The Story of Pants

Two and a half years ago, I never wanted another pet. I previously had 2 guinea pigs (a dad and a daughter) and lost both of them when they were about 4 years old.

Rick went fast and unexpectedly. Six months later, Flossie died but she was a whole different story. The way she died was super traumatizing (no, I didn’t kill her) and I cried like a baby for a week (yes, over a guinea pig). It was just so sad that I didn’t want to go through that again.

One month later, hubs wanted to go to Subway for lunch and I didn’t. He bribed me with promises of petting guinea pigs at the pet store next door. I’m a sucker for pet stores, so I was in. Only there were no guinea pigs to pet. Instead, there were a bunch of baby bunnies. One in particular was sitting in the corner by herself looking especially pathetic.

That’s when we noticed she had one ear, which made her cute times a billion. (The people at the pet store said they think she was born that way since she didn’t have any wound indications.) Then of course to top off the cuteness, she was the only bunny that would let us pet her without running away. (FML)

That’s when I caved like a fat kid at an all-you-can-eat buffet. I wanted a Subway salad. I got a bunny.

She was so young when we bought her (8 weeks) that the pet store wasn’t sure if she was a boy or a girl, so we couldn’t name her. Hubs and I agreed if she was a boy, we would name her George.

But my offering of “Cupcake” or “Sprinkles” for a girl name was vetoed by the hubs because he is lame.

We really wanted to name her so we looked up bunny reproductive parts online and tried to compare them to hers to figure out her sex, but after awhile that just got creepy.

We suspected she was a girl, but decided to wait to name her until we knew for sure. In the meantime, we had to call her something so a friend suggested Bunnypants because it’s gender neutral. We thought it was funny, so Bunnypants it was. Then we got lazy and dropped the “Bunny.”

Once she was fixed and it was confirmed she was a girl, it was nearly impossible to call her anything else because we were so used to calling her Pants. We were kinda bummed that we couldn’t name her George and felt like she should have a girl name of some sort, so we put them together and gave her two names – Georgia Bunnypants.

And that is the story of how we came to own a one-eared bunny named Pants.


If you can’t get enough of Pants, here’s some more posts about her:


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30 responses to “The Story of Pants

  1. I love that Looney Toons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a cute little pink bunny rabbit!

  2. Megan

    OMG. How did I never realize that Pants only has one ear? Remarkable and adorable. The Pants-as-a-baby-bunny photos melted my cold heart faster than a hot coffee. Loved hearing the story!

  3. MAN i just love her. can i please be her godmother, so if something should happen to you and hubs I will take care of her? haha kidding. she is so adorable though. The fact that she is named pants makes her extra adorable by the way!

  4. Sarah S

    This story is perfect. And I would sob over a guinea pig too.

  5. Now I want a one eared bunny too!
    Pants is seriously cute and I’m glad you posted this. You see,since I started following you I thought maybe she just kept one ear down so it was never in the pictures! Apparently I was way off…

  6. Baby Pants!!! Cutest thing ever! I wouldn’t be able to resist either. And I love how you’re such a mama to her. Good thing neither of us has any actual children. I have a feeling we’d be those moms who’re all, “Look how cute my kid is!” and “Junior is such a genius!” Yeah.

  7. that’s the best name. ever. i have never had a bunny before but georgia bunnypants makes me reallyyyy want one!

  8. Where have I been? I never noticed Pants has one ear! Well, she’s adorable. Coincidentally, my step-sister has a Corgi named Pants. Random, huh?

  9. Look how small she was!!! So very cute! I miss having bunnies for pets. I had quite a few growing up. P hasn’t ever had rabbits…I asked him if he wanted a “souvenir” from Atlanta. Think I should come home with a bunny? 😉

  10. OMG PANTS! I love Pants! I saw this on Facebook and I was like must. read. immediately. He was so cute and tiny! But I agree, any animal with a deformity is a million times cuter. I have said it before, and I will say it a million times more, Pants makes me want to go out and buy a bunny asap.

    I had a little gray male bunny growing up named Crispen (like crispy but with an “nnn”). He was awesome. Then my neighbour had to get rid of his bunny named Rupert, so we adopted him. Crispen and Rupert became the best of friends (actually they would hump each other so I suspect they were more than friends). Life was blissful. And then one day they ran away together into the forest. I was heartbroken. I searched my neighbourhood for weeks calling their names, but I never found them. Actually, now that I think about it, a coyote probably got them and I bet my parents just told me they ran away so I wouldn’t be upset 😦
    Thanks for making me sad.
    I still love Pants.

  11. I can never get enough of Pants. She’s just so darn cute! If I thought Geronimo would play nicely, I’d totally get a bunny, too.*

  12. julie

    I never noticed she only had one ear.

  13. Jina @ Behold the Turtle

    I loved the Pants story. She is so darn adorable!

  14. Kate

    Everything I ever wanted to know about Pants! So so sorry I called her a him the other day. How rude of me

  15. Lindsay

    She was SO cute as a baby!! I’m adopting a baby bunny from a rescue organization on Wednesday so I’m pretty excited that you posted this hehe

  16. Love her! She is adorable – one ear & all. 🙂

  17. Amber K

    So adorable! She is such a cute bunny. And that’s such a cool story about how she got her name, I always wondered how you came up with Pants.

    I grew up with dogs, but we always had wild rabbits running around in our backyard. One time we caught one and kept him in an outdoor bunny cage. We found him dead one day and I remember being totally traumatized as a kid. Although for the life of me I can’t remember how he died. I also don’t remember if we ever actually found out his gender or if we just assumed it was a he and I can’t remember if we even named him! Poor bunny.

  18. I love the Pants story! I would have totally gotten her too since she was/is so adorable with the one ear. I think if we ever do a race together we need to make sure we include a stop at a pet store.

  19. I used to have dog named Flossie…love that name!

  20. Rach@ Girl on the Run

    So cute! I’m trying to convince the bf we need to add a pet to our little “family”

  21. I LOVE PANTS! If you lived by me I would totally force you to let me bunnysit when you fly off to races. I had a rabbit when I was in high school but it turned kind of mean and my parents gave it away. How long do rabbits live? I hope a long long time. My next pet will be a tortoise or an elephant or something because I cannot deal with the idea of my pup’s mortality. The idea that he is already a “senior” causes panic attacks at a moment’s notice.

  22. I can’t believe that after seeing countless photos of her in the past, I’d never noticed that she only had one ear! I also didn’t know that her first name was Georgia. What a peach!

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  24. RoadBunner

    omg. The baby bunny photos are too much for me to handle. SQUEE!!!!

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  26. oh man, read this after posting my other comment – her ear is not down, it does not exist. doh! *slaps forehead like an idiot* super cutie pie!!

  27. Jared

    The abominable snowman Bugs Bunny episode runs through my mind all the time when I look at my rabbit. He’s one of a long line of truly amazing rabbit pets.

    Congratulations on adopting Georgia Bunnypants. At one time I had a female bunny who was a bit cranky sometimes (same growl as Bunnypants). She still appreciated a good petting though and was extra well-behaved around my mother (my mom was her favorite person in the whole world).

    Most of what I’ve learned about rabbits over the years is in this free PDF:

    Click to access ThingsToKnowAboutRabbits.pdf

    I’ve refined my rabbit’s diet over the years and have reduced it to:
    Water (unlimited), timothy hay (unlimited), a few dried apple slices (no seeds though, since apple seeds are poisonous), a few dried carrot slices, and a couple handfuls of timothy hay pellets a day. So far this has turned out to be the most stable and compatible diet for any of my rabbits.

    All the best!

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