Bad to Good

Yesterday, hubs and I went to a Crossfit workout. Once the workout began, I felt super weak and dehydrated. My form was bad and the first set felt like the last set should feel. Our trainer noticed I wasn’t exactly killing it, so he had me do 3 rounds instead of 4. Hubs went on to do the 4 rounds which totally bummed me out because I couldn’t keep up. That didn’t set a good tone for the rest of the day. Either way, the workout was still good (even if I sucked at it) and share-worthy:

In case you’re wondering what a body row looks like < —– click that.

I did progressive push-ups again. If you don’t remember my amazing progressive push-up how-to < —– click that.

Alright, so let’s back it up a bit. I gained 4 lbs on vacation last week. Like, real pounds. Not those water weight pounds that disappear after a week of eating healthy and working out. I know this because I’m still up 4 lbs today. It’s been weighing on me, not only physically, but mentally. So, the weight gain coupled with not being able to finish that workout pretty much shit all over my day. I was just so sad all day long. I had plans with friends that night that I wanted to cancel. Basically, I wanted to sit on the couch and mope.

After talking to my trainer, we think one of my problems is hydration. Now that I’m not running, I forget that I still need to drink water.  So, I went to the grocery store planning to get bottles of water (bottles remind me to drink it for some reason) and healthy meals and snacks for next week. But the only thing I cared about was cream cheese frosted brownies and anything containing the word Entenmmans.


And then it happened. Right in the middle of the grocery store, I just felt like giving up. I eat well most of the time. I workout out more than 99% of the people I know and I just felt like it was getting me nowhere. There may have been a few tears in front of the clearance Easter candy, which made me feel super awesome. I do NOT do emotional in public. I walked down aisles looking downward so no one would notice. I was a mess.


Then a woman that was so overweight she couldn’t walk rolled past me on one of those motorized scooters and made me feel like an asshole. So, I sucked it up, left the brownies on the shelf, and decided not to cancel my plans that night.

I wasn’t going to drink. But I changed my mind about that too. Because watching people drink is probably more depressing than gaining 4 lbs. So, I had drinks at a friend’s house and then I had 3 delicious pieces of extra cheese/extra pepperoni pizza…at midnight.

And the weirdest thing happened when I woke up this morning: I didn’t regret it. Seriously, I am the queen of regretting Saturday nights. But hanging out with friends and not worrying about everything that goes in my mouth (twss?) was worth it.

I took advantage of my good mood this morning and went to a spin class at a new place I found through an Amazon local deal. (10 spin classes for $45 – holy cheap!)

The place is awesome. It’s not close to my house but it’s kinda worth it. They have Keiser bikes which show your mileage, calories burned, watts, RPMs, and time. The room has 2 big screens at the front that show psychedelic images that move to the music. (I think it would be cool if they showed an outdoor scenic bike trip on the screens.)

And the best part of all? They black out the room and turn on black lights. The fluorescent paint on the walls “light” up the room. It’s so fun. I think spin and I are having a little love affair right now.

After class, I was in an even better mood. I wasn’t worried about the 4 lbs that are making my pants tighter or the fact that running and I aren’t on speaking terms. I guess my point to all this is, everyone has shitty days and it’s not the end of the world.

So, today is all about drinking water and wearing elastic. And I’m ok with that.


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22 responses to “Bad to Good

  1. I happy about 2 things – 1) You used the gif. I ❤ Jensen and 2) You put down the brownies. At least the pizza is REAL food. Sure it's bread, cheese, pepperoni, and grease – but it's not sugar. I think that's progress 🙂

    I introduced Dan to spin today. I think he might be a fan 🙂 <–Hee.

    • Paula

      Yes! I wanted to source it but couldn’t since you sent it in email. I can look at that gif all day long. LOL to Dan spinning. I just suggested it to Fabian and he snickered. You could try out my place sometime for free, btw, if you ever want to join me.

      • I will have to try it out with you sometime – I miss spinning together!

        Dan will attest that the spin class was no joke. At looked over him at one point and I thought he was going to fall off the bike. Is it wrong that I loved kicking his ass?

        • Paula

          If it is, I don’t want you to be right. It took me 30 min to get home and my face was still red. I think I got my ass handed to me in spin today too!

  2. Stretch pants are amazing.

    Yesterday I felt fine at my workout then came home and put on real clothes and felt like my entire back was nothing but rolls.

    I hate life when it does that to you.

    You look amazing and you work out like a champ! Don’t forget you have admires bitch.

  3. oh holy hell I can now comment on your posts.


  4. Gaining weight can be frustrating. I am up a few pounds since I lost my job. There is something about spending the majority of your time in pajama pants and feeling bad for yourself that will do it. (It could also be all the Easter candy.)

    I’m glad you ended up feeling better.

  5. I’ve never taken a spin class but that sounds like a lot of fun.
    Good on you for putting down the brownies, girl! That takes some will power. I’m bad at hydration too…In fact tonight’s hydration post long run is a beer. But beer is like 99% water, right? 😉

  6. I have been there SO many times when I have a downward, self-imposed shame spiral in the middle of wherever-the-BLEEP-I-happen-to-be-standing, and want to throw in the towel and just be a slob the rest of my life. Today I was with you on the rehydration, focus on making better decisions, getting off my own back. I swear, if we saw someone talking to another person the way we talk to ourselves, we’d call the cops after bitch-slapping them!

  7. I really want to try out spinning classes. Let me know next time you go, I’ll come with to check it out!

  8. awesome attitude!! i’m so good at moping around. it takes a serious kick in the butt to get my mood changed. but hey! it happens to everyone so i’m glad you’re better now 🙂

  9. That spin class sounds awesome! Glad it was able to pick you up. I’ve definitely had similar breakdowns before. It’s normal to be hard on yourself. Just keep those endorphins flowing and don’t get crazy monitoring the scale!

  10. Amber K

    I totally go back and forth between caring too much when I gain weight and realizing I need to just get back to a healthier mindset. I often want to just throw in the towel, but then I realize that it doesn’t really matter what my weight is as long as I can continue to do what it is I want to do. If I can’t be as active as I want, I know I need to fuel my body with some proper food.

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  12. David

    For those pesky extra pounds, try the feeding tube diet (totally not weird at all) ––abc-news-health.html

  13. Ugh. Sorry, I am a terrible friend and am just reading this. You should have called or texted me!!! I have SO been there. But I’m really glad you were able to move past it and enjoy your Saturday night and a kickass spin class yesterday. And now we are sugarless buddies, so there’s no way we can fail. Yes, we are pretty much unstoppable.

    • Paula

      Yeah, it wasn’t my best moment. But if I’m already crying, talking about it makes me cry more. So I need to do stuff to get my mind off of it. So I bought myself a new toothbrush. Which I used today instead of eating sweets! #SugarlessBuddies4eva

  14. Adrianna

    awesome outlook, and kudos for accepting a bad day and realizing it. you are hella fit, and your new haircut/color looks fantastic!
    this week I had a patient ask me if I was pregnant. I may have cried in the office a little, and yes it’s still bugging thenshit out of me. high-waisted pants and a lunch-bloated belly fairs no good. plus a few lbs…anywho, I’ve tried to realize I’m doing mostly healthy stuff and just to keep on keepin on.
    and we have those bikes at my gym and I love them!

    • Paula

      OMG. People never cease to amaze me. I would have cried too. Too bad you were at work and have to watch what you say because I would have given that patient a lesson in tact. And yes! Keep doing what you’re doing. And if anything use her comment as motivation to acheive whatever goal you have. 🙂

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