Three Things Thursday

I’m getting less and less sleep every night and yesterday morning I didn’t wake up to my alarm. I even skipped my workout last night in lieu of a nap, but just ended up watching more Breaking Bad. To say I’m addicted to that show might be an understatement. It’s like I can’t.stop.watching. Or talking about it for that matter. But if this girl can talk about Hunger Games incessantly for 2 months, then I can talk about Breaking Bad.

Hubs and I finished season 3 last night. Then of course we couldn’t go to bed with that cliffhanger in our minds, so we had to watch the first episode of season 4. There are only a few shows that have ever been this addicting to me. Season 1 of Lost, season 1 of Dexter (which forced me to get Showtime for all the other seasons), the first 3 seasons of Nip/Tuck, the whole series of Battlestar Galactica (not kidding), and Veronica Mars. I guess I just love shows that end in cliffhangers every week because that’s what they all have in common. (Am I the only one? What shows have you been addicted to?)

I also might be slightly obsessed with Jesse Pinkman.

(He totally deserved that Emmy. That man is like Leo DiCaprio when he cries.)

Add him to my future husband list! He’s an inch shorter than me, but if Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes can make it work, so can I.

So today I bring you the three things I need now that I’m addicted to Breaking Bad.

This Coin

I don’t even know if that’s a real thing for sale, but I need it. In fact, it should be made into a race medal so there can be a Breaking Bad themed marathon and I can run it. Then at the end of the race, you get kisses from your favorite cast members. This is genius! Why do I have to think of everything?

These Nails

It has a little crystal meth nail! See? Drugs can be adorable.

These Shoes

These are real, yo. They also have special edition Converse for Dexter and Walking Dead. I probably wouldn’t wear these in public though. OR WOULD I?

I can’t wait to get through Season 4 because then I’ll be able to sleep again. Or I’ll just be annoyed that I have to wait till summer for Season 5. AMC is airing the first 8 episodes in 2012 and then the last 8 in 2013. Ugh. WHY do they break seasons up like that? And it’s going to be the last season. *sniff*

Alright, it’s almost lunch time. I need to go buy Corn Pops now that I know Jesse used to eat them.


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22 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. I love Breaking Bad. I don’t know many people that watch it though! Season 5 starts soon right? I need to rewatch 4 again so I can get all caught up. If I remember correctly, it was a pretty awesome season. I LOVE Marie on that show, she’s such a nut. (and girl loves purple)

    • Paula

      This summer! July maybe? And Marie DOES love purple. I never even thought of that until you said something.


    One thing we haven’t discussed yet — do you hate Walter Jr. as much as I do? My husband tells me I’m cruel, but I say it has nothing to do with his CP. It has to do with how annoying he is with his damn breakfasts and mood swings. He just seems so awkward when he busts out an F bomb.

    I also hate Skyler but love her shop-lifting sister. And Hank is amazing.

    We need to have a Breaking Bad club. It’d be far more interesting than some book clubs.

    And do you hear the “ding ding” of the crazy ass uncle in your nightmares? Because I do. One of these days, that’s going to be my Halloween costume. It’s the most terrifying thing ever.

    • Paula

      I liked Walt Jr for the first 2 seasons but then he started getting on my nerves in season 3 trying to get the parents back together. Skylar is just ok to me. I love Hank. And I love that one hitman that’s usually helping Walt. They have this dry humor thing that’s awesome. And OMG, the dinging. That DINGING. Thank you for reminding me of that. *hears dings now*

  3. Dude – I remember him from the pops commercials! I knew he looked familiar.

    I can’t comment on this addiction/obsession yet. But soon.

  4. Michelle M

    I was that way with Breaking Bad too. I got the first 3 seasons for Christmas and watched them all in about a week. I’m pretty sure my kids all went hungry that week because I couldn’t be bothered.
    Now I’m patiently waiting to see if someone will get me season 4 for my birthday.

  5. How dare you leave out our favorite Geek Squad super-agent show in that list! For shame!


    I also can’t believe the show didn’t have a special edition shoe because… know…

    • Paula

      Oh, I love me some Chuck. But I wasn’t addicted to Chuck. There’s a difference! I might be addicted to Zachary Levi, though. 😉

  6. Amber K

    My husband is totally obsessed with that show. The last time I was really obsessed with a show was when I watched Lost and Veronica Mars on Netflix. Although I didn’t like the endings of either one!

    • Paula

      To be fair, Veronica Mars didn’t get a chance to end. It was cancelled. They ended with a cliffhanger in hopes they’d get a 4th season, but it didn’t happen. I was majorly bummed too because that’s my fave show of all time.

  7. Shannon

    Okay, I’m so glad you posted this. Just yesterday, I was saying that I wanted to spend all weekend long laying around, watching some tv show. Back to back episodes all. day. long. You’ve solved my major mental conundrum of the week.
    And Jesse Pinkman is sexy, sexy pants. Meeee-yowwww!!!

  8. We just started watching Breaking Bad over the weekend…and to say we are hooked is an understatement! I think we’ve watched no less than 4 episodes per evening since Sunday!

  9. I really really miss having a show that I am ridiculously obsessed with like Lost. I have a hole in my life that can only be filled with Lost!

  10. Really digging the green of those nails. I haven’t seen this show………hmmm.

  11. Kate

    Oh my goodness Breaking Bad is amazing. We finished the fourth season a while back and have been stuck reading “theories” of what’s going to happen in season 5. I’m like excited for you to finish season 4; that’s how good it is.

  12. Lesley

    I’ve been obsessing over Breaking Bad, too. Jesse Pinkman is awesome (totally Kafkaesque). Aaron Paul is very talented, bitch!
    I watched the entire series over a long weekend, and the ending to season four is badass. I’m excited for season five.

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  14. I KNEW you would love this show! It is so fucking good!
    Can’t get enough of Jesse Pinkman either….I do not care that he is so small that I could give him a piggy back ride. I love him so.

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