Things I Do While Sitting on My Butt

I saw Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Sunday night (which was apparently my non-anniversary).

I loved it. On the way to the theatre, hubs told me the movie was 2 hours and 38 minutes long which almost made me turn around and go home. I swear my movie attention span is around an hour and 50 minutes until I get so uncomfortable in the seat that both of my ass cheeks start going numb and I get antsy because I can’t stretch out my 5’9” body.

I saw the second Harry Potter in the theatre and vowed to never see another long movie in the theatre again. Now, all Harry Potter movies are watched at home over a 2-day span. The point of telling you all this is that the movie didn’t feel like it was almost 3 hours long. Even with the 20 minutes of trailers beforehand. And if you are one of the few people that haven’t seen it yet, it’s so worth it. And this is coming from someone who hasn’t seen the foreign version of the movie or read the book. And hates long movies.

If you’re looking for alternative movie posters to capture your interest because me telling you the movie is awesome doesn’t do it, maybe this will work for you.


I also watched Fright Night recently. The new one. Not the one from the 80’s.

Is that a Canadian movie? What’s with the spelling of neighbor? Anyway, I thought it was pretty entertaining. It’s funny and gory and I like funny and gory. I can’t stand Colin Farrell either, so it helped that he played the bad guy. Just know that I have a really low threshold for horror movies and ones that everyone in the world might hate, I will like. Go forth and see this movie with caution.

Hubs and I took a short break from watching Mad Men and started watching Homeland.

We’re 5 episodes in and sweet kitten dumplings Claire Danes is good in that show. I never would have picked her for that type of character, but man, she is great. Hubs compared the show to a more believable 24, which I think is what makes it so good. It seems like it could really happen and it’s really interesting. Anyone else watching this?

And since I obviously don’t watch enough stuff already, I watched the series premiere of House of Lies.

It’s on Showtime and is a comedy about a management consultant firm. I actually didn’t care what it was about because Kristen Bell is in it and I would have her babies if she let me. She’s great of course and I’m not just saying that cuz we’re besties.

I’m not sure I’m sold on the show yet though. Don Cheadle plays a womanizer which I can’t really get into. Not the character so much, but him playing it. I’d rather see him as a nice guy saving children in Rwanda or some crap. Also, they pause the action a lot so he can talk to the audience and explain what’s happening. It gets a little old because it happens so much, so maybe they’ll tone that down in future episodes. I’ll keep watching for awhile and see if it gets better.

What are you watching now?


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34 responses to “Things I Do While Sitting on My Butt

  1. I need to see Dragon tattoo! I’m currently reading the third book but I still don’t think the trilogy is quite as great as every says– I like the story but don’t like the writing style…..which I guess means maybe I’d love the movie?!

  2. LMAO to that movie poster. CAT! By the way – DC looks much better in that poster than he does in the one I posted.

    Speaking of spelling — do you usually spell “theater” using the British “theatre”? How fancy of you 🙂

    • Hee! Yes, I do. Because British people are awesome. And also because the movie theatre I worked at for years spelled it that way and now it’s weird when I see it the other way. 🙂


  3. “saving children in Rwanda or some crap”

    Nice. Your Nobel Prize is in the mail.

    You should totally see the original Swedish Dragon Tattoo, at least the first one.

  4. Yeah, my movie time limit is right around the 90 minute mark, so Disney films typically work out great for me. I watched The Town the other night, which was like 2.5 hours long and then gave myself a trophy afterwards for being so well behaved during the entire thing.

  5. Katie G

    Noomi Rapace was amazing in the original–haven’t seen the new one yet.

  6. Becky

    Funny cuz I liked the new Fright Night more bc it was so funny, ridiculous, and gory too. 🙂 I haven’t seen any of the others, so that is all. 🙂

  7. Love, love, LOOOOOVE “Homeland.” It has now eclipsed Dexter as the best show on Showtime. I meant to watch the new show this week but forgot. Thanks for the reminder. Claire Danes does crazy so good. When you’re done with the show, you have to go to Grantland to read the recaps. I don’t want to send them to you b/c I don’t want you to accidentally see any spoilers!

    • You’re talkin’ crazy talk with that Dexter comparison there. I dunno. I’ll have to decide a few more episodes in. 🙂


      • I know. But they’re different good. This season of Dexter didn’t leave me all anxious and tense each episode. But almost every episode of Homeland had me on the edge of my seat, like previous seasons of Dexter did.

        And p.s. I echo the comments that you need to see the Swedish version of Tattoo. I’ve read the first two books and watched the first two movies. I still need to read the third, watch the third Swedish film and then see the American version. That’s a lot of Lisbeth.

  8. Mz. Teri

    I watched the first 5 or 6 episodes of Homeland when it first started because I had free Showtime at the time… but then the free trial period ran out and I haven’t been able to watch it since, and I’m too cheap (aka, poor) to pay extra for those types of chanels. I really liked the episodes I saw, mostly because I love me some Damian Lewis! I discovered his likability when he was in the NBC series “Life”… miss that show.

  9. We just watched the finale of Homeland last night and it was awesome!!! I thought Claire Danes was a weird pick for the character, but wait until the couple last episodes and she plays her character so well! Love that show.

    I have seen the Swedish version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo without reading the books and really liked it. Curious to see if I will like the American version.

    Ps- no making fun of Canadians! We have feelings too okay?

  10. The cat poster sold me. 🙂

  11. I can’t handle even the littlest bit of gore or scary stuff (except for the Are You Afraid of the Dark reruns I’m watching). But I am right there with you on the length of movies. I hate seeing movies in the theater period, but they can be more than 90 minutes or so unless they are very, very good!

  12. I’ve heard really good things about Homeland. I need to check it out. Since I started studying, I feel so out of it when it comes to TV shows. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my current shows, which are really just Revenge, Once Upon a Time and Castle until Suits comes back.

  13. House of Lies I feel the same way about! I just don’t think Don Cheadle plays that character well. I don’t think we will watch it again!
    And now I feel like I should see Homeland as you are the third person who said it’s good!

  14. I’m still jealous that you got to meet Kristen Bell. I will watch anything she’s in, even When in Rome. And Colin Farrell is hot, even if he is kind of douchey.

  15. Well helloooo new header! I love the “The name seemed like a good idea at the time” bahaha. I don’t know if you saw my comment about that, but at least you have Watch! No one else has watch. This makes you original.
    Also, happy 10 year anniversary! I read that post on my phone and it would have been super annoying to comment. But you guys are ridic cute. Lovers in a dangerous time for sure.

    A few rando thoughts… I heard TGWTDT book wasn’t the greatest, but I am intrigued to see the movie so I’m happy to hear you liked it. I also have a really bad attention span for movies. And I am also 5’9!
    I hope you stole a lock of Kristen’s hair or something.

    To finish my novel, I would like to say that I am between shows right now. I’m waiting patiently for the Walking Dead and Breaking Bad to start again. I’m watching The Bachelor, but it’s just a time killer 😉

  16. My husband messaged me online to tell me that I should start watching Homeland. No “i miss you”… just “go watch Homeland.” Hah!

  17. Homeland is amazing! Every episode is a good one and full of excitement.

    I recorded House of Lies but haven’t watched it yet. I try to give new shows on HBO/Showtime one or two episodes because they are usually so good. Plus there is much less of a time commitment with their typical 13 episode seasons.

  18. Right now I am watching “Project Runway; All Stars” and I am dying over these crazy personalities from various seasons all together.

  19. i agree, i’m really bad about sitting still for that long. we just saw Mission impossible because d wanted to and it was good,but i was like OHHH i need to move!!

  20. I love that you love to watch things. I’m just starting to read Dragon Tattoo, and then I’ll go see the film if I’m not still intimidated as hell by Lisbeth.

    Other stuff I’m currently watching/waiting for on Netflix: Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men (we got cable installed Monday more or less to watch Season 5 when it starts), The League, Dexter, Parenthood. Too much good stuff out there!

  21. I’m with you – my attention span is about 2 hours for movies. And, my husband has this annoying new habit where he wants to watch movies every night. I’m a freak & don’t like to watch movies during the week – only on weekends. I hate getting sucked in & then having to pause it until the next day. Makes me crazy. I’d rather watch a 1 hour show (Hawaii 5-0, so I can drool over that you cute Alex Loughlin or whatever). Yum.

  22. I almost never go to the theater because I can’t sit for that long or stretch out all measly 5′ 5″ of me. I think I’m too much of a wimp for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I heard it was scary, and I can’t do scary.

    I’ve been watching Once Upon a Time (still eh), Castle, Parenthood, and Gossip Girl (because I’m shameless like that). I saw Young Adult, but didn’t love it. Pretty depressing, actually.

  23. Lee

    My husband has been obsessed with watching The League so I’ve been watching it here and there with him. It’s pretty funny.

  24. I didn’t read the book but I watched the swedish version ( i think it was swedish?) and that movie was disturbing!
    We’ve watched scattered episodes of Homeland and totally love it!

  25. Verlin

    My husband just read the book and now he is insisting we go to the movie. I read the book when it first came out and was kind of “myeh” about it. That movie better be good. I fall asleep in about 50% of movies – 100% if they are animated! How did your body composition testing go?

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