Motivation Epiphany

I think I had a motivation epiphany this weekend. It started with a bunch of great workouts. There was a Crossfit abs workout on Friday. It wasn’t very hard but it hurt to laugh for 2 days afterwards, so I’m thinking it did its job.

Saturday morning, I stuck to my first goal and actually ran!

I did 10 miles with my group and it felt really good. 🙂 We took several walk breaks so I’m pretty much loving my pace. Especially since this was my first big run in 2 months.

It was so good to see everyone again. I mean, it instantly put me in a better mood. We ran an extremely pretty trail in Lake Mary that I’ve never run before, so I was annoyed I didn’t bring my phone so I could take a few pictures.  I got to run with my pace twin, Brad, and we talked races, running, and getting fat on vacation. It was good times. The best part? One of our pace leaders kept asking random runners not in our group if they “would like our fluids.” Definitely not embarrassing.


After the run, hubs and I went to Crossfit. We did 4 sets of:

  • 50 jump ropes
  • 25 Wall balls (14lb ball for me)
  • 25 Slam balls (15lb ball)

That took me 25 minutes and was a serious cardio workout. Ass = kicked. Everything hurt on Sunday but I still managed to go to a really hard spin class anyway because I’m a glutton for punishment.

So about that motivation epiphany. I think it has partly to do with my run and seeing my running friends and partly to do with a 4-part HBO documentary series that hubs and I started watching called Weight of the Nation. ( <—- that’s the trailer) It’s available free online. (We don’t have HBO.)

Weight of the Nation focuses on the obesity epidemic. I’m not going to get preachy on you. That’s not my thing. But I wanted to share the few things that stood out to me and turned around my crap-ass mind set lately on my fitness, eating, and goal setting.

1. When you make a goal, instead of telling yourself “I would like to lose 10lbs,” tell yourself “I will lose 10lbs.” So basically, put yourself in the mind-set for success. It’s such a simple thing but it’s true. You can’t make a change without knowing you’ll succeed.

2. The documentary showed an autopsied heart of someone who was of normal weight and one of someone who was obese. The heart of the obese person literally looked like it had 2 melted pieces of cheese covering it. It was a layer of ALL fat. It was disgusting and appalling and just another reason why physical activity so important.

3. If you have 2 women of the same height and weight, and one of those women was that size all her life and the other woman got that way by losing weight, the woman who lost weight will have to consume 20% less calories to maintain the same weight as the woman who was that way her whole life.

I wish they went more into the explanation of why that’s true, but it makes sense since it’s easy to take weight off but it’s a bitch to keep it off. It made me sad too because I’m in that weight loss category. I guess it just reenforces the fact that having healthy eating habits is a lifestyle change and not a diet.

Hubs and I have only watched the first 2 parts so far but it really does get you thinking.  Check it out if you need some motivation to get back to your goals. I don’t normally find motivation in these types of documentaries. I mean, Super Size Me made me want to eat more nuggets. But this one has clicked with me so far and I’m looking forward to watching the next two parts.


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22 responses to “Motivation Epiphany

  1. I thought that documentary was fantastic. Very informational without being “We’re all doomed to die!” negative. For me the greatest inspiration came from the parts about kid’s diets. Cardiovascular damage had been found in child cadavers as young as 5 years old.

    • Paula

      Yes! I didn’t focus on the kid’s part just because I don’t have them but that was really great motivation for parents to keep their kid’s diets healthy and not just let them order nuggets off the kid’s menu all the time.

  2. Katie G

    The formerly large (FL) woman will have a harder time staying slim because she has more fat cells than the always-slim (AS) woman, so FL is starting with a deficit right out of the gate. When you lose weight, the fat cells don’t go away, they just shrink (unless you surgically remove them), so FL’s body is constantly trying to get back to that “set point” where her fat cells are full and happy. AS’s fat cells are already at their set point, so her body is balanced, and she doesn’t have to swim against the tide.

    • Paula

      That makes sense. And is depressing all at once.

      • Katie G

        No kidding.

      • Katie G

        No kidding. That’s one reason weight resistance exercise is so important for keeping it off–the more muscle you have, the more calories you’re automatically burning even when you’re just doing nothing. And that’s the very reason why the diet industry has been so damaging (and ultimately profitable for itself): Losing weight by just eating less and not weight training means you lose muscle, which means it’s harder to keep weight off, which means you diet more, which means you lose more muscle . . . and on and on and on. (Sorry for the soapbox . . . it’s just an area that pisses me off, and every woman’s magazine on the planet has a new diet every. single. month. No one learns.)

  3. Glad you had a good run! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing the documentary. Will have to check it out!

  4. Am I a jerk if I say that I’m jealous that you got your motivation back? The documentary has me salivating! Sounds like a must watch!*

    • Paula

      You’ll get yours back! I’m still taking a break from running. Gonna ease back into it so I can make sure I’ll love it again. 🙂

  5. That #3 is unfortunate, but makes sense. I’ve never understood how people were supposed to eat 1200 calories to lose weight, but then could eat 1500 to maintain. That shit cray.

  6. Wow- those are some scary statistics! I really like #1 on your list. I have been in such a rut lately but realized ‘enough is enough’ and am basically forcing myself back into my regular routine. Granted it’s nothing like your 10 mile + crossfit workout. You are a machine!

  7. i really need to watch the movie! but i’m glad that you got a little kick in the butt for motivation 😉

  8. I’ve seen the documentary on the menu/guide several times, and I think that your snippets have solidified my desire to watch it in full. Very interesting about the two women of hte same size/20% fewer calories.

  9. Julia

    I’m pretty much always with you on your opinions about TV/movies. Going to check out WoN – had heard mixed things, so your endorsement really helped! Also, am in DESPERATE need of motivation. THANK YOU

    • Paula

      I think you’ll like it! I know they talk about a lot of stuff you talk about on your blog too as far as feelings of motivation and stuff like that.

  10. That gif of Chris Farley made my morning. That is probably my favourite SNL skit of all time. Makes me laugh so hard.

    You know what is the most unfortunate thing about all of this? That it is something we have to worry about all the damn time. Why can’t we just eat what we want when we want?! It’s so unfair. I will carry on eating mostly healthy and try not to worry about it too much, because I would rather be the weight that I am than be constantly watching what I eat. It’s not worth it for me.

    But I definitely need some exercise motivation goals right about now…so if it worked for you I may just check it out!

    • Paula

      I agree, that’s why I go in spurts. I can’t worry about every little thing I eat all the time so I guess I take the motivation and run with it when it’s there. Come to Florida. I will motivate you because I will force you to work out with me.
      And YES. That skit is the best. I love that David Spade and Christina Applegate can’t stop laughing during it. 🙂

  11. Stephanie@runhonrun

    I flipped past that Weight of the Nation documentary over the weekend (on my way to Lord of the Rings, yes, I suck)…I’ll have to Tivo it and give it a shot based on your review!

  12. Amber K

    I’m definitely going to check out the documentary, it sounds really interesting. I also hate that it will be harder for me to keep weight off since I lost almost 100 pounds to get to where I am. And that’s going to kick my butt for the rest of my life? L-A-M-E!

  13. That is extremely interesting about the 20% bit – I definitely want to find out why (if?) that’s true. And that makes me extremely angry since THAT’S NOT FAIR! I want that 20% of calories back!!!!! I need to watch that show.

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