Winter Park Road Race 2012

Saturday morning, I ran the Winter Park Road Race Distance Dare (10k plus 2). Friday afternoon, I went to see Hunger Games with my best friend. Then we went to dinner at Ale House so we could get our nerd on and chat about all the things we loved and didn’t love about the movie. During our conversation, I had one six too many of these.

Why yes, that is my first Instagram picture, thanks for noticing. And no, that’s not water. Unless you count the ice. Then it’s totally water.

I knew drinking the night before a race was a bad idea but I was having so much fun I couldn’t help myself. I made sure to drink a lot of water along with the alcohol, so that’s something. Then hubs reminded me that I drank and ate much worse in Vegas when I ran the half marathon and that was a longer distance, so I was good to go. (He’s a helpful guy like that.) The fun continued when I ordered another pre-race tummy no-no, the Captain Jack’s Buried Treasure, also known as the greatest dessert in the UNIVERSE.

That dessert went really well with my mini Mint Oreo Blizzard earlier in the day. Smile  Anyway, just know that fun was had all day long, little sleep was gotten, and Saturday morning reared it’s ugly head for a 5:45 wake-up.

When I woke up, I didn’t feel great (surprise, surprise), so I didn’t eat breakfast because I wasn’t sure if I could keep anything down. Instead, I chugged some water, got ready, and waited for Michelle to pick me up.

We made the 15 minute drive to the race start, found parking pretty quickly, and had over a half a mile walk to the start of the first race – the 2 miler. We made it with 5 minutes to spare, cut in front of people at the front of the start line (since there was no start timing, only finish) and we were off.

By the time I got to the first mile marker, I was sure I had already run a mile and a half. That and the fact that eight year olds were passing me the whole time was a little disconcerting. Clock time for the first mile said 8:08 which made me feel all fast and giddy for about 3 seconds. Then I remembered I still had a mile left and wanted to die.

2 Mile Finish: 17:39 (8:50 pace)

Thankfully they had cold water bottles after the 2 miler because I was so thirsty. I took two of them, chugged one, and kept the other one for the 10k. Then I found Michelle chatting with an old co-worker that she randomly ran into. We all talked for a couple minutes and then made our way to the 10k start. (We had a little over 10 minutes between the end of the 2 miler and the start of the 10k.)

We got in the 8:30 pacing area, which is the pace I run in my dreams, so I guess that counts in reality. That’s when we noticed we were behind this guy.

Yeah, those shorts are pinned on both sides so they don’t fall down. Time for new shorts, my friend.

I gotta say, that 2 miler really pooped me out. I was feeling better finally but I was not in the mood to race a 10k at that point. So, I didn’t. I ran what felt comfortable. Sometimes I felt a burst of energy and went faster, sometimes my legs felt heavy and I went slower. A lot of the race was on uneven brick roads, so I spent my time trying not to faceplant.

The course was mostly shaded and I was really familiar with it since it’s where all my training runs with Marathonfest happened last year. It was nice to run some familiar roads. There were a lot of hills, which I didn’t expect. I’m pretty sure my group planned our runs around those because I would have been bitching about them way more last summer if I had to run them all the time.

10k Finish:  1:03:56  (I’m too lazy to figure out that pace. 10:20 ish?)

I know I can race that in under an hour. Maybe next year I’ll try not to drink all night beforehand and make that happen. Either way, that’s a PR because I’ve never run an official 10k before.

After the race, we found Michelle’s friend again. He just ran his first full marathon a couple months ago in Miami.

Someday I’m going to remember to take my headphones off for pictures.

Shortly after, we found Michelle’s husband, Dan, who was there to drop off the kids because he had to get to work. After Dan left, the four of us headed over to the VIP area that Michelle paid extra for because the proceeds go to charity there was beer.

I didn’t pay for VIP, so I stood on the outside of the fence looking in like a lost puppy. I waited with the kids while Michelle got her beer and when she came back, Livie really wanted a sip. I took this picture about 2 seconds after Michelle told her no.

I look the SAME way when I can’t have beer.

We hung around for a bit and did our picture thing. (One metal for the 10k and one for the Distance Dare.)

B played on his iPad the whole time and ignored everything around him while Livie flirted with 2 different guys and fist-bumped 8 strangers twice. The girl is not shy. I would totally take her out with me if I wanted to pick up some guys but not do any of the work.

Then, my favorite race picture of all time happened and my race season was complete.

I was all over that Nesquik bunny. Poor guy.

Overall, I really liked this race. It’s a nice course, close to home, the post race party is fun and has bunnies, and they give you a lot of goodies including an extra medal and a glass for everyone that completed the Distance Dare.

Michelle and I both agreed we’d do this race again, but will probably skip the 2 miler and just stick with the 10k next year.

When I got home, I was feeling especially energetic so I joined the Over-Exercising Bloggers Club and went to Crossfit with the hubs. I thought I’d share this workout since you don’t need any equipment for it. (Pretend your jump roping if you don’t have one and do it as fast as you can (with good form) for a good cardio workout.)

That workout took care of any energy I had left.

So this race officially ends my race season. My next race isn’t until the end of September and there’s only one other I have my eye on for now. I’m not planning my races in advance this year like I did last year. I think I want to do some fun destination races next, but I’m not sure where. So, we’ll see how it goes.  🙂


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21 responses to “Winter Park Road Race 2012

  1. Rachel

    Um… I think you’re forgetting about the Corporate 5K in April. Race season NOT over! My company tent will have beer afterwards & promise I’ll share with you. 🙂

    • Paula

      You are an evil one. I didn’t say yes to the Corporate 5k yet but my work did ask me about it. And then I saw the t-shirts for it and almost died. It’s a runner made out of paper clips with a push pin for a head. SO cute!

  2. Amber K

    Wow, I can’t imagine doing a 10k by itself, let alone after a 2 mile dash like that. Why I’m obsessed with race recaps when I have no plans to ever race still baffles me. But hey, maybe if I could get a hug from the Nesquik bunny, who knows? 🙂

    • Paula

      Haha, maybe these race recaps are slowly turning you into a runner and you don’t know it yet. It’ll sneak up on you when you least expect it. And it’s totally worth a bunny hug.

  3. Awesome bunny hug picture! And, great “last” race of the season!

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend. Congrats on our irst 10K! I should be there Wednesday too!

  5. Awesome job, girl! I love the color of your shorts. I don’t know how you went to Crossfit after. That’s cray cray!

  6. Congrats! I’m so mad that I missed my chance to FINALLY race with you two. But with my husband out of town (and my lack o’ running lately), I just couldn’t swing it this weekend. And I’m pretty jealous — last year, we didn’t get medals for the 10K. Only the Distance Dare people got them. They did medals this year to celebrate the race’s 35th anniversary (hence the glasses, too). So if you do it again, you might not get that sweet medal unless you change your mind about the DD. You know, because the only reason to run races is cool medals and swag.

    And SO jealous of the Nesquik pic. Man, I’m really feeling robbed! That bunny wasn’t there last year either. So rude!

    • Paula

      I know! We got no Momjovi love. We missed you though! And we didn’t get to see Carolina either. Michelle said the DD medal was the same as last year, just with a different date. Those things are pretty cheap looking so I’m ok without it next year. I’ll just run for the glory. (The glory of love.) Yeah, I went Peter Cetera on you.

  7. Hello fave! I feel like it has been a while. I am just doing a big blog catch-up after a week hiatus (my boyfriend and I have broken up so it has been a weird week for me). But let’s talk about things that are less depressing…like your race! You are quite the racer these days!
    Two medals?! Serious score. And I need to find you on instagram immediately so you’ll have to let me know your username.
    That man has NICE SHORTS. Clearly they fit like a glove.

  8. I love that you have pictures of Livie doing her sad beer face and fist bumps. That girl cracks me up. She must get it from Dan.

    I think what I loved most about the race was the cold water (why don’t other races have cold water – it’s always warm?) and those dude’s shorts. Somehow my picture is super close up. I can sense your jealousy. Ok and I loved how you molested the Nesquik Bunny. Poor guy.

    • Paula

      Yeah, she busted out those fist bumps out of nowhere. I’m like, how many of those do you get that you learned to do that? hahaha

  9. Those are quite the shorts on that guy! Maybe he’s saving his money so he can enter races like that one? Either way, congrats on a great race!

  10. I have definitely been known to sacrifice feeling great at a race for fun the night before! It always seems like a great idea until you’re puking at 5am and then you have to go run a half marathon! 🙂 this is interesting, I’ve never heard of a double race like this before. Sounds fun!

  11. That’s guys shorts?! Well, that was just disturbing! *shakes head*

    You sound so much like me. My intentions are always good and I tell myself, “Just one. Or two. Yep, two is the limit.” Four drinks later…..

    How did you like Hunger Games? I thought they did a great job. Jennifer Lawrence rocked the Katniss role!

    • Paula

      There were a lot of things I liked and a lot of things I didn’t like. But overall, I thought it was really good. I wanna write a post about it *so bad* but that would just be one gigantic spoiler of a post and I know a lot of people haven’t seen it yet. Jennifer Lawrence did a great job!

  12. I SO want to eat that dessert through my monitor. Not fair.

    Is the VIP thing new? I don’t remember that from last year.

    And yes, you totally need to do the corporate 5k! Why? Because it starts right in front of my office. And it’s great people watching.

  13. What is in that heavenly dessert?! That looks fabulous. Nice work on your 2+ 10K! Race season is just getting started here in the rainy corner of the country, so your comment about it being the end is crazy to me. 🙂

    • Paula

      Your comment about it just starting is crazy to me! I need to do some destination races for sure. And I love me some Seattle.
      The dessert is a vanilla ice cream pie (cake?) with an Oreo crust. Oreo/Heath crumbles and caramel in the middle and on top, sitting in a big fatty swirl of chocolate. I’ve never had a dessert I’ve liked more. Some have come close, but this one has my heart. And my thighs.

  14. Megan

    Pretty sure you could make a mean drink in that glass you got with your race swag. Just an idea, you know.

    Love Michelle’s daughter’s face. Priceless! That’s how I looked for 40 weeks when I couldn’t drink at all. 😦

    Lastly, you should take an exotic trip to exotic Michigan next racing season, duh! Come see me and Melissa!!

    • Paula

      Yes! I would love an exotic trip to Michigan to run a race. Since you’re out of practice right now, I might be able to catch you. 🙂

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