The Post Where I Stab My Shoes

So, remember that time I got my gait analyzed and bought those awesome new stability shoes with inserts and told you about it and you all thought I had man-legs? Well, about those shoes…

All my runs in those shoes have not been good. I did another speed run (mile repeats) on Monday and it was going so well for the first 3 miles until my shoes decided to take a big poop on me.



.30 Walk (warm up)
.50 10:00
1-2 8:49
.20 Walk (water break)
.50 8:34
.50 Dying
.50 8:34
.20 More dying
1 8:34  Still dying
.30 Walk (cool down)

Total miles: 5 running, 1.2 walking

Yeah, you noticed two consecutive miles at 8:49 too, eh? That’s how good I was feeling at that pace. And the only reason I walked after the second mile is because I needed water. It all went downhill from there. I had to walk not because I was tired, but because my calves were killing me again. That last faster mile is only because I’m stubborn and stupid and refused to leave the gym without doing a full mile at that pace without walking. (Do not do as I do.)

And then I limped off the treadmill.

My calves cannot handle those shoes.

I called the store where I bought them and talked to one of the girls. She told me that the inserts could definitely be causing the calf pain and that she would recommend breaking in the shoes and inserts slowly over 3 months.

When I bought the shoes, the girl helping me said to do a couple short runs to test them out and if everything felt ok, I would be fine to run Miami in them, which was 2 weeks later. So I did. And during the race, my calves were stiff, I was hyper-aware that the shoes were on my feet the whole time, and I ran one of my slowest races.

The girl on the phone told me to come back in with the shoes so they can reanalyze my gait, so I’m going to do that this weekend. I’m hoping to return them for another pair but I’ll see what they have to say.

Has anyone else had to break in stability shoes over time? I know this little birdy has and it worked itself out over time. But I don’t have time. I have 3 races in March.




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30 responses to “The Post Where I Stab My Shoes

  1. jane

    Stop letting them bully you. Return the shoes! Three months? That’s ridiculous. A reputable running store would want you to have the correct running shoes now.

  2. OMG! I felt like I was reading about my shoe experience! I chalked it up to being a newbie runner. But exactly what happened, from being told when I purchased the shoes that I could run the next day in them to calling the store and being told it would take a few months to break in. Am I your deja vu? Weird.
    Anyways, I took mine back into the store and was refitted for the same shoe. So I sucked it up and took them home. It took me about a month of non-consecutive running (I couldn’t run everyday due to my non-experience) to break mine in. And they are just fine now. 🙂

    • Paula

      You are my deja vu! And at least you got a second opinion on those shoes. That’s what I’m looking to do just to be sure. Then maybe I’ll have to take it easy in them for a bit.

  3. Oh man, if your shoes aren’t comfortable go with what you know! I was an asshole who bought fancy Pearl Izumis cuz the local running store told me to. My legs and feet HATED me. Not to mentioned the green Superfeet insoles I added for super annoyance. Seriously I switched to Sauconys and CVS brand gel inserts, they are $15 so I replace them every other race, but they keep me a lot happier than the fancy stuff. Good luck finding what works for you.

  4. Sarah S

    I feel like stability shoes+insoles is probably too much at once. I did switch to stability shoes with minimal soreness (I was only training for a 5K at the time), but I’ve never successfully run in insoles. I actually won’t buy them again because they just made my feet ache.

    • Paula

      The girl on the phone seemed to think I was running too much when she heard I also had the insoles, so I’m sure you’re right. I thought about putting the original insoles back in for a bit but they have this weird spot that rubs on my arches so I’m sure that would be a blood blister waiting to happen.

  5. Bethany

    Bring the shoes back! They do not work for you. Running shoes are not suppose to need a break in period, you should be able to run short distances in them right away with no pain. Longer distances may need a little time. My shoes only last about 3 months. I wear Brooks Adrenline and Mizuno Inspire, love them both.

    • Paula

      Mine are Brooks Trance. They also fitted me for Mizuno Elixirs. Maybe I’ll give those a shot because I’m a big Mizuno fan. 🙂

      • Bethany

        I tried Trance and did not like them, they were too wide for my feet and I only used them for a few months on short runs, then they when to dog walking shoes.

  6. Look at that fast pace!!! 🙂
    But!!!! I have an idea (maybe you already tried this?) Did you take the insoles out and try the shoe with the regular footbed? I completely forgot that you got insoles too and for me insoles are the devil. They recommended them to me once and I was in so much pain after using them I just couldn’t handle it.
    I am hoping it’s as simple as the insoles. Maybe give the shoe one more short run without the insoles and see if they feel better? I’m grasping at straws here but I’m thinking maybe the insoles are the bitches, not the Brooks.

  7. angie

    Dang, I had issues like this a while back when the shoe store randomly told me I needed a neutral shoe when I really needed a stability shoe. You should try the Brooks Adrenaline with no inserts and see how that feels :). I love those shoes! It sounds like you have too much stability goin on! Good Luck!


    YES— And breaking them in sucked.

    I’ve had my orthos for about a month and a half now, and I’m just getting to the point where I can wear them all the time in my shoes. For the first few weeks I would do 10-20 minutes, then switch back to my regular inserts…and try and up my time in them, but still use my regular inserts a lot.
    My PT told me to put vaseline on the bottom of my feet where the arch is because it’ll help prevent soreness (which is what’s making you so aware of your shoes). I’ve only gotten up to 7 miles at a time in them, but I’m at the point where I don’t even really feel them anymore. If they start to tingle or bother me, I’ll switch back to my old non-expensive inserts for a bit.

    • Paula

      I wish they would have told me this. I’ve heard orthos take awhile, so I guess it’s the same for inserts? Or are those the same thing? The girl that sold me the shoes did seem really knowledgeable but seriously, she was telling me a half marathon in 2 weeks would be fine? I’ll make sure I talk to someone different this weekend.

  9. Willie

    I had a pair of the Brooks Trance and these are the shoes that have the diagnal rollbar for added assistance for heel to toe transtion. I remember being bothered by the bar at first and the feeling of stiffness, which attributes to your calves. I did not wear them every day and took me about a month to break them in. Once they were relaxed, I enjoyed the shoes. Bottom line is your personal comfort with the shoes. If the breaking in session is too painful and unenjoyable take them back. Typically new model shoes are still or wierd for me for about 2-3 easy runs and then Game On. Listen to your gut instinct, if you sense these are not the shoes for you…bail on em. You’re worth the comfort and better fit. I’m on a local racing team in the twin cities and have tried all sorts of shoes. We do this because we love it, so love the shoes that go with. Cheers

  10. Would like to start with yay Futurama. I freaking love that show.

    Three months is crazy. I wear a stability shoe and am able to run with them out of the box. What store are you going to? Maybe it’s time to try somewhere else.

  11. And that is why you don’t cheat on Track Shack.

    Totally kidding. 🙂

    Seriously though, I wouldn’t hesitate to take those suckers back. You run way too much to be in pain like that. Plus, I would worry about what that’s doing to your leg muscles. I was accidentally fitted with stability shoes and as a result, got terrible shin splints that took a couple months to heal. Not good.

  12. Yes!! I feel your pain and it sucks big time. I was running in vibrams and minimal shoes and wanted to go back to having a little more substance, the saucony mirage. My calves KILLED me, which seems counterintuitive, shouldn’t my valves be so strong from running minimal? I really didn’t think it would ever go away, it probably took a month. Sorry for the bad news, good luck!

  13. Julia

    Uh, stability shoes. I feel for you! I wore them for awhile, and while they helped my feet, they ended up screwing up my knees. Do you have to wear inserts AND stability shoes?

  14. I don’t have the kind of patience for that. I’ve heard that stability shoes can actually be detrimental because they overstabilize you. My friend ended up with a stress fracture that way, and she’s a freakin’ PT!! So be careful. You know me and my minimalist shoes. I love ’em and they are broken in the second I put them on my foot.

  15. Before I knew better, I bought some running shoes online because they were on sale. I had never tried a version of them before; I went in blind. It turned out that they were fine. I have never had to “break in” a shoe before, so I consider myself lucky. I have never had my gait analyzed, and the only other person besides you that I know who has completely disliked the changes that were suggested. He even went on to having hip pain when he never had in the past.

  16. I returned a pair of trail shoes to my local running store after mudding them up for three weeks. No joke. That’s why I shop local. And I def always talk to the owner, not the cutsie lil’ high school girl or boy behind the counter who runs 6 minute miles.

  17. Ugh, that doesn’t sound fun! I hope you figure out a solution for your upcoming races!

  18. Amber K

    Man, that sounds awful! I hope they are able to bend over backwards to make this up to you. Because that seems incredibly ridiculous.

  19. I may know less than nothing about running but I do know that soreness is no fun. I hope the store can straighten you out. I liked the futurama pictures. Very clever!

  20. I was taught that shoes are no longer built to be broken in. The should feel fantastic the first time your foot goes in and you should never feel bad running! Where ever your going isn’t doing their job right

  21. I am still breaking in a new pair of Saucony Triumph 9s. I haven’t had any big problems with them, other than getting a blister on the arch of my foot. Weirdest spot I have every gotten a blister. They have been lovely so far. Such soft cushy pillows.

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