I'm Breaking Up with Ben Stiller

Greetings from San Diego. Smile

I want to marry the weather here. Everything is better. Including the weeds.

Lilies are the weeds in my mom’s backyard. She didn’t plant them. They’re just growing all over the place.  (Is that Instagram picture better, Miss Picky Pants?)

I made it here uneventfully. Unless you count the part where I missed my connecting flight in LA because my first flight landed 5 minutes before the connection was scheduled to leave. About 8 of us missed it,  so you’d think American would delay their flight for that many people. I mean, they had no problem with the first flight leaving 30 minutes late. Jerks.

While scrunched in the center seat for 5 hours, I read Volume 5 and 6 of Walking Dead. That crap is getting seriously awesome and surprisingly graphic. Michonne is one crazy-ass character (she’s the chic in the cloak at the end of Season 2). I cannot wait for next season.

I had a Diet Coke on the flight.

Coke Light? Whaaa? Is this a new thing? It tasted just like Diet Coke. Are they changing the name?

Then I watched Tower Heist, the in-flight movie.

I felt like I should just finish the movie since I was trapped on a plane and the TVs were in my face, but I’m fairly certain I would have turned that crap off after an hour if I were watching it at home.

I think the sun has set on me and Ben Stiller’s relationship. I used to love him and think he was hilarious. I would see ALL of his movies. Now, I can’t stand him unless he’s doing a Tom Cruise impression. What happened to us, Ben?

Love or hate Ben Stiller? (I gotta stick with his old school stuff like Reality Bites and Cable Guy. Ok, I loved Tropic Thunder too.)


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18 responses to “I'm Breaking Up with Ben Stiller

  1. Tower Heist sucked soo hard. I wonder if he was just really, really hard up for cash. Ugh.

  2. I’ve always been on the fence about Ben Stiller, but just from the previews, I could see how Tower Heist could be the nail on the coffin for him. Enjoy San Diego!

  3. meh he is so-so. i like him in dodgeball and heavyweights (pretty much the same character in a way, no?) but hated zoolander (it was tooo off for me). also liked him in something about mary. randoms

    • Paula

      Oh yeah! I did love Dodgeball but I hated Zoolander too. Everyone I know seems to love that movie. And yeah, Something About Mary I think goes in his “old school” category. That’s a classic, even though it took me seeing t 3x to love it.

  4. Erin

    I’m on the Ben Stiller dislike train. My daughter and I saw him in a play in NYC last summer. Twenty or so fans stood by the stage door after in the hopes of getting an autograph or a picture but instead he went out a different door, snuck into his car and drove off. We went back the next night and he did the same thing. One day he’ll wish twenty people were waiting for him.

  5. I didn’t even click on Miss Picky Pants, but I’m assuming that’s to me. And yes, it is better. So thank you.

    Old school Ben Stiller, yes. Something About Mary? Classic. And Tropic Thunder and Dodgeball, too. But it seems like he’s been on a serious downturn lately.

    I think Coke Light is what they call it in Europe, so I’m pretty sure you just got served imported Coke. You fancy, huh?

  6. Shannon

    Yeah, that movie was not good. I thought it was going to be awesome!!! Major boo.

  7. Coke Light is what they call Diet Coke in Europe so maybe it’s leftover from a Trans-Atlantic flight?

    I’ve never loved Ben Stiller per se, but Zoolander is in my top 10 movies of all time. Sad but true. So thanks to that (and Tropic Thunder, which I inappropriately love), he’ll always have a special place in my heart.

    But I’ve always found him odd looking. I’m not sure how anyone is ever supposed to buy him as a romantic lead … particularly for Cameron Diaz.

    Enjoy the trip!

  8. I think I started putting Ben Stiller on the “no” list when he started doing those Museum and Meet the Parents sequels. He’s just trying too hard. I prefer him in bit parts – where can be over the top and then go away.

    You are not allowed to move to San Diego. I need someone to race with – so don’t get any ideas.

  9. I absolutely loved Ben Stiller in Dodgeball, Zoolander, and Meet the Parents. He was hilarious! I think his recent movies haven’t been the best. I haven’t seen Tower Heist but the commercials looked funny. Good to know that I shouldn’t waste my time! Enjoy San Diego 🙂

  10. Ron

    Hahahaha…Coke Light. That’s what they have here in Germany. I think they use a slightly different artificial sweetener (not sure about that) but they definitely put in more carbonation. One of those and I’m set for my RDA of bloat.

  11. Sarah S

    I sometimes like Ben Stiller (Keeping the Faith was one of his better ones), but I LOVE Tropic Thunder. In fact, I’m going to make my husband watch it with me today.

  12. Katie G

    I really like Mystery Men, but I think it was more for the ensemble cast than Stiller himself. Agree with Michelle–small and/or controlled parts are fine, but for me he’s the same as Jack Black, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, et al: If you let them loose, they cease being funny and just become unbelievably irritating.

  13. Amber K

    I have never liked Ben Stiller. In fact I can’t think of a single movie he’s done that I’ve liked. Okay, I just checked IMDB and the only thing he’s done that I like is Madagascar. And technically that was just his voice… 😉

  14. I just watched that movie too and was not impressed. Those special effects were baaadddd. And that whole thing with the car on the elevator?! WHAT! There will never be another Zoolander.

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  16. Awe…I don’t have any plans to watch Tower Heist…and not sure your review encourages me. Especially when you had a really soft spot for Ben Stiller (which I personally do not). O’well. Glad it looks like you had a great vacation with your family!

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