The Stuff Between the Lazy

How is it already Wednesday? I feel like the week is going so fast. Anyway, I’m gonna back it up just a bit. My long weekend was pretty uneventful. I mostly read books and avoided all the errands and chores that I really need to get done, which is exactly the opposite of what I usually do. I did manage to get my butt off the couch for a couple things.

Friday night, hubs and I met up with some friends for dinner at a German restaurant called the Willow Tree in downtown Sanford.

I’ve never been there before and didn’t take many pictures since the friends we were with don’t know I have a blog and I didn’t want to be all creepy and in their face with a camera. But the food was crazy delicious, every 5 minutes the crowd raised their beers and yelled “Oy! Oy! Oy!”, a random conga line broke out, someone polka-danced wearing scrubs and sneakers, and then we got yelled at by the waitress for not eating everything on our plates. It was magical.

I also managed to get off my ass for a cookies and cream gelati. It was rough, but I did it for the unfortunate who couldn’t have a gelati last weekend. It’s half italian ice and half vanilla soft serve for those of you who are wondering about that magical unicorn.

I posted that picture on my personal Facebook page and got yelled at by my trainer. Good thing I didn’t post this one.

My favorite frozen yogurt place now has apple pie and red velvet cake as toppings. So ridiculous. Just kill me now. I’m going to need to be more sneaky about my sweets in the future and just post it to the blog Facebook page, because I know you all like to encourage my bad habits. And I thank you for that.

The gelati made our trainer give us a world of hurt on Friday and Saturday.

I posted those workouts on Daily Mile and wasn’t going to mention it on the blog, but I just wanted to document why I could barely stand up on Sunday night. I’m sure the 8-mile (10:11 pace) run with my chauffer Sunday morning didn’t help the situation.

Michelle did happen to give me my birthday present on Sunday. It’s a month late, but I think it was worth the wait for the card alone.

That card got mad giggles from me.

And lastly, remember I decorated my male co-workers desk in bunnies and bows?

Well, someone shared that picture with him. Since we know approximately 5 people in common, they are all on my shit list for not letting it be a surprise when he walked in the office.

For those of you wondering what his response was, he loved it.

He’s already changed my screensaver to an image that made me think my computer crashed. So now I need to lock my laptop when I leave the room and watch my back for the next few weeks. But as they say, two can play at that game.

I hope he likes Hello Kitty.


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12 responses to “The Stuff Between the Lazy

  1. Ohh I am a bad habit encourager and a half! That froyo looks ridiculous. Red velvet TOPPING?! Man. The place I go to has red velvet froyo, so I can just imagine that with the topping… I would die for that.

    I hope he pays you back in bunnies too! Pants needs a friend!

  2. HAHA! Omg, I seriously look forward to some proper frozen yogurt places! Mmm. Never realized I liked that stuff until a couple years ago. Tried a place here, but they so did it all weird and even though I liked what I had, I did not like how they had me order. It wasn’t what I wanted. I digress.
    Anyway, HAHAHAH. Office mayhem! I look forward to posts! Wonder why someone warned him…that’s funny shizz…and should be a surprise! Geez.
    BTW-did you see my haircut? Posted a pic on FB yesterday. 😉

  3. That card. I am in love with that card. You better bring me one when you come. Also, we will do fro yo here. There’s no pie or cake toppings, but I haven’t been everywhere yet. Perhaps we will do a fro yo crawl. Kill me now indeed.

  4. Amber K

    lol, that card is hilarious. My best friend and I always try to scout out the best cards we can for each other’s birthdays. Since they are only five days apart, it’s a chuckle-filled week!

  5. Stefanie

    Your yogurt shop has THE most badass toppings ever! I need that. ASAP.

  6. why have i never heard of gelati before!!? that looks delicious!

  7. I love Willow Tree! I’m a total panzy when it comes to those boots of beer, but it’s so fun (due to sanitation issues, I insist on going first). One of my best friends actually had her wedding rehearsal dinner there. It was such a great location for that!

  8. We used to live near a Rita’s Italian Ice. We no longer live near one, but I want gelati. That is the best birthday card of all time and I cannot wait to see the Hello Kitty torture.

  9. Verlin

    Best card I’ve seen in a while. Worth the month wait – and what the hell, nice to spread (ha!) out the birthday a bit. Okay, that was lame, but I’ve just dealt with my 13-year old son’s third haircut in 24 hours and a piss-poor day at work, so that’s all I’ve got in me. Thanks for the laugh.

  10. Verlin

    PS – I have NO IDEA where he gets this haircut fixation/problem from. Must be something on his father’s side of the family.

  11. Ok< i just went and found you on DM solely because I want to steal all of your crossfit workouts 🙂

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