Race Bling

Last week, Michelle and I registered for the Gasparilla Half Marathon in Tampa on March 4th. We did this race last year, so it will be the first race we’ve ever repeated. It’s also my favorite half marathon of the ten I’ve done, which is saying a lot since I basically pooped my way through the whole thing. The course is beautiful, it’s well-managed, and this year they are even starting us off in waves (no corrals was my only complaint last year).

Anyway, it wasn’t really worth mentioning that I signed up until I got an email today with a picture of this year’s medal.

Holy crap.

I love that medal, like, so much. I can’t wait to have that thing in my hot little hands. I’m not sure why I love medals so much, but I do. And that one might get worn anytime I dress like a pirate. So, everyday at work and alternating Sundays.

What does your favorite medal look like?


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27 responses to “Race Bling

  1. You know what I just realized? My first ever half didn’t give us medals! What a rip off.

    To be honest, I don’t really save my medals. I mean, I do, but I’m not sure where, so by default, that’s almost the same as not keeping them. Right now, I can only find one. I need to get better about that!

  2. I. WANT. THAT. MEDAL!!!!!! I’ve seen several medals (I think one was maybe yours – palm trees?) that I loved, but I don’t love any that I have. Except an Oktoberfest one that has a bottle-opener on it! But even that is not half as much love as for that skull medal!

  3. OMG! That medal is amazeballs. I have a weird love for all things skulls, so that is so awesome. Maybe I need to come to Florida for this race… 😉
    I’m not sure which medal is my favorite, Maybe from my first marathon in San Francisco.

  4. I’m so excited about that medal I’ve shared it with non-runners who think I’m a complete nut job (thankfully, they know it’s only partially true). Everyone keeps saying, “Braeden will LOVE it.” Dude – Braeden is not getting his hands ON IT – unless he’s running that half marathon too.

  5. I only have 4 medals and none of them are super duper exciting. The one from my triathlon is a bike chain with the name of the race in the middle…kind of a fun idea!

  6. Omg I am so jelly!! That is quite possibly the most fantastic medal I have ever seen!!!

  7. My favorite medal will be Miami’s once I have it in my hot little hands! But most of my medals have been “eh.” So I’m looking forward to running some races with cooler medals this year. Then I might decide to do something with them other than putting them in a drawer . . .

  8. omg I LOVE that medal! how very Jack Sparrow-esque. I have a pretty rockin’ pirate costume that needs that medal 😉

  9. I love medals. Love them. I only have one, but I cherish it.
    That is honestly probably the best medal I have ever seen. So ridiculously bad ass. If I had that medal I think I would sleep with it under my pillow!

  10. I want to come run that race just to get that medal! I love a good medal. Not that I have a good place to hang them or anything. Do you have a nice hanger or someplace to display them?

  11. That medal is pretty sweet! I love pirate themed races! I think my fav medal were from the OBX Blackbeard challenge. 2 days, 3 pirate themed medals, and one was a beer opener. Always a win!

  12. That medal is beyond fabulous.
    Here’s something fun. I’m totally going to be going to a thing called Buccaneer Days. It’s in October and I’ll be camping as a pirate. As will everyone else. For the entire weekend. Awww yeah.

  13. OMG. Maybe you remember my love affair for pirates, or maybe not… but needless to say… I am jealous. Like, beyond jealous and I kind of want to fly down for the weekend and run. hmm…

  14. I have never run a race, but now I think the only reason I ever will is if I get a really awesome medal. Allllll for the medal 😉

  15. I love medals too and that one is AWESOME!!

  16. That is the greatest race medal of all time! I want to run that race just so I can have that medal!

  17. Megan

    I’m running this race too! I’m actually doing the Beck’s Light Challenge, so I’ll end up with 4 medals from this race weekend. I don’t know what the Challenge medal looks like, but if it’s half as cool as the Half Marathon medal, I’ll be pretty pleased. I can’t wait to own this one!

    • Wow! 4 medals is pretty impressive! Is that the 5k, 10k, 15k, and the half? Because if so, you are beast! And I mean that in the best way possible. 🙂


      • Megan

        I have to admit, the fact that I was going to get four medals had a lot to do with signing up… 😉 The Beck’s Light Challenge is the 15K and 5K on Saturday and the Half on Sunday. So, I get one medal for each race, plus the fourth medal, which is a Challenge medal. There’s an even tougher challenge called the Mich Ultra Challenge which has the three races I’m running PLUS the 8K on Sunday, right after the Half (so you get FIVE medals for that one). I said no thanks to that challenge. 🙂

        • Holy crap! That’s a lot of running. So you’re basically doing 2 half marathons 2 days in a row. You DESERVE 4 medals for that. Now I’m dying to see what all those medals looks like. I gotta admit. I’d sign up for something crazy like that just for the medals too.


  18. pensive pumpkin

    I’m completely Super Jelly of that medal. And the race is apparently tomorrow, so good luck!

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