No Love

The medal I’ve been waiting for finally came in the mail. That would be my Rock Encore medal for completing 2 races in the Rock ‘n’ Roll series. They give you a different medal (on top of what you get after you finish the race) if you complete 2-7 and 10 R’n’R races in a calendar year.


The extra medals are well-deserved too. I think they give them to you for putting up with the Rock ‘n’ Roll series. An “I’m sorry, we suck” medal, if you will.

When it came in the mail, I was a little disheartened when I saw this.

Say what? So if I didn’t live at the same address I did when I registered for the race, whoever does live there can have my medal. Awesome.

Anyway, I’ve been waiting for this bad boy for over a month now. It’s pretty nice too, so I will proudly hang it with all my other medals. But first, I had to show Pants. For a short moment, I thought I was going to get some awesomely cute bunny action, but then it went something like this.

Sorry that medal doesn’t meet your standards, Pants. You are such a diva. I only ran a full and half marathon for that. What do you do? You eat hay and you poop. I don’t see any medals coming in the mail for that.




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19 responses to “No Love

  1. As much as the RnR races cost you SHOULD get another medal for doing multiple races! It is a nice one too. Too bad Pants couldn’t appreciate it. Jealous probably. 😉

  2. It’s so sparkly. I want!*

  3. Aww, Bunny Pants. I just want to snuggle that one-eared wonder.
    That medal is awesome! I would run an RnR marathon just for that. Well, half maybe.

  4. Verlin

    “Or Occupant” – wow, that’s a little Publisher’s Clearinghouseish, isn’t it. Glad you still occupy and you (plus Pants of course) can enjoy your medal. I was getting a little worried about Pants there for a while, as hadn’t seen a bunny post – glad the one-eared wonder is eating and pooping as per usual. How is the body fat reduction going? Mine WAS going great! … until I went to Mexico and fell of the wagon a bit. Damn that wagon is hard to climb up on again. Mar 10 is my re-test day. I need a ladder or a kick in the rear or something!

    • Paula

      Pants is alive, well, and poopy as ever. Maybe that’s why she didn’t like my medal. Not enough time in the spotlight.
      I think the body fat thing is going good? I haven’t lost weight but I have been doing a lot more strength training. I don’t have a re-test day yet though. And yes, that wagon is hard to climb up on. Maybe if it was an ice cream truck instead of a wagon, it might be a little easier.

  5. Ron

    It’s amazing the medal got to you at all, seeing as how they put black lines where your address should be.

  6. I’m sure Pants is just trying to protect her own ego. She’s obviously jealous. I’m sure “Occupant” would’ve been impressed.

  7. oh my goodness, i love rabbits. i have a bunny stuffed animal who i still sleep with and goes on all sorts of adventures. bunnies seem to have aloof personalities and i’m sure pants was very impressed but too proud to show it. maybe she was hoping she’d get to the mail first and since she’s an occupant of your house your medal glory would be hers?

  8. Amber K

    Or occupant? What the hell! That is just ridiculous. Glad you got your well-deserved medal!

  9. kathleen@runderbykat

    Please post more pictures of bunnypants. They’re my fave.

  10. Do you have to ask them for this or do they just know and send it to you? Because I want one!!

  11. Shannon

    Occupant?!?!?! What the heck!
    I did the SD and Las Vegas RnR last year and called them like 100 times to make sure I was going to get the extra medal. Yeah, I’m not annoying at all. I gotta make sure to collect all of my promised “free” racing crap :).

  12. Sarah S

    I’m tempted to send Pants a medal for pooping. Anyways, I can’t believe they sent it to “or occupant”! More proof R’n’R has some organizational issues, I guess.

  13. Mz. Teri

    Pants says – “Not food? Not interested!”
    Typical. 😀

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