I had a good weekend. The little love affair I’ve been having with bacon cheeseburgers continued on Friday.

I met hubs for lunch at Graffiti Junction, a burger joint I’ve been wanting to try out for a year now. Since we didn’t drive together, it actually felt like we were on a date, which I kinda loved.

I was prepared to have my hair blown back and my pants dropped by “Orlando’s best burger” but unfortunately, I didn’t care for it. Or the fries. Or the chili we had as an appetizer.

Saturday morning, hubs and I did the Spartan workout at Crossfit. I finished in about 33 minutes. That’s a 15 minute improvement from the last time I did it. Fifteen! It’s really cool to be able to see how much I’ve improved in the year I’ve been doing Crossfit. Now I just need to figure out how to shave that time off my half marathon.

Saturday night the food fest continued when our friend Morgan was in town for the night.

We went to Ceviche, a tapas restaurant downtown, and it was delicious. We ordered a billion things and I was fully prepared to take pictures of every dish. I even had the camera in my lap the whole time, but I was so busy stuffing my face that this is the only picture I took.

We ended up at Sky Bar afterwards where our friend’s Teri and Greg joined us.

Yes. I am gigantic.

The cab ride home was equally entertaining as the night out. The driver was jamming the music so loud that none of us could hear each other speak. Hubs was in the front seat and the driver kept looking over at him while saying, “aaahhhh yeah!” as he was rocking out.

More food was had today when we went out for a Mother’s Day dinner with the in-laws at Pannullo’s in Winter Park.

We all had a hard time deciding what to order because it all sounded so good. Hubs and I ended up sharing the orange roughy, which looks like a hot mess in this picture.

And the gorgonzola stuffed chicken.

I can’t imagine why America is so fat.

Everything was delicious but I was so full afterwards that I’ve felt like a turd all day. Now I’m comatose on the couch. So far I’ve skipped my workout, taken a nap, and watched In Time. I never thought I’d look forward to eating healthy, but tomorrow cannot get here fast enough so I can get back on the wagon.


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14 responses to “Foodapalooza

  1. Is it weird that I used to never like burgers? But then again, I didn’t like a lot of stuff. I love burgers now though! I think to take time off of your half marathon, you should come visit me where it’s never as hot and humid as Florida. Plus I’ll yell and push you until you run faster 🙂

  2. You have pretty much summed up my weekend. Mother’s Day Brunch, pizza, candy, and little running all went down this weekend. NOT good! I’m so impressed with your Crossfit skills.

  3. congrats on the awesome improvement in your crossfit time! this looks like a very fun and delicious weekend 🙂

  4. Your love affair is one I can certain get behind

  5. I feel very “meh” about Graffiti Junction as well. Everytime I go, my burger is either dripping in grease or dried out. I do love the garlic explosion that is Panullos though! You MUST TRY the bacon cheeseburger at Rusty Spoon. It’s awesome.

  6. Mz. Teri

    Greg and I had a funtastic time hanging out with all of you Saturday night! Glad we were out and about and able to join you. 🙂

    Graffitti Junction, in my opinion, does not have the best food. I would choose almost anything else over that place to have something to eat. It does have a fun atmosphere for hanging out with friends for a few drinks though.

    Panullos on the other hand never disappoints. I’ve eaten there several times and always enjoyed the food.

  7. I love burgers..if you ever want to visit seattle you can come to my house and I will make you THE BEST BURGER of your life. Seriously, the hubs works for a local butcher shop that only sells grass feed organic beef and you can TELL the difference!

    I have that movie coming today on Netflix! Was it good?? I have my hopes up – I love Amanda S.

  8. Amber K

    I had a very indulgent weekend too. I think it will take this entire week to recover and to get some energy back!

  9. Sarah S

    Was In Time any good?

  10. Julia

    I am having the same “please health come to me now” moment.

    I’m with you on In Time not being good or bad, but what was really frustrating was that it could have been SO GOOD and it just wasn’t.

  11. This is totally beside the point, but I hate sitting next to the cab driver. Least favorite place to sit in a cab! Apparently it’s common practice in Europe to sit by the cab driver (so I’m told), and when I was in Germany last summer, every time we took a cab, my husband made me sit in the front by the cabbie. Boo!*

  12. I really like the bright colors you & F are wearing! I love your style. And your nail color! 🙂

  13. Aww, your in-laws are so cute. And I love Fabian’s green shirt! So bright and fresh. He is stylin. You are still my favourite internet couple.

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