More Humid Than Humid

Monday night, I went out for a 5 mile run that turned into 3.5 miles. I haven’t run at all in over a week so you’d think it would have been a good run. But no. I was still full from dinner and it was so humid out that I could barely breathe. And I really like breathing. It’s worked out well for me for so many years. Unfortunately, we completely bypassed Winter and Spring and went straight to 90° Summer. Thanks for nothing, Florida.

When I got home and plugged my Garmin in, I noticed my pace wasn’t that bad for hating life out there.

I was just running for some exercise and not trying to maintain a pace, so I was really happy with the numbers. Then I promptly gave myself a high five for being awesome. Now I just need to keep that up for about 22 more miles.  Or even 10 more. I won’t be picky.

After my run, I watched Being Human (the U.S. version) and cried for the last 10 minutes. Did not see that ending coming. Plus, I cry at everything. It’s ridiculous. Season finale is next week and I’m so loving that show and Sam Huntington. How cute is he?

Of course I had to look up everything about him. And in case you’re wondering, his birthday was on Sunday (he’s 30, so he’s totally legal) and he was in 2 episodes of Veronica Mars as Luke. (Who the hell was Luke? I know that show like the back of my hand.) Then, he was in Fanboys, which also starred my girlfriend, Kristen Bell. (You cannot have her, Lindsey.) So, I’m thinking I can use him somehow to get to KB. Unfortunately, I also learned something about him that I cannot unlearn.

Yeah. So I guess he starred in that show that shall not be mentioned.

Now that you know a whole lot about a dude you have never seen before, let’s get back to that humidity thing. I will be getting away from it for a few days since I’m flying out to San Diego today to visit these goofballs.

My brother, niece, and nephews.

And my mama.

I’ve heard San Diego has these things called “hills” and I might even try to run up one of them. But I don’t want to get too crazy. Should be a fun family kind of weekend.


Do you cry during movies/TV shows? (I had to stop watching romance movies and certain dramas because I’m a mess and so worn out afterwards. I own The Notebook and still have never seen it because I know I’ll cry.)


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27 responses to “More Humid Than Humid

  1. I just got back from walking around Lake Eola and it’s official: I hate Florida weather. It should not be this muther f’ing hot in April.

    Whether I cry during a movie depends on the hormones!

    • I wish we worked closer, Victoria. Katy and I just got back from a lunch walk too and I’m still drenched. I had a moment like Ross on Friends. When I went to the bathroom after the walk, I could barely pull my jeans back up because my legs are so sweaty. Where’s Ross with the baby powder when I need him?

      Paula — sorry I just hijacked your post for a conversation with V. Back to your post, have a great trip! I’ve been to San Diego once and I wanted to marry its weather. That ocean breeze will feel so good when you’re running! I didn’t run there — just drank. So I can’t speak to its hills but whenever I go home to Pa., the hills kill me.

      And I cry at everything these days. The most frustrating is when I cry at the damn Publix holiday commercials. Why do they turn me into such a blubbering fool? Seriously.

  2. I do plan to watch the US version of Being Human, I think I watched an ep or two…it’s just weird being that I watched the UK version. Anyway, I’m so not glad that I had to learn that about the character also. My eyes, my eyes….

    Have fun on your trip to visit the fams…guess you aren’t going to be in O-town this weekend?

    And can anyone help with my wordpress blog? I moved it over from blogger (imported) but instead of coming over all pretty…all pics, styling (bold, italics, etc), fonts, links…came over as code. It’s so hideous! 76 posts that I’m about to delete and just say F-it…they can live on blogger…if there’s not some magic (minimally to less than moderately difficult) fix for it. THANKS all Paula’s blogger friends!

  3. Oh, forgot to mention, I cry at everything, even cartoons. Sappy sad and sometimes super happy things.
    AND I love that picture of the US…so’s too warm here, too. Was in the 90s WTF! It’s April…I am farther N…summer’s come early!

  4. You sealed the deal on Kristen Bell when you called dibs on Paul Rudd. Sorry.
    However, I TOTALLY forgot about Sam Huntington…Definitely had the biggest crush on him when I was a tween. LOVED him in Jungle 2 Jungle, and there was another movie that I idolized him in that I can’t think of right now. Thank you for bringing back my crush. Even in Beardo form. I am so glad puberty didn’t break him, as I worry about this (look at JTT!)

    I was completely lured in by your title. More human than human what?!
    Your mama is beautiful!!!

  5. I remember the last time you tried to run in San Diego–you hated it. Especially the hills. 🙂 But maybe you’ll turn over a new leaf this time??? At least you get to escape the humidity. It’s not even that humid here yet and my hair is already rebelling. Life is so damn hard.

  6. I cry a lot more now than ever. I found myself tearing up in the Hallmark store while shopping for a Father’s Day card for my dad. What a blubblering weenie I am.

  7. Wasn’t Luke the one that was trying to smuggle steriods from Mexico for the body builder guy? This is only cause I’m currently in the process of watching these shows that I might know this.

    Have fun in San Diego… and just watch the Notebook, you will cry but it’s good.

  8. Girl, you will cry yourself into your very own pool of tears if you watch The Notebook. I sob every time, but I just can’t quit it.

  9. I cry at everything too. Ugh.
    Have fun in SD!!! 🙂

  10. Shannon

    Here’s the only way to avoid hills in San Diego. Start running in Carlsbad or Encinitas. Run south on the coast and stop before you hit Torrey Pines. Call someone to pick you up :).

    • Paula

      LOL – Funny. That’s where I am. My mom lives in Encinitas and my brother in Carlsbad. So technically I could do that. Maybe I’ll call you to pick me up.

  11. kathleen@runderbykat

    When I download movies to watch at the gym on my kindle it has to pass the “There’s no way in hell I’ll cry while watching this.” Example: I really wanted to watch Up but then I realized I cry for at least 79% of the movie so treadmill + crying does not = good workout. Now I just watch 24… haven’t cried yet.

    • Paula

      I’ve made that mistake before! So I need to stick with terrible shows on the CW. Tho, they make me want to cry sometimes. Because they are so bad.

  12. Sarah S

    I was never a crier during movies until I was pregnant. Then I would sob at everything, especially every episode of Buffy. It all seemed so sad!

  13. Have fun in California…my home state!

  14. Katie G

    It’s not just you. I cry at crappy dramatic stuff I see coming from a mile away. Hell, my brother-in-law cries at everything, even those Publix holiday commercials. You’re not alone.

  15. i hate sappy movies usually to be honest but I cry during the notebook. like a baby. or any movies where animals get hurt. I cried during City Slickers when the baby cow started floating down the river haha. I still havent brought myself to watch Marley & Me either. I dont think Id make it through that movie.

  16. Laura WL

    I will be in SD too! I surprised my husband with a week in La Jolla on the beach for his 30th bday and we leave on Saturday morning. I have a 12 miler (currently marathon training) on Sunday and am planning to drop off our rental car and then run from the airport back to our rental with most of the run being along (or as close as I can get to) the beach. (Yes I am crazy.) I live in the Pacific NW, so hills aren’t the problem. I am more worried about what to wear in 70 degree weather! (FYI that 70 degrees is WARM for us up here. ;-)) Have a great weekend!

    • Paula

      Oh, I love the mall in La Jolla! When I get there, I never want to leave. It is magical. Weather is perfect for running right now so you will love it!

  17. Should I watch being human? I’ve never heard of it. What channel is it on? Have a great trip!

    • Paula

      There’s a British version on BBC and an American version on FX. The American version is only in season 2. It’s really good. It’s about a ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf that live together. Sounds silly, but it’s great.

  18. Mz. Teri

    I totally cried when I watched The Notebook… and you will cry too. Oh yes, you will.

    I teared up during the last part of Being Human as well. Oh, and I thought the part with the ghosts temporarily reappearing during the eclipse was really lame. Otherwise, I’m totally lovin this show!

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