Things I Learned from Gossip Girl During a Speed Run

No, this isn’t my half marathon recap (yet) in case you thought that I was referring to it as a speed run. (Ha!) If there’s anything that race taught me, it’s that I need to do more speed training. Marathon training has slowed my pace down by a minute and a half and it sucks. There’s nothing worse than running a race over 15 minutes slower than what you ran last season because you know you can do better, and you try to do better when you’re out there, but it just doesn’t happen.

So last night, even though I raced the day before, I went to the gym for some speed work in the form of mile repeats.

Mile Pace
.30 Walk
.50 10:00
1.00 8:57
.20 Walk
.50 10:00
1.00 8:34
.20 Walk
.50 10:00
1.00 8:34

Total miles: 4.70, with a short cool-down

Yes, 8:57 and 8:34 is actually fast for me. Keep reading once you’ve composed yourself from the laughter. 😉

The first 2 speed miles were a challenge. I definitely wanted to stop toward the end of each mile, so I think I picked good speeds. I walked a little bit during that last mile because my calf started hurting. My other calf. Not to be confused with the calf that hurt and made me buy $140 shoes and $40 inserts. No. Not that calf. Once my inexpensive calf started feeling a bit better, I finished the last mile. I felt pretty good at that pace and I think I could’ve ran faster (I just typoed that as “fatter,” which is also true) but decided not to chance things with my calf any more than I already had.

Was that a good idea for a speed run so soon after a race? Who knows. But I do know I actually felt refreshed after that run and that hasn’t happened since marathon training started last June.

While I was at the gym, I got to see Gossip Girl for the first time. What is it with me, the gym, and CW shows I’ve never seen? Anyway, I thought Gossip Girl was much more interesting than my run-in with One Tree Hill.

Does anyone else watch it? I’ll have to say, it wasn’t too bad. I learned a few things from it too. Like, no matter how much you dress up Michelle Trachtenberg, she will never be sexy. And she will always be Buffy’s annoying sister.

No. You can’t.

I’ve learned that a lot of screen time goes to the back of Blake Lively’s hair. I’m thinking it took a lot of time to make that wedding hairstyle complete with an actual bow of hair for her to stand with her back to the screen for 5 minutes.

I’ve learned that Blake Lively and whoever that other girl is (Blair? Minka Kelly? I’m not going to look it up.) are probably friends in real life and enjoy sharing food.

I’ve also learned who Gossip Girl is. Isn’t that the whole mystery of the show? Somehow I caught the one episode that reveals it. Isn’t that like tuning into How I Met Your Mother for the first time and actually finding out how he met your mother? I don’t know, I guess now I never need to watch Gossip Girl again because the secret is out.


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19 responses to “Things I Learned from Gossip Girl During a Speed Run

  1. OHMYGOSH! That calf picture made me spit out my coffee I was laughing so hard. And now I have a coffee mess on my keyboard. OY! At least it is my work computer;-)

    I feel you with marathon training slowing down your pace. I am not even that far into my training and I am feeling so much slower than before. I am already bracing myself for the speed work that I will have to put in after the marathon. And NO, I did not laugh at your pace. No matter how slow you go you can always find comfort in the fact that you are lapping me!

  2. So i watch Gossip Girl on netflix but I’m not up to the current season….it’s actually embarrassing, but that show is addicting! But NOW I need to know who Gossip Girl is!!

  3. What, they revealed who she is? Crap. I stopped watching after Season 3, I think.

  4. Ahh I am so sucked into many CW shows (OTH, GG, 90210), I’m not quite sure how it happened. I just hope you aren’t ever in there for 90210 – now THAT show is ridiculous and hard to follow!

    Great job on the speedwork! I think your HM pace will be back in no time if you keep the speed training up. It SUCKS but sososo worth it. Sorry about your calf. I was actually thinking about you this morning on my drive into work (mm awkward, yes?) and wondering how the Trance worked out for you. Apparently your calves have decided to agree to disagree.

    • I did see a 90210 during one of my runs. That’s another one I’ve only seen one episode of. Coincidentally, I think a wedding was happening in that one too. But it was an Indian one with really cool dresses. And yes, my calves are at war right now. I need to stretch more. Staring at my calves propped up on the coffee table doesn’t seem to be working.

  5. I am seriously impressed. I can hardly walk. And don’t discount yourself–those miles ARE fast. Not joking. As I said, I can hardly walk.

    I am a GG fan. And what was up with that reveal?? I think Georgina (who is just heinous) is somehow scamming as GG. It’s not really her. Can’t be, for a variety of reasons. But yes, I was mesmerized by that bow in the hair, too. It’s a pretty show. It makes me feel old and busted, but I can’t stop watching. Loves it.

  6. Paula, an 8:34 mile is RIDICULOUSLY fast. I would give myself 100 gold stars for doing that. Since I don’t really go that fast, instead, I will give you 100 gold stars 🙂

  7. Gossip Girl is definitely on my “to-watch” list! I watched the first season, and I liked it, but then I kinda forgot about it. Everyone who watches it seems to rave on about it.

    Someone once told me I looked like Blake Lively back when the sisterhood of the traveling pantaloons came out. I will love them forever and ever. I wish I recorded them saying it.

    Totally agree about M-Tracht!

  8. Wait! Georgina is gossip girl? Did you just tell me the whole mystery!?!? I loved the calves pic, calves are so damn cute. My own and the animal.

  9. Lol, your “slow” times are my fast ones. Probably because I’m too busy thinking “ugh, this sucks, when is that guy going to stop chasing me so I can stop running?” 😉

    I started watching Gossip Girl when I first heard about the show. I watched about three episodes before I gave up because it was so stinking boring. Then it became this huge hit, but I still couldn’t convince myself to tune in again. Eh, I’d rather watching my teen shows on ABC Family anyway. I have the latest episodes of both The Lying Game and Pretty Little Liars on my DVR, I know what I’m doing!

  10. Blair=Leighton Meester. I am so ashamed that I know that. As usual, this is a fantastic recap! I watched the show, but it’s way more interesting to read your commentary on it.

  11. I watched the first season of GG. I found Chuck Bass to be hilarious! Do you find that you can run fast while watching tv? Commercials are a total speed killer for me.*

    • Yes! Because I’m paying attention to something other than my running. I haven’t noticed commercials being a speed killer but now that will be on my mind next timeI’m on a treadmill. I wonder if I could actually run to an audio book. That’s something I haven’t tried yet.


  12. No laughing here! That IS fast. I’m impressed.

    I made the mistake of watching the new 90210. Gah. Maybe I’m old, but give me the Walshes, Steve Sanders, Donna Martin, Kelly Taylor, Dylan McKay and David Silver any day! (Is it sad that I remembered all those names from memory?)

  13. I am obsessed with gossip girl and last nights episode was nothing less than stellar! It was fan-flipping-tastic. You have to watch from the beginning!

  14. Girl you are hard core! Speedwork the day after a half?! Crazy! And that IS fast! Give yourself some credit! Awesome job!

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