Will Power

Last night, I went to the monthly Central Florida Lady Bloggers meet up. Michelle picked me up after work and we headed to Baldwin Park.

Now that I’m making an attempt to be a good girl and not the town drunk, it worked out well that we all met at the Uptown Park Wine Bar. No temptation there. Nope. None.

About 10 ladies showed up this time and we all sat around chatting and laughing. I really tried to make a conscious effort in taking better quality pictures but somehow I ended up with three of these.

Did I mention I wasn’t drinking? Oh, I did? Well, everyone else was enjoying frosty beverages. They looked horrible. And by horrible, I mean delicious.

I missed out on a black cherry cider that everyone was drooling over and I even missed out on a group mango sake bomb. I don’t like mango flavored anything but I’m pretty sure I could have made an exception.

Then I may have tweeted about it.

[blackbirdpie id=”195666331201310720″]

The good news is, you were all really supportive of my non-drinking with your encouraging responses.

[blackbirdpie id=”195666445252825088″]

[blackbirdpie id=”195685777064206338″]

[blackbirdpie id=”195682793781600256″]

The three of you are going to be my new best friends once my pants fit, ok?

Anyway, we all had a good time as usual. I love all these girls. Seriously, if you are a blogger and haven’t been to a blogger meet-up, you need to find one or create one in your own town. They are so fun. Unless you’re in Orlando of course, then come to ours. 🙂

Afterwards, a few Michelle got late dinner at a sushi restaurant next door. And guess what? I didn’t drink all night.  *cue oohs and ahhhs*

I’m coming for you work pants in my closet. And you’re gonna zip whether you like it or not.


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23 responses to “Will Power

  1. Wow Paula! I am both proud of you and disappointed in you. You are a strong girl! But you can’t have fun if you’re not boozed up, it’s just impossible…thought you knew that.

    I am always so jealous of your Orlando meetups! That is it. We need a Toronto blogger meet up asap. Looks like a fun time for sure (and I will be drunk).

    • Paula

      You should create a meet up! You would love it too since you’re such a social butterfly. And it’s true, booze makes everything more fun. Including me. 🙂

  2. It blows being “responsible” and not drinking. I’m impressed that you abstained the entire night. I think I’ve managed that once in my life. Usually if I am “abstaining” I “abstain” by only have 2 or 3 drinks. or 4. Just not enough to get drunk. So apparently I suck at being responsible.

    I think I will move to Orlando so I can hang out with you guys, it looks fun. And you look so cute!

    Sorry this comment is all over the place, I have Friday “is it time to go yet” brain.

    • Paula

      You just made me so happy. Most people I know are passed out at 4 drinks. That’s like, the warm up to drinking for me. Kinda like a side salad before your meal. 🙂
      And YES. Come to Orlando!

      • ugh. glad it’s not just me. i always feel like such an alcoholic because i drink way more than most of the girls that i know… and i know that side salads pre-meal are supposed to “make you more full” so that you don’t eat the entire meal, but they’ve not once deterred me from devouring an entire plate of whatever goodness my main meal is.

        • Paula

          Yes! Also, I’m fully capable of drinking 4 glasses of water beforehand and still being able to eat my whole meal. Water does not fill me up. It does make me run to the bathroom more which is annoying because then I have to leave my meal for a couple minutes.

          • Hollow leg blogger meetup in Orlando? Count me in. I feel so much better knowing that 4 drinks doesn’t make me an alcoholic, just clearly as awesome as you two.

  3. Wait wait WAIT. You even had a designated driver???!!!! That makes it so much worse! Although I understand, as I am also in an epic battle of my pants fitting vs. all-the-beers-I-love-are-10,000-calories.

  4. Sarah S

    I’m surprised no one accused you of being pregnant. For some reason, that’s usually the first thing people assume if you don’t drink.

  5. I am proud of you! Wait, that sounds like something a mother would say. Let’s not talk about how I just ate two two bite brownies and a puff wheat square and it’s not even 10am yet. Oh boy

  6. Many ‘o times I’ve been the DD for just such a reason – can’t afford new pants. Cheaper all the way around.

  7. So bummed I had to miss last night! I’m at the next one…with a drink!

  8. Mz. Teri

    Paula, my very good and dear friend, I think you’re taking this obsession a bit too far. I think it’s time for an intercession! 😉

  9. Amber K

    I hate being around temptation like that! Although my temptation usually comes in the form of baked goods that are just full of gluten and ice cream that I have no good excuse not to eat… 😉

  10. Did I ever tell you that you’re my hero? No seriously. I just sang the praises of your crazy strong willpower in my post about last night. I bow down to your greatness. Plus, you’re still just as fun sober as when I’m forcing you to do shots. When we both lose our desired amount of LBs, we’ll celebrate with at least a shot or two. They taste better than cake! Mmmm, cake shots.

  11. I cut carbs *once* and drank only vodka. Is that similar?

    It was great meeting you and the rest of the ladies last night!

  12. Lee

    I didn’t drink for the month of January and it totally sucked.

  13. Verlin

    I had to scroll back up to the top to make sure I was on the right blog when I got to the “no drinking” part. Willpower in overdrive.

  14. You motivate me. I am going to try this method. Starting tomorrow…I’ve already drank today. Oops…

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