Today, So Far

I had to get up early this morning (7:50am). I know. Life is rough without kids. Sorry moms and dads. Anyway, we had an appointment to have new internet set up that’s going to be faster and save me $50 a month. Since we had an 8-10am technician arrival window, I killed some time by actually cleaning the house.

Hub’s allergies have been acting up lately, so I decided to do a really good vacuuming. This means, de-furring the bunny first because she molts like a mofo for several months out of the year and you can literally pull clumps of hair out of her.

That picture was taken when we were done. There were 3 other piles just like that.

After the de-furring (which she is not a fan of), we rewarded her for good behavior with a new cardboard box. Nothing but the best and most expensive gifts for Pants.

The diva wanted her picture taken today. I love that curious little face.

The new internet was set up without problem. We also had a new data outlet installed and that went well too, which I thought was unusual. Something always goes wrong no matter what I have set up. After the technician left, I even mentioned to hubs that it was weird it went so smoothly.

After our internet provider was switched, I headed back to Fleet Feet and went through the same process I did a month ago. I had my gait analyzed and ran in a bunch of different shoes. The lady that helped me this time told me that the shoes I bought probably have too much stability. She also really reminded me of Marnie from True Blood last season.

So Marnie recommended ones with minimal stability, which I thought was what I had already with the Brooks, and said I should stick with the inserts. She also told me my calves are super tight, which I knew. I’m just too lazy to move from the couch to the floor to foam roll them most of the time. This time around, my feet chose the Nike SuperFug Lunarglide 3.

I’ve always wanted my size 10 boat feet to be the absolute center of attention and now they can be! I haven’t ran in Nike’s in years, so we’ll see how these go. They were over $30 cheaper so I got some money back, which was nice since I’m going to look like an moron in these.

Oh, and as I’m writing this blog post, our internet is running at dial-up speed. The guy gave us the wrong modem and they need to come back out. Yeah. That sounds about right.


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23 responses to “Today, So Far

  1. Pants is so cute. I had rabbits as a kid. Makes me want to get another one!
    I hope these shoes work out well for you!

  2. Not gonna lie. Loving those shoes. My road shoes are bright yellow…however they are in the closet until March or so. Trails in the snow until then!!!!!

  3. You have such a cute bun-bun! I admire your dedication. I don’t miss the silken threads of fur and layers of ash my chinchillas would leave everywhere year-round. Your bun is also a cuter ham for the camera than my chins were too. =)

  4. Your rabbit’s fur problem is exactly like Tally–in fact, as I sit here, I’m pulling clumps of hair out of her. It is seriously disgusting. MAKE IT STOP!

  5. Bethany

    Hope the new shoes are great. Those are the ones I just bought for my daughter. Nike and I don’t mix well, for shoes.

  6. Jessica @ Sushi and Sit-Ups

    I think those shoes look awesome but I love anything bright orange. Let’s see some pics of them on!

  7. Amber K

    Well, at least you can run in the dark with those! 😉

  8. kathleen@runderbykat

    BP is so cute. She looks absolutely thrilled with her new box. I need to brush Derbs, but she only lasts for 15 seconds before trying to attack the brush.
    Nice shoes! I hope you have a colorful wardrobe to go with them! I’m interested in how you like them- I haven’t run in Nikes in years. Hope they’re better than the old shoes!

  9. Your posts always really really make me want a bunny. I wish I could get my husband on board! He’s already allergic to my cat and I also do a terrible job of keeping the cat fur from getting EVERYWHERE (it pretty much looks like Pants’ fur). And my cat would probably kill the bunny anyway.

  10. We slept until 8am. 😛

    I probably missed this in a previous post due to my slacking in reading of blog posts lately, but which provider did you switch to. In the 30 seconds that you have been with them, what do you think so far? Did you increase your speed too? Am I asking too many questions? “Do you guys knows how to post videos to Facebook?’

    • Paula

      “That’s so 42 seconds ago.” 🙂
      We went from AT&T to Brighthouse. We did increase our speed but they installed the wrong modem so we’re not running at it. And they’ve missed their appointment THREE TIMES today so far. It’s getting annoying. Grr.

  11. Jina @ Behold the Turtle

    I love those shoes! But, I love orange. Although, like you, I have size 10 feet … maybe I’ll stick to my boring, white Brooks. At least they feel good, which I guess is the point.

  12. Sarah S

    If you ever pass out on the side of the road, at least your shoes will make it easy for them to find you. I have super wide feet, so I can never find shoes in a color besides ugly or uglier.

  13. I actually love those shoes! Orange is one of my fave colours. Maybe not that particular shade of it…but still, I like.

    And I love Pants so much. I second Ricole, you make me want a bunny! I used to have two bunnies when I was a kid, Crispen and Rupert. They were homosexuals. I loved them.

  14. i can totally relate to the internet issue. everytime i touch something electronic something goes wrong and i hear ‘well, i’ve never seen it do that before’. why?! do you have to buy a new printer everytime your current one runs out of ink or paper? happens all the time. hope it is fixed!

  15. I had no idea you had to defur your rabbit! She’s a cutie! Love her pictures.

    Those shoes…oh…I’d never buy those…unless they felt like the best thing in the world to my feet…Orange is my LEAST fav color. Hope they work out for you…and really make your feet happy!

  16. Laura

    I hate Nike shoes. They fit my feet weird. My friend even tests out new Nike shoe models for them and could get me free shoes but I can’t try them out bc they rip up my feet. 😦 Have you tried Asics? I have wore the GT21XX series for 7 yrs and swear by them. They are medium stability (which I don’t think I need) and pretty lightweight and they don’t come in such fugly colours. It kinda sounds like your running store peeps don’t know what they’re talking about. 😦

    • Paula

      I have a pair of Asics Gel Nimbus 12. They’re neutral running shoes and are great up till 7 or 8 miles when they really start hurting my feet. These Nikes totally solved my knee problem, but yeah…they aren’t kind in the blister department. I’m going to see what doubling up socks and a few strategically placed band-aids will do. I’m just so tired of going back to this store!

  17. Linsay

    I was thinkin’…I don’t know what you use on bunnypants but I just found something Boscoe LOVES! We went to petsmart and picked up one of those mits to brush dogs-the ones with very small, soft bristels and he love it because it’s feels just like a pet. (Tried it out on the hubby first-he’s a fan too.)

    • Paula

      We don’t use anything! We just pull clumps out with our fingers. Does it get a lot of fur off? I might have to look for that. Pants loooves her petting.

  18. Linsay

    Yes. It gets a TON of hair off and all you have to do to clean it is take a fine toothed comb to it.

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