Duck Fight Club

This morning, I met up with Michelle and Kelly for a 14 mile run. Then I promptly wimped out at mile 8.5 when my left calf started feeling a little weird, either from my new Mizuno Wave Rider 15s or the uneven pavement we were running on. This was the longest run for my new shoes so far and race month starts next week, so I’m going to try using the original inserts instead of my SuperFeet inserts and see how that goes. Otherwise, I’m running in my old shoes.

I left the girls around mile 7.5 and ran a mile back to my car. I decided to take a little walk around Lake Eola because it’s SO pretty and I’m rarely there. I wish I lived in walking distance from it because it’s one of the best spots in Orlando.

While I was walking, I noticed there were a ton of ducks and swans all over the place. I mean, there are always ducks and swans there but I think there were more than usual. Or at least way more than I’ve seen at one time.

Some of them are really big. And really aggressive. They have no problem walking up to people. I saw one of the swans go after a small dog. Then I witnessed an actual duck fight. They were all loud and quacky, which I assume is how duck fights usually go. It made me want to start a secret Duck Fight Club because that was awesomely entertaining to watch. Unfortunately, they stopped fighting just as my cell phone camera was ready. So I took the liberty to depict the fight and location for you.

I know it looks like they’re kissing, but I assure you it was a fight. Also, I will never tell which part of that picture is real and which part I drew. Not even if you beg.

Anyway, I think all the ducks and swans were in shitty moods in general, because they all seemed to want to pick a fight.

If my run this morning was any indication of how I’m going to do in my races in the next two weeks, they won’t be fast. Maybe it’s the shoes. Maybe my legs are sore from all the strength training this week. Or maybe I’m just psyching myself out already. I’m just glad I came home to this video that my friend posted on my Facebook page because it made me laugh. Hard.

(If you like the blog’s Facebook page, you’ve already seen this one.)

P.S. If you don’t know how to cook, don’t tell your husband you will make a recipe he found if he goes and picks up the ingredients from the store because he might actually do it. Expect a disastrous recipe post this week.


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18 responses to “Duck Fight Club

  1. Leslie

    LOVE the thought bubbles for the ducks … especially the “I found my contact” … made me laugh out loud. 🙂
    What recipe are you cooking? If I can help you out “long distance” with tips and techniques, let me know.
    Happy Sunday –

    • Paula

      It’s a “meatza.” haha. Only Fabian could want one of those. It turned out good! Too much salt, but thankfully that was the recipes fault. 🙂

  2. You know something? I bet that “bad run” was just because you’re feeling a little burnt out. Just keep your eye on April.

    Oh, and I think that’s Fabian’s bad. He knows you don’t cook. How could we think this time would be any different? Next time he wants to try a recipe, we’ll skype and I’ll talk you through it. 😉

  3. I definitely think you should move downtown! 🙂

  4. I think we should swap houses until let’s say April. Don’t worry about your races, I will run them for you 🙂 Just remember to bring a winter coat, it’s cold here. I don’t mind packing all of my shorts and sandals either to bring 🙂 Deal? 🙂

  5. Sarah S

    Duck fight or duck rape? My husband tells me that’s a thing (gross).

  6. I giggled during the entire Duck Fight description. You are just lucky you didn’t end up in the fray!! Ha!

  7. I also did my first real run in my wave riders over the weekend too…a little bit of pain in my bunion, but I feel like the soles are so bouncy. 14 Miles is legit.

  8. Amber K

    lol, you always have the best pictures. Love the duck’s thoughts.

  9. I am dying of suspense for your disasterous cooking post. I LOVE to read things like this because I am the least domesticated person EVER and it just makes me feel bad when I see all these beautifully made meals on blogger’s walls. My poor husband! I can seriously burn anything.

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  11. Look at your duck drawings! You are a pro!

  12. Misty

    The first rule of duck fight club is you do not talk about duck fight club.

  13. I saw a bunch of fighting ducks around the lake yesterday afternoon and definitely thought of you. I also had a swan refuse to get out of the walking path, which freaked me out because I hear that they attack.

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