The Weekend I Sort of Remember

First, a couple questions I received from my last post:

This little birdie asked if there are breaks between sets in the Crossfit workout.

  • No. Do that workout for time and it should take you 30-60 minutes depending on your fitness level (I think it took me 40-45 min). Crossfit workouts are shorter and more intense without breaks.

This girl said that she tried the progressive pushups and they are still a little too hard for her.

  • You can make them easier. Even if you lower yourself to the ground and lay flat on the ground before you push yourself back up on your knees, you are still using the proper muscles to lower yourself. They’ll get stronger eventually, so don’t feel bad if you have to take a few seconds rest at the bottom. Those muscles will get stronger and you won’t have to rest like that after some practice.


Ok, now onto other stuff. I’m not sure what happened this weekend. It went fast so I guess it was good? Here are a couple highlights I can remember. If you follow me on any other social media besides this blog, you’ve probably already seen these pictures. So, sorry. But it’s Monday and I can’t be expected to be original all the time.

Thursday night
(I know, not technically the weekend. But there was whiskey involved so I’m counting it.)

Hubs and I went to see Knife Party in concert downtown. They’re a techno band created by some of the dudes from Pendulum. If you’ve never heard of them, you are not alone. I just discovered them when my spin instructor played one of their songs in class a few weeks ago.

They were good but toward the end of the show, they were playing a lot of other people’s music. If I want to hear Skrillex, I will go see Skrillex thank you very much.

Friday night

I don’t even remember Friday. So here’s a picture of a bunny.


Saturday day

Hubs and I went to see Snow White.

Say whaaa? How freaking awesome is that poster? Man, I love a good poster design.

We both really liked it. Is it just me or does Chris Hemsworth carry an axe in all his movies? Hubs thinks he is the love child of Russell Crowe and scruffy Brad Pitt. Anyway, the special effects were amazing and Charlize was an awesome wicked queen. I even loved KStew contrary to the rest of the world. So all you haters can suck it.

Saturday night – 9:00 pm – 1:00 am

Hubs and I made last minute plans with my bestie to go to Ale House for a few drinks. We sat inside for awhile and then sat on the patio later on. I seem to remember hubs doing a taekwondo sidekick to the wall to kill a roach because I freaked out about it. I cannot handle roaches. After some good conversation, we went home. On the way back, hubs was mad I didn’t order a dessert and vowed dessert revenge. I think you can guess how the night went when we got home.

Saturday night – 2:00 am

Found another food I can never have in the house again. Don’t get these unless you want to eat the whole package at once and sit in a puddle of your tears afterwards.


I worked most of the day and did chores when I wasn’t working. I did go to a spin class in the morning. Do you ever have people ask you if you’re ok after a workout because you’re so red? I do.

Still trying to decide if I should post that picture. If you come back later and it’s gone, you’ll know why.


I registered for a half marathon! 🙂

Then I noticed their sponsor which pretty much seals the deal that this is the best race of all time.

It’s one of the few races in my area that I haven’t run yet and I’m kinda psyched about it. My running compadre can’t run this one with me so I’ll be all alone out there. Anyone wanna keep me company?




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21 responses to “The Weekend I Sort of Remember

  1. Good quick weekend recap! I saw the picture, and I get red if too hot…but I don’t look at myself too often right after a workout to know if other times. One does usually feel it, though…so…probably just when too hot.

  2. To be technical – my Australian husband carries a HAMMER AND an ax. Maybe it’s a requirement in his contract? “Must carry large, harmful object that makes my muscles pop?”

    I can’t wait to cheer you on at the Space Coast half!! I’m organizing your cheering committee and making you SIGNS.

    • Paula

      Hee! I said to Fabian that I thought it was in his contract. I did enjoy the accent, I must say. And yay! I’ve never had signs before!

  3. Thanks for clarifying for me–still haven’t tried it although I might go to my first actual Crossfit class this week when I’m at home…we’ll see. Eek!
    I want that bunny! And those no-bake bars. Mmmmm.
    Oh and I nominated you for a blog award. How ’bout that? 🙂

  4. I tried to do a progressive push up the other day. Just one. It didn’t happen because my arms are made of spaghetti.

    I would run that race if it weren’t so freaking far away. Why haven’t you registered for any races to the north, hmmm?

  5. I love your purple nail polish! Pretty!*

  6. Julie

    I am so glad that you posted the red face picture! It does not matter if I work out for an hour or for a few minutes…..I have a beet red face! I am breathing people, for some reason I just turn this color! I get asked all the time! Glad it is not just me.

    • Paula

      It’s so unfair. Why can’t we be pretty when we sweat like all the other girls? That picture was taken 10 minutes after the class so it was even toned down a bit. Yuck! 🙂

  7. Amber K

    Ha! That’s not even close to red 😉 No seriously, I have had people walk up to me in the gym with concerned looks on their faces. I try to smile and nod like “yes I’m completely fine, mooooove along.”

  8. Sounds like a fun weekend……. I am in the same boat. I “sort of” remember Saturday night. There are some fuzzy questionable moments…..

  9. My face gets sooooo red too. And it stays red for hours. I always have to backtime my workouts if I have an event or anything afterwards. So annoying.

    Um, the Space Coast half looks awesome. So awesome that I’m already trying to convince my husband to sign up for it. He usually does the Daytona and OUC halfs in the fall to get ready for the Disney marathon, so maybe he’ll do this one instead. I could say that maybe I should do it. But that would be silly!

    • Paula

      Yes! He should do it. AND you should do it. Or you could hold signs and cheer with Michelle. 🙂 I haven’t done Daytona yet but that one is on my radar. Sounds like possible knee-injury fun running around the race track.

  10. I know that last line was meant for me. Evil! Evil! How far away from your house is it? (No, I’m not inviting myself…)

  11. Zenaida Arroyo

    Good to know you registered for the half marathon. I might join you. Will you be getting a hotel room though?

    • Paula

      I’m not sure yet. I guess it all depends on how that weekend goes with family since it’s a holiday weekend. But my first thought would be no since it’s just an hour away. One of my running group pace leaders ran it last year and said he loved it. 🙂

  12. Michelle

    Loved snow white! My roommate and I were joking about Thor giving the Huntsman dude good practice swinging a weapon. But seriously he can guide me through the dark forest any day.

    I love your bunny! She is so cute!

  13. “I dont even remember friday, so heres a picture of a bunny”
    you kill me

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