Your Bad Hair (Part 2)

It’s time for more bad hair pics. If you missed Part 1, check it out. There are some treasures in there. But now we have a new set of treasures to kick off your Friday.

1. The Aqua Net

This is my running partner in crime. She sent a bunch of pictures to choose from but I thought most of them were way to cute to make this post. This one was an exception because 1) that is a ladder 2) I’m not sure that’s even a perm but her natural curl untamed and 3) I am sure those bangs don’t get that sexy without some serious hairspray.

2.The White Fro

This is a picture from Kate. Instead of sending a picture of herself, she decided to call out her brother instead. Take notice of the hair, then check out the shirt, and know this picture was actually taken in the 80’s.

3.  The Acid Washed Mullet

This is Jackie. While the mullet and the feathering are indeed impressive, it’s the pairing of the slick hairdo with the acid washed skirt that I find extra appealing. Oh, hey, do I see high-tops in there? I think I do.

Perhaps Jackie and I were twins? Because I had that same skirt. BOOM.

Where does my sweater end and the dog begin?

4. The Face Lift

Here’s Jackie again. I’m not sure I can classify those bangs because I don’t really know what’s going on there. I can classify the tightly pulled-back hair in the barrette. Jackie is actually 40 years old here but it’s the pulled back hair that makes her look so youthful.

5. The Some Kind of Wonderful

Say hello to Ms. Katy Widrick. And tell me you don’t think of Mary Stuart Masterson when you look at this picture.

It’s more than a bowl cut. It’s what made Eric Stoltz totally diss Lea Thompson.


6. The Floating Head

Here’s Katy again. This picture is a classic and I included it for general terribleness (that’s a word, I think) more than for bad hair.

Don’t think I don’t have one of those too. Thank God for braces, right Katy?

7. The Mu-Mu of the Future

This is Emily. Her hair is actually pretty nice here, but my God, the dress. THE DRESS! She reminds me of that girl in every horror movie who tells you that you’re going to die but you don’t listen. Bonus points for the creepy doll and her parents putting her in front of some foliage for the perfect shot. I just wish I could see the shoes.

Thanks for sending in all the great pictures, ladies. And I hope the rest of you were entertained by our traumatic childhoods.







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10 responses to “Your Bad Hair (Part 2)

  1. Michelle has not aged since the 6th grade! I had those same bangs at one time. It takes a combination of moose AND hairspray.

  2. A few things… 1. Definitely a perm BUT after that perm my hair never went back to being straight. Thanks puberty. 2. That is a self-made shirt. I rocked those sponges HARD. 3. I am also thankful for braces (in fact – that picture was taken right before I got them in 8th grade) and 4. Jackie and Katy looked adorable. Those 2-in-1 pictures kill me. Ha ha.

  3. The picture of you with the dog, it looks like you are wearing a snuggie instead of a sweater!*

  4. These pictures are hilarious! My mom pretty much stuck with the typical bangs and bob for me when I was younger. Kind of lame! Haha

  5. Amber K

    Ahhh I don’t feel so alone anymore! I had some truly awful haircuts/hairstyles as a child, but it looks like our parents were equally cruel. 😉

  6. OMG These are hilarious! I so thoroughly enjoyed Round 1…I’m so glad there was a round 2. I really needed a laugh today so thanks for making my day 🙂

  7. I looked through all my photos, but I didn’t have horrible hair as a kid! Honestly it looks the same as it does now. Straight. Flat. I did have orange hair for a little while in high school, because I dyed it red, hated it, and tried to immediately dye it back to blonde. Did not work out very well.

    Anyway this killed me. I think I even like this one more than Round 1! Ohh Paula, I think I might love you. And I definitely love Pants.

  8. hahahahah LOOOOOVE it! The shoes were the worst part – brown boots! Definitely creepy horror movie material.

  9. I got behind on my blog-reading and am SO sad I missed the deadline! If there is ever a part-3, I have my own mullet photo that I’d love to send in (and a great bowl-cut too).

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