Things That Make You Go Hmm

1. I was thinking about how happy I am that I had my running gait analyzed the other day. And then I realized it took me over 10 pairs of bad shoes, 15+ years of running, 2 marathons, and 10 half marathons to do it. WTF?

2. More than a few of you thought that picture of the legs on the treadmill in my last post were my legs. This concerns me a little. I think you all know that I would never wear white and orange running shoes.

3. Nicole Ritchie just figured out the secret of how to shape-shift into a 40-year old Goldie Hawn look-a-like.

nicole (source)

4. Bjork


5. I ordered a Skinny Peppermint Mocha Latte at Starbucks the other day. Ok, Michelle ordered it for me because I don’t know how to order anything at Starbucks without sounding like an idiot. I did learn that a Frappuccino is frozen and a Latte is hot. So, I’m on the fast train to knowledge over here. Anyway, the girl at the counter asked me what my name was so she could write it on the cup.


6. When it gets cold in Florida, everyone gets crazy. At 60 degrees, people will start bundling up in ski coats like it’s sub-zero outside. At 50 degrees, everyone who complains that they hate the heat and it never gets cold enough will start complaining that it’s too cold and they can’t wait for summer. Then, at 40 degrees, network TV will constantly remind you of the outside temperature as if it’s a breaking news story.


Hey everyone, it’s 39! Watch out!

That’s not even freezing, Florida. Unless it’s actually snowing or there’s a polar bear tsunami coming through, I don’t need to know about it. Does that happen anywhere else? I feel like people in Florida are super-finicky and bitch about the weather all the time. I prefer to keep my bitchiness to April through December.


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30 responses to “Things That Make You Go Hmm

  1. LOL @ shape-shift.

    And I thought those were your legs too at first. But I’m smart enough to realize that you probably shave your legs.

  2. tiff

    LOL-Bjork and Pula
    you will forever be pula to me now. thank you, starbucks <3.

  3. Texans are the same way. Except we do get snow almost every year for half a day. That’s when everything shuts down and start buying up all the canned goods at the store.

  4. When I lived in Spain, I’d have to tell them my name when I dropped off film to be developed (It was 10 years ago, old school, I know!) “Heather” is a completely foreign name to Spaniards and the “H” and the “th” are foreign sounds. The poor girl always tried to sound it out but it always came back spelled like this: Goder. It’s stuck as a nickname forever!

  5. Dear God. It’s amazing ANYONE graduates from high school anymore.

  6. I would hope those aren’t your legs–those are clearly hairy man legs. 🙂

    And Bjork. Sigh…..she’s special.

  7. Holly

    Same thing with the cold (or God forbid precipitation) in southern Cal. Allegedly rain is on it’s way this weekend and the weather girl was losing her ish about it this morning.

  8. I’m totally cracking – I spy myself in the background of the Pula pic –with my one compression sock on looking like an idiot.

    I think Floridians bitch about the cold like everyone else bitches about the heat (not including Texans and Georgians). We can’t handle the cold, but bring on 110 degrees and 250% humidity and we’re all “Aahhhh that’s the life.”

  9. Living in Florida, I agree! People freak out when it gets cold.I love the news reports about frost. FROST! I’m a wimp about the cold, but it doesn’t warrant a news story.

  10. Megan

    As a former Upstate NYer who has now lived in Florida for 10+ years, I prefer to keep my weather complaints to April through December as well. This is prime time running weather!! Okay, this past weekend was (40s and 50s).. now it’s getting too hot again. Oh wait, I just said I’d keep my complaints to April through December.. oops.

  11. I feel as though “Pula” is “Paula” said in a foreign accent…I’m practicing now to see which country/region would say “Paula” as “pull-ah.” Any thoughts?

  12. Wow, poor Nicole Ritchie.

    Oregon doesn’t freak out when the weather is cold, although for the past week they have been FREAKING out because of “snow.” And we’re talking light flakes that aren’t even sticking Snowpacolypse people! Freak out! In fact, this website was created and it explains it perfectly:

    • Oh, dang it! I just went there again to laugh, but since it’s not snowing at all right now it just says No. Yesterday it had a picture of Kermit freaking out and it said “YES, everybody FREAK out!”

  13. big bro

    crap! it’s 71 today which of course is freezing. 73 would be scorching hot.

  14. Lee

    Hello Pula.

    We ordered a cake for my Grandpa once who’s name is Leon and they wrote “Happy Birthday Lion”

  15. orange county (and all of southern california) is the exact same with the weather! it’s hilarious.

    and i totally love how that lady wrote your name at starbucks. i once said my name was topanga (like on boy meets world) and they asked me how to spell that. i stared at them for a solid minute trying to figure it out

  16. Not sure why now when I go to link to your blog from my email that it says page not found. But, obviously, it’s the latest post!

    Anyway…I do agree that Floridians complain about the weather a lot…I should know I was one of them! Except…I was happy when it was year I grumbled b/c I couldn’t wear my scarfs, jackets, and gloves enough! Whenever summer starts…was when I started to complain that it was getting too hot and HUMID! I have to say I’m enjoying SC weather a lot more…it was F-ing Hot from June to August…and then magic happened… 😉

    OMG is that really Nicole Richie? I really can’t believe it…that is so sad!

    And…I did think for a minute those were your legs, but I was like uhh no way…would she let a pic of her legs be posted that hairy!

  17. The clear winner in this post is Bjork. Is that really a glitter Michael Jackson dress? Where does homegirl find the time to be so glamourous? She never ceases to amaze me, and for that – I heart her.

    And would that be pronounced “Pew-la” or “Poo-la”?

  18. lol you want cold? -37 here yesterday! Toasty warm!

  19. Holy Nicole Richie! What happened there?

    Yeah, you Floridians (Floridans?) can suck it. It’s freezing here, and it’s actually a much milder winter than usual. I feel like everyone in the world just talks about the weather, even if there is nothing to talk about.

  20. Wait wait wait. Was that REALLY Nicole Ritchie???!! I don’t believe it.

  21. Bjork continues to baffle me. As does Nicole Ritchie. You know, I’ve never understood Starbucks either…

  22. Misty

    It was mid to high 30s here not too long ago and I got a lecture from an older coworker about not dressing appropriately for the weather. I was wearing a hooded sweatshirt which was totally warm enough for me. I just told him I was trying to prep for the move to Canada.

  23. Ha!! so true.
    and i laughed about the runner legs too i was like i wonder if ppl will think those are hers, they are hairy hahaha
    annnnd isnt that nicole ritchie look scary?! ha!

  24. Leah Leah

    Yes! San Diego! Iiiit’s 45° here right now and we’re all losing our minds (myself included!) hehe, but I don’t want to find out what COLDER than this feels like thankyouverymuch. (; Thankfully it’s 75° about 80% of the time- dang well better be with the premium I pay to live here. (:

  25. Stefanie

    In Utah, the weather is extremely bi-polar. So the news is all about exploiting moments of weather related mass destruction constantly. Monday, it’s flood-ageddon. Tuesday, it’s Snow-ageddon. Wednesday, is sunny which means it’s also too hot and it’s drought-watch. WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!

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