Last night, hubs and I met up with Lisa to see Evanescence in concert at House of Blues in Downtown Disney. This makes the third time we’ve seen them and they always put on a good show.

So horizontal stripes make your butt look bigger, but not your boobs. I see a flaw in this system…

We checked out the merchandise and hung out in the balcony until the show started. Since I worked the next day, I made sure to practice moderation. Two drinks at a time instead of three.

That’s a Crowne and Diet Coke with lime. If you never drink Whiskey and decide to try it, I highly recommend not getting a second one right away. You may think your sober, but the whiskey says otherwise.

The show was sold out and the opening band (Rival Sons) was Southern rock and totally the wrong sound for an Evanescence opener. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever really noticed mismatched bands before.

Before the show started, Lisa and I pulled out the old lady glasses so we could see each other better.

On a side note, we’ve had a lot of people in the past ask us if we’re sisters. My MIL calls her my twin. What do you think? Twinsies? I’m sure it doesn’t help that we seem to be on the same hair dying schedule throughout the year.

At one point, Lisa was having too much fun so we had to tell her to SIMMER down.

I forgot to take my camera off the indoor setting, and you have to hold the camera really steady on that setting to not get blurry pictures. Since I haven’t perfected the holding-a-drink-rocking-out-picture-taking trifecta yet, only a couple came out.

We had a lot of fun, they did the two non-hits that we really wanted to hear, and Lisa made the executive decision that Amy Lee has made her girl crush list. It was a good night. 🙂

Once we got back to the car, I realized my iPod Touch was missing. Sad smile  I never used to lose anything and now I only lose super expensive things. Like when I lost my Droid Incredible 3 weeks after I bought it or when I left my new prescription glasses at a bar or the time my engagement ring flew into the crowd at a concert. I shouldn’t be allowed to have nice things.

Tell me about something expensive you lost so I can stop pouting about my iPod.


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30 responses to “Whiskey-A-No-No

  1. Glad you all had fun and the few pics you got are great…sorry about your lost item! Well, I dropped a new sweater while walking and didn’t realize it til we were on our way back to the hotel…and Pete didn’t think it was worth going back to find. It wasn’t super expensive…but still new and a bummer. I did go buy another, promptly. I misplaced my digicam in S&E’s vehicle for MONTHS (of course some months later it was stolen)…but ya we all thought it was stolen the time in their vehicle…months later they must’ve been cleaning and found it in the seat pocket! HA.

  2. I’ve never seen Evanescence live, but I’ve only heard great things! And I’m with you on the whiskey thing..its my choice of liquor and I never seem to learn my lesson…oh well!

  3. Once, in high school, I got one of those cute tiny coach purses. Then, I babysat a lot over Christmas break. Finally, I left my cute tiny coach purse with all of my babysitting money in it at a McDonalds, while I was babysitting.
    It may have been one of the saddest days of my life at the time. Oh, and it had my social security card, but I was more concerned about the cash.
    Also once at a McDonalds when I was about 8, I threw away my retainer. It was expensive. My mom made me go back and look through the garbage until I found it.
    Think I need to boycott MickeyDs?

  4. Katie G

    My BIL lost his $2000 wedding band on his honeymoon.

  5. I totally forgot you lost your engagement ring. I just lost mine. I do not wear it much anymore, so I’m not even sure when the last time I wore it was (December, I think, but December is a blur). I went to put it on Sunday and it was not where it usually is [which is too close to the sink for my husband’s comfort]. I have no idea if it is somewhere dumb in the house or if one of the kids played with it or if it fell out of my pocket somewhere else. I lost my wedding band years ago at my grandparents house – I let my then-2 year old daughter play with it and never saw it again.

  6. I love your nail polish and your glasses!
    I lost my wedding band this year so it’s not just you! I hate losing things!

  7. I didn’t lose it, but I did drop/drown my iPhone in a totebag of coffee…long story short, never trust a travel coffee mug to be sealed tight.

  8. so i didn’t lose anything as bad as what you lost but it totally seemed like it to me at the time…in 2rd grade, i lost my build-a-bear pen and i was heartbroken for SO long. i know, doesn’t compare to your ipod but i am still heartbroken every time i think about it haha

  9. I always buy raybans, and I always lose them. And then I buy another pair. Your hair looks so good!

  10. In middle school, I lost a graphing calculator that belonged to my friend. It took me months to work up the courage to tell her. Those things are pricey, and I thought my friend would hate me. She ended up not even caring! The anticipation was the worst though.*

  11. I love your nail polish and hair! You’re such a cute girl!

    I lost a Little Caesars Pizza stuffed guy when I was little, and it still bothers me! Ridiculous, I know, but I really liked him.

  12. We once lost our camera at Disney. Well, actually, I was pretty convinced that it was stolen out of our stroller. I was so pissed because it was fairly new, and it was right before E’s second Christmas — which meant I knew I’d want to be taking tons and tons of pictures. And buying a new camera during the holidays was not in the holiday budget. Still, we got a new one and it was actually much better than the lost one. But it still hurt.

    Then, about eight months later, E was playing in my closet and came out with a camera. It’d been in a bag/purse the whole time. Oops! So maybe it’ll turn up someday.

  13. I like your twinsie hair!!
    I lost $50 in a parking lot right after Christmas. It was money one of my friends owed another friend and I was playing middle man. My dumb ass had to go and lose it so I got to give away$50 of my own money for no reason!

  14. Oh Paula. We must hangout. Or maybe not… I’ve lost my engagement ring, wedding ring, ipod, 2 cell phones, my purse with my identity in it, and car (found that one!). Losing things sucks. We would need a chaperons for sure.

  15. You and Lisa totally look alike. Sisters for sure.

    The only expensive thing I’ve lost was my wallet, but I got it back so maybe that takes the edge off of that??? And of course, it was my own damn fault because I was so incredibly drunk and had just landed on my face and had a concussion, so it wasn’t an innocent loss. Perhaps the bigger loss in this scenario is my dignity. Yeah, that hasn’t been easy to part with.

  16. I’m a long time crusher on Amy Lee. I dig girls who can sing.

    Let’s see…I’m pretty crazy about keeping track of my stuff, but my boss is notorious for leaving things behind — iPads, laptops, phone, wallet…so now one of us is assigned to count items when we walk in and walk out.

  17. Hahaha oh Paula. And this: “You may think your sober, but the whiskey says otherwise.” about whiskey is definitely a TRUE story!
    Looks like you guys had a blast, and love your outfit, super cute.
    I have actually lost a semi-expensive ring Torrance got me as a gift like forever ago. I am not really a “nice jewelry” person for that reason -I always lose stuff. horrible.

  18. Mz. Teri

    I lost a very pretty tri-color amber ring on the Bluto’s Barge water ride @ Universal IOA a few years ago. It must have slipped off my finger from getting so wet. Of course we went on the ride about 4 times in a row because there was only a 10 minute waiting time when we were there. I’m not sure which time I lost it, but I rememeber noticing it was gone at one point, and I was totally bummed! I’ve never been able to find another ring like it. Still looking though. lol

  19. That’s exactly why I don’t get expensive things in the first place! I lose everything. I wasn’t upset at all when I lost my too-big wedding ring. It was only $20. I just ordered up another of the exact same kind online (in a smaller size this time) and all was well. I really don’t trust myself!

  20. Is your hubby wearing a Deadmaus shirt?

    I tend to lose earrings, but fortunately only the cheap one. And socks. Always losing socks.

    • Yep, that’s Deadmau5 🙂 Yeah, all my jewelry is only the cheap stuff. I have one real necklace besidesmy flying engagement ring. There’s a reason for this.


  21. I bet you 100% I am worse at losing things than you! Not a good claim to fame. I’ve lost my engagement ring stone (not ring, and I did shockingly find that), I lost my camera in Mexico in march and then two weeks later I “lost” (aka stolen out of my office) my back pack that contained my wallet, passport, laptop, garmin, AND iPod. Yes I put all my eggs in one basket, er, backpack. Maybe you’ll find your iPod? I hope so!

  22. ahhhhhhhhh your husband is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. one time i lost my husband… in walmart but i realized he was just checking out the justin beiber merchanise section. what, it was on super sale!

  24. Omg! Has anyone ever told you your husband looks like a younger version of Marc Anthony!? Doppelganger!
    And the picture where you’re blond.. You reminded me of Kimberley Stewart! 🙂

  25. Stefanie

    I have lost my wedding ring multiple times. Luckily it comes back to me.

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