Running Shall Love Me Again

Yesterday, I had my running gait analyzed. A couple of you asked how I did it and Ricole asked if I went to a Physical Therapist. I didn’t go to a PT but that’s one way you can do it. You can also go to a Podiatrist, like my friend Michelle. Both are probably more thorough analyses than what I got.

I went to Fleet Feet Sports, which is a place that does gait analysis for free. Basically, they put you on a treadmill and film you running at your normal pace (I picked a 9:30 pace) for about 45 seconds from this viewpoint.

Then they play back the video in slow motion to see how your feet hit the treadmill. They can recommend proper shoes from there.

I found out that I overpronate slightly with my right foot. My left foot is more neutral, but I strike on the outer edge of my foot and then try to correct it once my full foot hits the ground.

You can also get a general idea of how your foot hits the ground by how the tread wears on your shoes. (I brought in a pair with 600 miles and a pair with 300 miles, but they don’t they don’t necessarily need your old shoes to do the analysis.)

If you have a neutral running gait, all your muscles line up properly from your foot up to your neck. But if you over or underpronate, it causes improper alignment and can cause foot, ankle, knee, hip, lower back, spinal, and neck pain.


Until now, I’ve been wearing neutral running shoes which doesn’t do me any favors since I’m not a neutral runner. I tried on a few different shoes and insoles that the girl recommended and tested them out by running up and down the sidewalk in the shopping plaza – in jeans and a long sleeve shirt. After looking like a fool to at least three families and two hot guys, I settled on some new stability shoes – the Brooks Trance 11’s.

Stability shoes don’t fix the problem, but they help with it. For what I just paid, I think they should give me a back rub and tell me I look pretty.

I also bought some insoles (which Fleet Feet shave down to fit your shoe). They help keep your feet in place better than the factory insoles. Those aren’t cheap either, but they made a big difference in the Brooks for me.

I came really close to getting another pair of Mizunos (my shoe love) but the Brooks felt a little better. I’m kinda freaked out to be moving to a new brand of shoe. My feet and Mizunos have been a power couple for years.

These are the stability Mizunos I almost bought and now that I don’t have them, I kinda want them.

They are so ugly. But for some reason, I am drawn to them. I want to get a whole purple zebra striped unitard and wear it with those shoes.

Anyway, my thighs are super sore today so I hope my new shoes help out with all the random pain I’ve been having. I’m supposed to only run a few miles at a time to get used to the insoles so hopefully I can still wear them for my half marathon in two weeks. If the new shoes don’t help, I’m going to change the name of my blog to Eat: Watch: Cry.


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35 responses to “Running Shall Love Me Again

  1. I wanted the Trances pretty badly bc they were cushier than the Adrenalines. But my wallet preferred the Adrenalines plus inserts. Howeverrrrrrr, the new Trances have way better colors than the Adrenalines so I may have to consider switching when the time comes.

    Enjoy the new shoes, hope the Brooks work out for you and you go back to running pain-free in no time 🙂

  2. I have owned Brooks shoes before, and I loved them! Sauconys just fit me a big better so they’ve been my go-to shoe for the last few years. I hope your new shoes help with the pain!

  3. I have often thought about getting my gait checked out – the only time someone will be “checking me out” as I wildly and sweatily run.

  4. I used to love my Mizunos but now I’m a Brooks girl through and through. I hope they work out well for you.. having a good pair of shoes makes so much difference.

  5. Jason Gaines

    Thanks to my loving wife giving me a $100 gift card to Fleet Feet I will be heading there within the next two weeks to do the same thing you did….hopefully my fat ass doesn’t break the treadmill :).

  6. I really, really need to go to one of these stores to get my running gait checked out! My shoes just aren’t cutting it anymore!


  7. I so hope the shoes help you!!! I really need to do this, too, but I’m always worried about being in an over-supportive shoe (because I have to worry about something!). Also, I am so committed to Adidas, it’s not even funny. I got shoes from a fancy running store about a year and a half ago based on their recommendation, and I ended up taking them back because they made my feet feel funny when I ran. I tried another non-Adidas brand, but those went back, too. Adidas foreverrrrrrrr!!!!

  8. purple striped zebra unitard? daaaamn girl you are gonna look HOT!
    haha kidding.
    I didnt know fleet feet did that! I had my feeet analyzed about a year ago (just by a machine, not actually in movement/running) and they recommended a stability type shoe for me as well which did seem to help greatly!

  9. Just one comment on this post….I really hope that is not your still shot as those legs are hairy! And I might feel really bad now if those are actually your legs….

    Hopefully this helps and the new shoes make running a dream!

  10. Omg I overpronate SO badly…when I watch myself in the mirror at the gym I wonder how I can ever call myself a ‘runner’ because I look so dumb.

    I’ve been wearing Asics Gel Kayanos for a few years now (after my love affair with Mizunos ended when I began having knee pain) and they’re super stable because they come up higher in the back and on the sides. Obvi now I’ve got the special orthotics, which I’m hoping helps, but after going to the PT, I’ve learned that it will help immensly if I strengthen my hips…so start doing hip stuff!
    I’m excited to hear your reviews on the Brooks shoes…I’ve never worn them. If they cost half my paycheck, they better be good!

  11. I hope this helps! I have thought about getting my gait checked, even though I don’t really run, because I’m super curious if I should be getting better shoes. Well, I know I should since I buy all of my shoes at Wal-Mart, but I don’t think I actually exercise hard enough to justify the cost.

  12. Good luck with your new shoes! I do the same thing when I run and Track Shack set me up with some New Balances. They also recommended the Brooks when I was there. I hope you like them!

  13. Sounds very thorough! I hope these shoes do the trick. After all that analysis, I’ll be surprised if there is no improvement.*

  14. I’m glad you found some shoes…hope they make you feel great and by that way tell you that you are pretty! 😉 If I ever get back into “running” again…and pain strikes…I’ll be curious how my gait is…I was fine for all the 5ks I did the end of 2010…but when I keep trying…I always get shin not sure what’s up with that. I even bought BRAND NEW shoes to see if that was it…but, I can’t say I’ve used them enough to start blaming me or the OLD shoes. I think the shoes you bought are stylish, too. Too funny that you love those purple zebra ones…who knows you might go back for them later! 😉 And if you do, and then wear that purple zebra unitard, YOU HAD BETTER POST A PICTURE!

  15. This is vair interesting. I have never had my gait analyzed and I wonder if my running is doing anything janky to my body. But I know all my shoes wear out HUGE on the outer edges of my feet, so I have a feeling something is up. I don’t usually run more than 5k though, so probably not the biggest issue for me.
    I actually thought the picture on the treadmill was you for a sec, I was gonna say dannnnng you are a hairy minx 😉

  16. Stefanie

    I keep telling myself I should have a gait analysis done. It seems worth it. But then I will be sucked into buying 5 pairs of new shoes.

  17. Shoes that are appropriate for your stride and good insoles seriously make all the difference. You’re probably going to cut an hour off your half marathon time, dude! And purple zebras sound pretty 🙂

  18. I love the Trances. I used to use Adrenalines, but the extra cushion in the Trances helped with my sore feet on long runs. I hope they grow on you!

  19. Really great post – that was really interesting! Hopefully those shoes help you. Did they seem actually knowledgeable / did they know what they were talking about? I would love to do those real gait analysis that Harvard (am I making that up?) or real places that pros go to do, with the things that measure where you put your weight and such (does that make any sense?). I’ve also gotten my super feet insoles “modified” by a podiatrist where they added extra padding to certain places to keep my overpronation in check. Who knows it that helps or was just another $30 down the drain, but I like to pay for piece of mind!

    • Yes! She definitely seemed like she knew what she was talking about. She did a lot of explaining and even had a skeleton of a foot as a demonstration to show me how insoles are so helpful. It was interesting to see videos of other runners that were analyzed after me and how different we all are. 🙂


  20. Verlin

    Hope you didn’t spend all your money on shoes and can afford to get those legs waxed. 🙂

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  22. I own a pair of Brooks & LOVE them, they’re the best running shoe I’ve had so far.

  23. Excellent footwear choice! Thanks for sharing your gait analysis experience! Best of luck with your half marathon.

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