Welcome to My Blog Search Term Guy V

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a search term post. I’m not sure what happened, but all my search terms were either boring or they had to do with American Horror Story. Not really blog worthy. But lately, I’ve seen some good ones, so I thought I would resurrect this charmer of a post and give you a few of my search terms lately.

1. eatwatches

I get a lot of searches for “eat watch run” and bless you all for not bookmarking my site and just typing it in a search engine everyday. I don’t know how you remember to do that. But I’m pretty sure “eatwatches” isn’t a typo and they probably didn’t get what they came for. Or maybe they did?

You eat everything, Val. You eat everything.

2. Pooping time

You definitely got what you came for.

I don’t know why I felt the need to search for pictures of Jasper from Twilight today but I do think he always looks like he needs to poop.

3. Just 3 more and I’ll forget her

Three more what exactly?

Ah yes. Three more of those.

4. Carb loading for a half that’s out of town

I’m glad someone searched this. Because carb loading for a half that’s in town is certainly different.

5. After dinner nipples

Well, this is a dessert I haven’t heard of before.

If you actually made it this far in the post and are one of the few people entertained by these (besides me), there’s unfortunately more where that came from:

Read those at your own risk. I can’t guarantee they’re good.


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13 responses to “Welcome to My Blog Search Term Guy V

  1. Haha! Good ones. What exactly are after dinner nipples? OMY! And, yes I agree with your Jasper choice! I’ve thought of doing a quick blog like this…but not sure I’d be as funny as you…but we all have to be ourselves, but I’ve had some interesting search terms find my site, too. Even though I haven’t had my site up and running as long as you (new location only 2 mos). 🙂 🙂

  2. Shannon

    I’m dying. I love the carb loading one.
    I had someone search for my blog yesterday by my first and last name, city of residence and then the word “blog”. I totally crapped my pants and am dying to know who my super stalker is!

  3. That pic of Val cracks me up! He looks like he’s up to something sneaky.

    Great use of Twilight pictures.

  4. Hahaha these are awesome! Yours are way better than any of mine 😉

  5. Heidi@CrazyFitLife

    I am seriously laughing out loud right now! My search terms are NEVER that cool!

  6. Im ridiculously amused by these actually. im working on a similar post because lately some of the searches have been too good not to share haha

  7. I love me a good after dinner nipple. And you’re totes right. Jasper does look like he needs to poop. Wonder what that’s about.

  8. Hilarious! I love reading these. And I love reading my search terms too, just funny sometimes. The most fitting search term on mine right now is “motivation – overloaded with work you’re going to die anyways” Nice! I feel sorry for the person who searched for this “i want a girlfriend to chat with her”.

  9. Amber K

    Blog search terms are the funniest things ever to me. I mostly get boring ones, but sometimes a real gem sneaks on through.

  10. ha ha ha. Those are all excellent. And Jasper does always look like he’s about to poop.

  11. There are few things in life I love more than blog search terms.
    After dinner nipples is my fave here. Seriously WHAT were they looking for?

  12. Love these! Hope you got some loyal readers from these.

  13. These are great! I’m just so curious as to why some people would look this stuff up…

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