The One About the Guy Who Asked a lot of Questions

So a funny thing happened after the LMFAO concert.

I mentioned how hubs, Lisa, Sheila, and I went to a bar afterwards to wait for the crowd to thin and traffic to die down. Well, all of us were sitting at the bar chatting for awhile and eventually a random guy walked up to me and started asking a bunch of questions. He didn’t even introduce himself. The first thing out of his mouth was, “how long have you guys known each other?”

I was a little confused at first, but I was polite and answered his questions even though I didn’t show much interest in talking to him since I was mainly in conversation with my friends. But even so, he just kept asking all these random questions out of nowhere.

It was then that I realized he was trying to pick me up. (I know. I’m real observant.) And I gotta hand it to this guy for trying, especially since I was in a group of people. That takes some courage.

Now, I’m not bragging in the least when I say this, but I was not in this guy’s league. If we can talk in celebrity terms here, I know there’s no way a Bradley Cooper or Zac Efron is going to hit on me. But I’m pretty sure if a non-famous, dirt poor, slightly unshowered, yet still adorable John Krasinski was my next door neighbor, I could probably hit that. You know, if I begged.

Anyway, this guy was more like an awkward Jason Segel type without the charm, wit, or cool Dracula song.

So, he was still standing next to me when a song came on that hubs particularly liked. So hubs starts dancing to it about two feet away from us not really paying attention to our group. Then the conversation went a little like this:

Random Guy:  I wanna dance like that someday (referring to hubs).

Me: You can do it right now. Go ahead!

Random Guy: I would, but I’m heterosexual.

Me: So is he. Wanna know how I know?

Random Guy: How?

Me: Because I sleep with him!

*Uncomfortable pause*

Random Guy: He’s your boyfriend?

Me: No. He’s my husband.

Random Guy: It was nice meeting you.

And that is the story about the guy who asked a lot of questions. 🙂 The end.


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27 responses to “The One About the Guy Who Asked a lot of Questions

  1. Amazing! I love how your husband was just dancing nearby with no clue what was happening. I feel like Kevin would be the same way.

  2. Sara

    Hahahahahahahaha! That? Is awe.some!

  3. hahahaha that story is AWESOME!

  4. Haha. I love Jason Segal. One of my crushes. And of course John Krasinski! I’d like to think I could hit that as well.

    That does take a lot of balls for him to try to pick you up in a group, and with your lover standing right there, haha. Dang. It is always the weird ones that try to get me, I rarely get picked up by anyone good!
    Well Paula, you are just a hot commodity.

  5. I LOVE THIS. And I love how cool and collected you were delivering that zinger of a statement. *high five* to you.

  6. Michelle

    This is wonderful. I like story time!

  7. Great story and love how you handled it! I can’t remember the last time that I was attempted to be picked up, but I’m pretty sure it ended with a wedding…

  8. hahaha i love that you were egging him on to dance. or in other words “go dance and get out of here” haha

  9. Gah I had a comment all typed up and it wouldn’t post it! That’s such a funny story. I bet that guy felt so awkward after you delivered that line. Didn’t he notice your ring finger or do you not wear rings?

    The last time I was hit on was by a delivery guy to our office. He said something about my rings being shiny and asked if they were real while I was signing the paper for the delivery. I just looked at him and was like I’d hope so or else my husband is dead

  10. kathleen@runderbykat

    hilarious! i actually wish you had a video of hubs dance moves… i need help too.

  11. Dracula musical!

    One of my favorite movies ever.

  12. Sarah S

    So much naked Jason Segel. I do enjoy a good pick-up story! A girl in my grad program actually got picked up using the “if you were a booger, I’d pick you” line. She married the douche (they are now divorced).

  13. Amber K

    I have been hit on exactly one time and it was just that uncomfortable. Totally random dude, trying to strike up conversation about every little thing that pops into his head and then him practically running away when I mention my husband…. Awkward!

  14. Werd. I love crazy Paula stories!!

  15. Love this story…now I am so curious about your husband’s dancing skills. I have a feeling they are off the chart. Nobody EVER believes that I am married. The funniest was when I was chatting about wedding stuff with one of my husband’s best friend’s fiance at a college bar and a college kid started hitting on us. Finally we were like, “Im married, she’s engaged”…his next question, “well how old are you guys?” Again….not a normal question.

  16. Hilarious! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA seriously tho that guy had major courage! Love your pics w/ it too..and I so love Jason Segal. 🙂

  17. Zing! I love your stories, they’re always so funny!

  18. Don’t you DARE talk smack about Jason Segel!!!!!

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