A Week of Workouts

I kicked some workout boo-tay this week. Yep. I did. Thanks for asking.

Jeez. Babies are rude. I’m gonna talk about it anyway. Here that rude baby?

I don’t normally list my workouts but this week I actually doubled up three times, which means I, hater of all mornings, woke up early three times. So, that makes me feel all proud and junk. *pats self on back* So here we go:

  • Monday: Martial arts fitness class (45 min)
  • Tuesday: 5 mile run in the morning. 1 hour strength training in the evening.
  • Wednesday: 3.25 mile run in the morning. 1 hour spin class in the evening.
  • Thursday:  Rest. Stuffed my face instead.
  • Friday:  5.25 mile run in the morning. 3 mile sprint workout in the evening.

The sprint workout on Friday is one that my trainer gave me a long time ago. You can adjust it to your own fitness level and I like it because it’s pretty mindless. I don’t have to look at a sheet constantly to do it. I just need to pay attention to the seconds on the treadmill. It’s a good one for when your short on time but want to feel (and look) like you worked out for an hour.

Since I wanted to get more miles in, I increased my sprint time to 45 seconds (with a 1:15 recovery) and added 5 minutes to the workout time. My sprints are generally at a 9.2-9.5 (between a 6:31 and 6:14 pace) and my recovery is a 4.0 walk. Before you all think, “oh crap, she’s running again!”, just know I’m only running because that’s what’s easiest in the morning. Not necessarily because I want to or I’m enjoying it. I’m gonna keep up the double workouts for another 2 or 3 weeks since they seem to be working but running and I are still on a break. We’re just on speaking terms now.

After the workout Friday, hubs and I went out for some beers with our personal trainer, Linda.

I know that seems like an oxymoron but at least I had a salad with my beers and at one point we mentioned working out. So I think it counts as healthy.

Today, hubs and I did a Crossfit workout. We literally didn’t think we could make it through the whole thing. It was a 30 minute workout and 10 minutes into it, we were dying. So we took it 5 minutes at a time and decided at the end of every 5 minutes if we were going to keep going. It was that hard.

After the first set took me the full minute, my trainer (the other one, not Linda) made me do the modified version. With the modified version, I had about 10-15 seconds to rest before I had to start the next set and it still kicked my ass. You can go ahead and do the math on how many reps that ends up being. I’d do it but it might make me cry.

Now I need to get something productive done. I haven’t done anything on my to do list this week, which is unusual for me. I’m probably the only person I know that can workout that that much and still feel lazy.


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20 responses to “A Week of Workouts

  1. Look at you go! You are on a working out roll. That CrossFit workout actually does look like it makes me want to cry a little bit. The pull ups would be the worst for me. Mine was fun today….5 rounds of 4oom run and 10 tire flips!

  2. w00h00 for double workouts! You’re insane to do the morning thing. I SUCK at mornings. Let me know if it gets easier. I’ll let you be the guinea pig.

  3. Sarah S

    Babies are rude. Mine keeps farting on me. Great workouts! That Crossfit one makes me want to cry just thinking about it.

  4. Verlin

    Good for you! Sounds as though you are back on track. I’m going to try the treadmill sprint workout.

  5. Amber K

    Wow, that looks like a hardcore workout! I think I’ll snuggle up with my blanket and read some more blogs this morning instead… 😉

  6. Go You! Seriously…two a days are rough. Most people would be inspired to try, but I’ll just chill and give you a fist pump because it’s not going to happen up in here.

    I also have been getting “modified” workouts…is it an insult? I dunno, but I’m not about to be too proud to modify the crap out of something crazy. Modified is better than not at all, right?

    • Paula

      You do not need to double up ever because you already look amazing. oh, and my body definitely doesn’t feel like I modified anything. I am ridiculously SORE. But I guess modifying gives us something to work up to, right?

  7. Nice work this week! And, I always feel like an Olympian or something when I get up early to work out. 🙂 I’ve been wanting to try Cross Fit, but I’m too scared to try. Maybe some day.

    • Paula

      It does look intimidating but I swear it is so much fun. You should try it! Plus, you feel like a bad ass afterwards.

  8. Very, very impressive training, Paula! I think even 10 minutes of that Crossfit workout would have been more than I could handle!

  9. Whoa you are a workout machine! Nice week! And very impressive with the getting up early. I did it only once!

  10. I’m exhausted just reading your workouts. Great job waking up early!

  11. Thanks! PR Partaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy! When are we running together? I can stop by anytime, lol.

    That is my second pair of the Adizero Bostons. I am in the market for new shoes and will try out the Boston 3’s (they’re red, I think?) but also a couple Sauconys. I run trails in Sauconys and couldn’t be happier. Plus I’m all about their latest marketing campaign: Find your strong!

  12. Two-a-days? That’s pretty hardcore! I bow to the master.*

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