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I really want to run tonight. But I’m not going to since I know I’m on the verge of burn out and I have a million races next month. It’s really hard for me to take rest days. I can work out 6 days a week and still manage to feel lazy if I take the 7th day as a rest day. So instead, I decided to create my playlist for the Gasparilla Half Marathon (in advance and not 5 minutes before Michelle picks me up.)

If I’ve learned anything from my previous races, it’s that I hate my playlists 80% of the time. The songs I choose seem like a good idea but then once I’m out there running, I want to punch “Moves Like Jagger” in the face. So of course, I did the only thing a slightly OCD person would do. I made three of them.

Plan A: The “pop” playlist

This is the one I’ll most likely use, so it has the most songs.

Not so fun fact:  I love Kelly Clarkson. A lot.

Plan B: The “rock” playlist

This is my backup in case the pop playlist annoys me. And yes, I realize 1995 called and wants my taste in rock music back.

Plan C: The “mellow” playlist

Just in case my mind and soul become one with the Earth and my body becomes a jet-fueled rocket of speed, I have the “mellow” playlist.

Chances of Plan C happening is slim. But it’s happened once (during my second marathon), and it can happen again. Then I always have plan D – the full iPod shuffle (that should be a song title) and plan E – no music at all. And now I think I’ve put way too much thought into this.

What do you listen to when you run or work out?


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35 responses to “The Playlist Post

  1. Damn. I need to download some music. My playlist is almost a year old.

  2. I need some new tunes. My musical taste is all over the place. Country, disco, pop, rock, oldies, you name it. And I too like Kelly Clarkson. 😉 No shame, girl!

  3. Heidi

    That’s so funny, I do the same thing with my playlists. I’ll think I have the perfect songs and then I hate them ALL during my run!

  4. I totally need a personal playlist maker, are you available?! I’m hiring! I always want a new playlist but never make it. And then when I do, I always hate all the songs. I don’t understand how THR happens! I love these songs, in theory!!!

    • Paula

      Me too! I’ve only loved one playlist during a race, and it’s not even one that I made. My hubs was in full charge of that one. Maybe a personal playlist maker is the answer here!

  5. So proud of the Coldplay addition, even if that song is still stalking me. *Sniff* Oh, and the explicit choices. Well done, my friend.

  6. I like mostly pop music on my playlist, but there are a handful of rap songs on my iPod.*

  7. Loving the second playlist! I’m a big rock fan (plus I love 90s rock) so that would totally be my style. You should add Candlebox though! 🙂

    • Paula

      LOL! I do have Candlebox but it’s been awhile since I’ve listened to them. I might have to add some songs. I originally had some Silverchair in that playlist too. 🙂

  8. Do you listen to your playlists on shuffle? I always start out with slower songs during races because I think it helps me not start too fast. I have major issues with that. I’m definitely going to steal from your list! 🙂

    • Paula

      Yep! Mine are always on shuffle. It bothers me to know what’s coming next, although I could probably start with the mellow one and then go to one of the others. Hmm. That might be a good idea!

  9. Michelle

    I have the most random playlist… country, hip hop, man hating music.

  10. Julia

    I also really love Kelly Clarkson. I have three different versions on “Since You’ve Been Gone” – all amazing for a running playlist (will send if you want them!)

    I am currently playing the song “Go Ape (Live from the Cherry Tree House)” by Far East Movement. It is VERY good. Again, will send, just ask!

    • Paula

      Yes! I listen to her so much that I get tired of the music fast. I’m one of those that can play a song on repeat 12 times in a row if I love it enough which can get really annoying to anyone in the car with me. I’m gonna look that FEM song!

  11. tra

    this post made me laugh out loud so hard (maybe amplified by the fact i’m sleep deprived?) anyways, i love how you have backups! i never would have thought of that!

    i’m weird and don’t listen to music when i work out. so i’m that creep in the corner saying “five more reps! get back on that bar! stop resting!”. yeah. probably freaking everyone out. i do love it when someone listens to music too loud so i get to have some music too.

    • Paula

      I don’t listen to music when I do Crossfit either! Just in races or daytime runs by myself. I would probably be in the corner listening to your self-talk as my own motivation. 😉

  12. My running playlist is embarrasing, I’ve got Coldplay followed by Nsync…yea it’s…interesting LOL

  13. I typically lean towards songs with a good beat (i.e. songs you could dance to) or a little heavier rock type stuff with a faster beat (like linkin park, some rise against songs, etc).

  14. My workout playlist is full on 90s pop songs. No judgement coming from this corner. Chumbawumba all the way.

  15. This is a good reminder to put together a playlist for Gasparilla. I usually leave it to the last minute and have a barely charged iPod.

    When I do my regular runs, I typically listen to talk radio on my phone. That way I get a news fix and I usually get engrossed enough to zone out.

    • Paula

      Funny you mention that because I’ve really been wanting to try out an audio book while running. Listening to TV helps zone me out, I wonder if an audio book would do the same!

  16. Oh excellent excellent, I need some new musique in my life. There’s some songs on here I need to check out, and maaaaan I love me some Bush and Incubus.

    I usually listen to a combo of pop and rock…I have been a little heavier on the rock lately, but I go through phases. I also like mellow fellow’s like Jack Johnson, Pete Murray, Ben Harper, Dave Matthews, Josh Kelley, Joshua Radin, Neil Young, etc. They are a little slower but they make me feel nice. And I have serious love bursts for Jack Johnson.

    • Paula

      Oh, I’m a fan of Josh Kelley! I was sure you were all indie rock from your post the other week. While we’re at it, we need to add Citizen Cope to that list.

  17. 1995 called and wanted its taste in music back? I think specifically it was a frat boy named Tad in 1995 who just downed a case of Miller Genuine Draft Light that called and left that message.

  18. It all depends on my mood, so I make sure that I have a variety of everything. I love The Black Keys…something about them puts a pep in my step. I also love 90’s dance music. (hello there C&C Music Factory and Marky Mark) <—–That is my dirty little secret.

  19. Pop and dirty dirty rap. It’s weird, but I can listen to the same playlist on shuffle for months. I’ll swap out a song here or there, but I usually don’t get sick of them.

    Good job resting. I’m on day 3 and ready to tear my hair out. 😦

    • Paula

      It’s hard, right? Inactivity makes me feel like crap. And I’m with you on the dirty, dirty rap. But I need more! Or I just need to buy the Eminem album I don’t have yet.

  20. i listen to one of the pandora classical stations. sometimes i feel like i’m dancing. it is kind of awesome. i’m totally digging playlist B. nice!

  21. Amber K

    Definitely pop with christian rock or rap/hip-hop thrown in. Possibly super upbeat country too. Basically I’m all over the place!

  22. Mz. Teri

    I would go mostly for Plan B. Nothing wrong with a bit of “old skool” rock, although I would actually add more Linkin Park and throw in a bit of Disturbed as well. 😀

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