now than I was last year. I was just in denial about that and the speed correlation. If I get super skinny and am still slow, I’m going to blame you.

      • Verlin

        Ha, ha – I’ll take the blame on that one. A personal trainer tested my body fat two weeks ago. Results were SCARY. The regular old BMI chart has me at 24. She calculated me at 33.42% body fat. WHAT??!?!?! – that is over 1/3 fat. Damn these small bones of mine. The hard number has me scared straight. She gave me a goal of 29% in 3 months, 26% in 6 and 21% in 9. I am determined to get to the 3 month goal (one goal at a time). Mexico next week – lots ofSkinny Bitches (vodka and diet coke) for me.

  10. Okay that surfboard medal is the coolest. I might actually consider running for longer than about two seconds at a time if it means I can get a medal like that! Bummer about the pig, it could have been awesome. Or not…whatever.

  11. I want that medal. It had me at ‘bottle opener’- it’s really something I can’t have enough of. That is one hell of a sprint at the end btw. I like to do rolling hills…me and sprinting get into some gnarly fights.

  12. Oh no! I am so sad for you about the pig! I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. I can just picture the beautiful pig relationship montage you were having in your head. Possibly set to Wouldn’t It Be Nice from the Beach Boys…

    And I would run a marathon for a medal with a built-in bottle opener.

  13. I’m really sad about the pig. I feel like you would have done great things with that guy.
    As for speed, I have no idea. I got waaaay slower training for the marathon… So any tips would be appreciated.

  14. Will run for bottle opener. Will run for beer. Will run for chocolate ….the list is endless. Great blog.

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