I’ve been in a bad mood for at least a week now. I’m not sure what my problem is. Well, I do know (besides that I just ended a sentence with is). It’s a little bit burn out from exercise, a little bit that my pants are too tight, a little bit lack of sleep, and a little bit that this just happened.

Not only do I hate sparkling water. It hates me.

I noticed this afterwards.

I think drinking too much diet pop is part of what’s making me feel like crap lately, so I thought I’d try sparkling water in an effort to get off “the juice.” I hated Diet Coke when I first tried it and made myself like it so I could stop drinking so much regular Coke. I think I can do the same thing with sparkling water because it’s not the worst thing ever. But we are not starting off well. And I’m so tempted to mix Splenda in it so I can remain in the artificial sugar induced coma I have grown to love.

Anyway, when I’m moody, it involves a lot of pouting and a lot of anti-social behavior. Eventually, I get back to my normal, cheerful, snarky self but in the meantime, nothing makes me happy.

I feel you, kitty.

After taking 3 consecutive days off from working out (which never happens), I got back at it on Saturday with a weight training workout. And man, it was nice to lift weights again. I felt good the whole time and didn’t want to die afterwards. My trainer even said, “you must be eating” since I had so much energy. So thank you rest days and bacon cheeseburgers for getting me through that one.

The next day, my shoulders, back, and hammies were begging for sweet mercy because they were so sore. I love when you can feel yourself getting stronger. Here’s what I did:

(Graphic examples of: good mornings, dead lifts, bent over rows)

Last night, I wanted to go shopping but hubs guilted me into Crossfit. Our trainer told me I looked tired during the workout, which is fun when you feel like you’re exerting all the energy you have. At least I felt better afterwards.

Tonight, I have another workout planned and I’m so not in the mood. I guess this is when planning your workouts in advance comes in handy – you have to stick to them because someone is expecting you to show up. I need to get out of this funk soon. Hopefully before I hear my co-worker’s “Gooooooood morning, Vietnam!” ring tone again. Because nothing good is in store for that co-worker.


P.S. If you haven’t sent me your bad hair pictures yet, remember to do that!




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14 responses to “Moody

  1. Woomp woomp…. Snap out of it or I’m going to continue to send you pictures of half naked men. And that is THREAT.

    • Paula

      Just for that I’m going to continue to be moody. I’ll take some pictures of Aaron Paul next. *waits by inbox*

  2. i have been in a funk as well, which was slightly alleviated when i went to vegas for five days and has now returned in full force. i hate that.

    but you should snap out of it like michelle said. and michelle, you can threaten me with half-naked man pictures too so long as they are ATTRACTIVE half-naked men. šŸ™‚

  3. I am contemplating not working out tonight, mostly because I do not want to bring my weights over there, or change…haha. Actually, I should just do it here…and tell her to come borrow my weights. LOL. Then, I don’t have to change and I don’t have to carry the weights. Of course, I feel more like doing cardio than doing strength tonight. Maybe I’ll ask Pete to go for a bike ride.

    Anyway, I’m in a funk, but not over exercising, well its part of it…not losing weight, gaining it, even though I worked out EVERY DAY LAST WEEK (which I NEVER do). The other reasons for the funk…still job hunting…getting older in a week…shin splits returneth in full force…among other things rather not share. But, on the positive, I do think when I come down to see you all not THIS weekend, but NEXT weekend…I’ll be unfunked at least for 4 days! LOL. Nothing like job hunting and going on a vacation! (insert smiley face that’s making a crazy face).

  4. Amber K

    I think I’m officially scared off of sparkling water. I’m barely coordinated enough to pop the tab of my caffeine-free diet coke… Hope you’re having a great day!


    Omg is that Derby? She’s a bread lover too, alhough I can guarantee she’d never get stuck in a piece because it’d all be in her stomach.
    I feel you on the funk thing. I hate when I hate working out so I stop… Only to eat my weight in bad food. Vicious cycle.
    Good luck weaning your body off the juice… Sparkling water doesn’t hold a candle to the lovely caffeine in diet coke!

  6. I have a complicated relationship with sweeteners and splenda. I’m 99% off Splenda, but I still have an occasional Diet Coke. As far as other things, the only artificially sweetened things I eat are Sugar Free Maple Syrup and Sugar Free Coffee Mate (holy moly so delicious). Everything else I use stevia or no sweetener. It’s a process, but I like how I feel. I feel like Diet Coke feeds my sweet tooth.

    • Paula

      Yes! I agree about the sweet tooth. That’s another reason I’d like to stop drinking so many diet drinks – besides the fact that they leach calcium from your bones and deplete minerals in your body. I still use Splenda in my oatmeal (but I’ve switched to half Splenda/ half Stevia in an effort to go all Stevia). But it’s rough. I do love Diet Coke. I need to learn to drink unsweetened tea like my FIL. Don’t know how he does it.

  7. I went back to CrossFit on Monday after taking a few weeks off — holy soreness! I’m having a hard time lifting my arms over here!

    • Paula

      T-rex arms! I don’t even need to take time off to feel that sore. It literally gets me every time. I think that’s why I love it. šŸ™‚

  8. I’m not a huge sparkling water fan either. Have you tried the flavored Pellegrino? That one is actually really tasty to me.

  9. Verlin

    Hope your move has improved. I’ve been trying to get bad hair pix out of my mother, but so far, fail. Taught her to scan photos twice, but … If I can find the one I’m thinking of, it will make you feel fabulous about yourself, and wash that bad mood away.

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