Five for the Fifth

I’m currently enjoying a big, fat, unplanned 5-day weekend. Work is going to be busy for the next couple months so we were “encouraged” to take time off before that happens. I don’t need to be asked twice. So, this is what’s been going on.

1.  Hubs and I went to see The Amazing Spiderman Tuesday night.

We both liked it better than the Tobey McGuire one, not that I really liked that one much anyway. But this one was really good, even if I can’t get into a giant lizard being the villain. Hubs thought he was well done but eh…it’s a big lizard. That doesn’t do it for me.

2.  Last week I finally finished reading Insurgent.

I loved it. For the first 50 pages or so, I was bummed that the book wasn’t as gripping as Divergent but then holy hell it picks up and has an ending that makes you go “whaaaa?” So yeah, I loved it. Now I have to wait a year for the third book to come out. Life is hard.

In the meantime, I’m reading Gone Girl because Michelle told me to.

I’m not much of a reader but I read almost everything Michelle recommends because she literally has a 99% success rate with me.  (I’ll forgive Bossypants, couldn’t get through it.) Let’s just say, I started Gone Girl yesterday and I’m already half way through it. So, so good. I’m starting to neglect things like personal hygiene and my husband just to read more. I’ll be stinky and dirty by Sunday, but at least the book with be finished.

3. Last night, hubs and I stayed home instead of venturing out to see fireworks. I’m just not good at dealing with mass crowds for a 20-minute fireworks show even though I love me some fireworks.

In our boredom, we discovered you can watch the first 10 minutes of the movies on XBOX Live before you rent them. So that’s what we did. We watched the first 10 minutes of four movies: Hop, Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, Wrath of the Titans, and Harold and Kumar’s Very Special Christmas. After 40 minutes, we realized we had to pick one to avoid having the lamest night ever, so we chose Hop.

Holy crap that’s a cute movie. My God…the bunnies! THE BUNNIES. So adorable. And this movie is Pants approved.

4. I went grocery shopping yesterday and my credit card wouldn’t go through at check out. This morning I got a fraud alert call from my bank about that transaction. While I appreciate a fraud alert when something looks suspicious, is it too much to ask that the fraud alert be a little…fraudier? Not only do I shop at Publix all the time, I shop at that particular Publix all the time. I’ve made way more suspicious purchases than a cart full of groceries.

5. I share a desk with a guy at work and we alternate days in the office. He’s ex-military and, I’m assuming, not one for decorations. So I took it upon myself to decorate for him.

I hope he likes bunnies and bows.

What did you do for the fourth?


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18 responses to “Five for the Fifth

  1. marisad

    ahh I want to read Gone Girl too! It’s not available through library download for my tablet yet, so I’m reading “The Cranes Dance” in the meantime. Good. Also reading Mockingjay (3rd Hunger Games book) – also good. Doing much more reading this year…it’s a good thing. 🙂

  2. i really lol that you decorated the cube. i can’t wait to hear what his reaction is–will he take everything down and replace it with porn of tanks? or just draw little machine guns in all the bunnies’ paws…or maybe he’ll just hunch down in his chair forever more and silently seeth with resentment! gleeful at the possibilities!..

  3. Haha oh my god…..your decorations are killing me! If I shared a desk with you and walked in and saw that, I would be killing myself laughing, haha. One time I wrapped a co-workers keyboard in saran wrap as a joke…he laughed pretty hard at that.

    Might have to check that Gone GIrl book out….I need something new to read. What is it about?

    • Paula

      It’s a mystery about a woman who was kidnapped from two points of view – the husband’s POV in the present and the wife’s POV from old diary entries. It’s really good! Get it! Then we can talk about it!

  4. Hop looks so cute! I used to work with a former marine and his nickname was “Gunny.” Once he signed a birthday card with “Gunny” but it looked more like “Bunny” so I continued to call him Bunny until we no longer worked together. I’m sure he appreciated it!

  5. You read more than I do. I intend to, but I just take forever to read. Hmm, I guess it’s all that movie watching I do. And, if I get into a book….like majorly, I too would neglect things to read the book!

    HAHAH. That cube….that cube. Too bad you won’t be in the office to see his face….should have someone waiting to tell you! LOL!

  6. I am SO SAD that I chose to read Divergent and Insurgent when I did. When I initially picked them up I didn’t realize the 3rd one was so far off from being released. NOT FAIR.

  7. I thought HOP was way cute too! Also, that same thing happened with me and the bank card, but I was like so wait – I use it this morning = fine, I go to get groceries that afternoon = LOCK DOWN, card already destroyed. But they couldn’t call a bish first? I literally had to go get Kevin to pay for the buttload of groceries they had just bagged, in front of everyone. (After having stood at the end and called the bank, sure that the decline was a mistake.) Everyone was looking and I was HOP-in’ mad I tells ya! (Ah yeah, full circle – UP TOP*) Now, whenever I’m in line with someone who forgot their wallet or their card fails – I just buy that shiz for them because it’s not worth the pissiness that will ensue, having to walk out on their groceries and come back like a punk. Boo fraud. BOO! #Butthurt

    • Paula

      LOL to #Butthurt. OMG. You watch Workaholics. We need to have a meeting. And by meeting, I mean we need to go to a bar and drink together.

  8. OMG, I can’t tell my husband that you loved Hop. He claims to still be traumatized from taking E. to see it in theaters. He loves EVERY movie and he wanted to walk out. His hatred has stuck with him so long that he could hardly watch this season of 30 Rock because of James Marsden being on it so much. Clearly my husband is a latent bunny hater.

    You’ll have to go to Universal. The bunny from it is part of their new parade (which I haven’t seen and can’t vouch for) but I know they’ve got Hop merch galore.

    And how could you not keeping watching MI with my boyfriend Jeremy Renner?!?

    • Paula

      Your husband has a black, black soul. Someday the bunnies will rise up and he will be their first victim.

      Although, I can’t stand James Marsden after X-Men. He was such a p***y as Cyclops with his stupid pining and crying over Jean Gray. So lame. He did kinda redeem himself on 30 Rock though. MI was nixed by Fabian after the first scene. He’s like, I can tell I will hate this. haha First scene was lame. You can’t drive in a dust storm! I’ve been in one, you can’t see your hand in front on you! Although, TC did look like he was a really fast runner. I gotta karate chop run more often.

  9. Amber K

    I was so disappointed after reading Divergent to realize I had to wait for forever for Insurgent. Then I read Insurgent and I’m even more upset that I have to wait for the third! Must know what happens…now!

    LOL at the bunnies and bows – love it.

  10. Gah – just lost my comment. Basically I just babbled on – so I’ll spare you by not writing it again. In summary: yay book! (just wrote boob), and love the cube – your co-worker/cube sharer is very lucky. Now let’s try this “post comment” thing again.

  11. Verlin

    How can you not have liked Bossypants – LOVED that book and would have guessed you would like it too. Are you sure you were reading the right one – perhaps you accidentally got Boobypants or something? Looking forward the the cubicle decoration reviews. Ex-military – bunnies seem like a natural fit to me.

    • Paula

      I know, I know. I love everything about Tina Fey. I love 30 Rock. Loved her on SNL. Loved Mean Girls. You’d think I’d love that book. But I just felt like she was trying too hard to be funny which wasn’t funny to me, so I stopped reading about 30-50 pages in. Maybe it was Boobypants and I was reading a book impostor.

  12. I am so excited for the last Divergent book to come out! Nice cubicle pimping, btw.

  13. I loved this Spiderman! I am a huge Emma Stone fan (girl crush!) and I could totally feel the real life chemistry between her and Andrew Garfield.

    Gone Girl is on hold for me at the library. Yep, I am too cheap to buy books and I go thru them so fast that I check them out old-school style. But after finding a booger in one of my ‘rentals’ last week, I just might break down and invest in a kindle.


    Anyways, let us know how your coworker liked the bunnies and bows:-) Too funny!

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