A New Pair

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know running shoes and I have a dicey relationship. First I think I love them then they let me down and I write bitchy posts about them. I was in Mizuno Wave Creation 11s for over a year and they worked for me. Since my current pair have over 450 miles on them and are discontinued, I thought I’d look for something new. I considered the model up (Wave Creation 13s) but I had 4 different sales people at 3 different locations tell me that they don’t recommend them.

That was fine with me because the Creations aren’t cheap and I’d hate to cut into my redneck Bud Light budget. In the meantime, I’ve tried the Brooks Trance 11s, Nike Lunarglides, and the Mizuno Wave Rider 15s. All of them hated me. So much.

Tuesday night, I tried out my Brooks Ghost 5s for the first time. When I bought them, the guy said that they would allow an easier transition into the Saucony Kinvara 3s (which I also bought and picked up yesterday! Boom.) After he said that, I thought the Brooks might have a lower drop so I looked it up online. Nope. They are 11 mm just like my Mizunos and Asics. So, I didn’t really know what he meant but thought I would give it a shot anyway.

Well, I only ran 3.5 miles and I can tell they’re definitely different, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It feels like the shoe forces me to land more mid-foot than my usual (beloved) heel strike. I thought only minimalist shoes did that? Anyway, now I think I understand what they guy was talking about. I gonna stick with the Brooks for awhile and see how it goes. Plus, I don’t have the energy to keep trying new pairs.

Does anyone else wear the Wave Creation 13s? I have this weird feeling that I should have gone with them all along.


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17 responses to “A New Pair

  1. Becki

    hey, long time reader here but 1st time commenter I think. lol
    I used to wear the really heavy Brooks adrenalines, then transitioned to the Saucony Kinvera 2s…een though my therapist told me i needed stability shoes….it took a few months but now I can’t wear anything else. once you learn how to land on your midfoot, Saucony makes the best shoes for still needing support in arches! give them another try! my feet, ankles and calves are so much stronger! I can’t put heavy stability shoes on ever again.

    • Paula

      Yes! I can’t wait to try running in them. I got the Kinvara mainly for Crossfit but also to see how I like running in much lighter shoes with a lower drop. I figure now is the time since my mileage is still low. Glad to hear you love them!

  2. Andrea

    Since you brought up shoes, do you wear your running shoes to Crossfit? Between that & Insanity DVDs my feet have been bugging me. Would I actually need a new pair of super cute cross training shoes?

    • Paula

      I have been wearing running shoes but I bought the Kinvara for Crossfit. Since they have a lower drop, I thought they would be much better for squats without going for something like the Vibrams. But you know I’m never going to say super cute cross-training shoes is a bad idea. 🙂

  3. That’s a weird statement from the dude about transitioning. The Saucony’s I have (ProGrid Guide) have an 8mm drop and it has been noticeable on my strike — and where my shoe wears out! I still think you need to buy the Cortanas 🙂

    Which color Kinvaras did you get? I CANNOT wait to get mine (tomorrow – have confirmation this time)!

    • Paula

      But I do notice a different in the Ghosts with my strike compared to the Mizunos and Asic Gel Cumulus 12s, so I agree they might prepare you more for the mid-foot strike.
      I got the “watermelon” colored ones. I wanted the red/blue ones but they ordered the wrong pair for me. Still liked the other color, so I took ’em anyway.

  4. Carolyn

    I would seriously question they person that said the ghost would help transition to the kinvara…Having run in thr ghost 4 and the kinvara 2 – they are nothing alike.

    I can totally relate to your shoe saga. It sucks not finding the right shoe. (currently loving thr hokas about 75% of the run until my feet fall asleep WTF? and the kinvara 2 75% of the run until my knees start to ache). I would try the creations…it’s worth a shot anyway.

  5. Yay for shoes that work! I can’t wait to hear what you think of the Kinvara! 🙂

  6. I am so impressed with your dedication towards finding a good shoe. I need this dedication so much, I just have no patience so I just tolerate the shoes I don’t really like. Someday you WILL find THE ONE!

  7. Good luck withe the Brooks – I am fearing the day that I’ll have to gt a new pair…of shoes. Boobs, ASAP please.

  8. My shoes are Mizuno Wave Inspire 8’s, whatever that means. All I know is (1) they are blue, (2) they feel good. My shoes are probably way, way beyond their prime. I’m a little nervous to get new shoes and a little too cheap to buy shoes when I have no upcoming races. Considering the fact that I’m running every single day right now, I should probably just bite the bullet. Instead, I shall continue to stick my head in the sand and be lazy.*

  9. Amber K

    This all seems so much more work than I am cut out for. I don’t even know if I should admit it, but I always just buy whatever’s around $20 at Wal-Mart. But to be fair, I spend most of my time on the elliptical or walking.

  10. Sarah S

    I just started wearing the Ghost 5. It’s different, but I like it better than my old Adrenalines. Shopping for running shoes is such a PITA because you can’t decide from just a quick jog around the block.

    • Paula

      I know, they feel great at the store and then 6 miles in you want to die. So far I’m liking the Brooks, though I could tell from my run on Saturday they might not be kind to my toenails.

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