Everyday We're Shufflin'

Saturday night, hubs and I ransacked our closet for the only neon colors we own. It was LMFAO time! I was pretty sure I’d never see them in concert again after last time, but hubs scored some tickets from work so we thought we’d give it another shot. And I’m really glad we did because it was basically awesome. Even more awesome than the Jason Vorhees calf tattoo I saw on the guy standing in line in front of me.

Our seats were in the same area when we saw Britney – fancy pants VIP seats in the nosebleed section but with free food, beer, and wine. This time our friends Lisa (my bff) and Shelia (our martial arts fitness class instructor and general bad ass in the gym) joined us.

After a crap ton of opening bands (including Far East Movement), eating some delicious food and even more delicious cupcakes, cookies, and brownies (yep, I had all 3), we got ready to party rock.

Who knew LMFAO had this many fans?

The show was all kinds of ridiculous and had me laughing through most of it.

There were blow up zebras and palms trees crowd-surfing the general admission area.

There were pink bears drinking alcohol.

And there were human hot dogs.

If I ever follow my dream of being a backup dancer, I want to backup dance for these guys. I am taking that human hot dog job.

I gotta admit, all the fun on stage made me wish I was down in the general admission area. Bad. I even found my new favorite song from them. (<—–That’s a YouTube link to the song and probably NSFW. Unless there’s a lot of girls in bikinis at your work.)

We all had a lot of fun. Even after this happened.

Those crazy kids can’t keep their clothes on.

After the concert, we walked to a nearby bar downtown for a drink because we knew there were too many people around to catch a cab easily. We all had an awesome half banana/half coconut shot in really cool shot glasses that we wanted to steal. (And no, that Bud Light isn’t mine. Sheesh. So quick to judge.)

Hubs ordered another random shot with whipped cream. Then Shelia took liberties in putting the whipped cream all over my face.

You know it’s time to go when I don’t mind whipped cream all over my face in public. Once it was all over my chin and forehead, hubs realized I wasn’t going to wipe it off. So he wiped off my face like I was a 2 year old that just face-planted in a plate of spaghetti. Aww, I feel the love. ❤

And with that, we caught a cab home and lived to party rock another day.


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6 responses to “Everyday We're Shufflin'

  1. “…we lived to party rock another day” haha! love it. Glad they ended up being better this time around. Really wish I would have seen them when they were in town with Ke$ha last summer. Now THAT would have been a hot mess of a concert.

  2. Are you sure you’re wearing enough neon???!!!! I saw LMFAO with KE$HA and it ROCKED. We’re going to be LMFAO on our Ragnar team too. By we I mean me and one other girl. 🙂 I have my eye on this…. http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/Apparel/Tops/Tanks//LMFAO+Ix27m+Sexy+Tank+Top-144044.jsp

  3. I expect there to be some whipped cream action this weekend. This is not a request, but a demand. And I’m NOT wiping that shit off. (also, I might have had a few glasses of wine before I wrote this – yes, it’s only 7:30)

  4. Sarah S

    I just announced to my husband that I need to see LFMAO in concert. He’s looking at me like I grew an extra head. It looks so fun!

  5. Amber K

    Now I’m jealous that I own not a single drop of neon 😉 Looks like a blast!

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